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    Maybe you can change it so we get vote reward for just voting on topzone.
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    Greetings I've played both "new" lineage and classic versions, and enjoyed both of them. Sadly the official servers ended up being pay to win & so on, I'm sure most of the people are familiar with the situation.Now I'm looking for a place to crash in. Is L2 Shrine active as a community and server? Is there active PvP & PvE and just people having fun? Also, are there many english-speaking people?
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    Proc mluvis za GMka? Proc si vymyslis?
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    Hi, so here is what I think. Information about L2 Shrine Gracia Epilogue server Chronicle: Gracia Epilogue EXP/SP rate: 2x Adena rate: 2x Drop/spoil rate: 2.x RB drop rate: 2x Quest EXP/SP rate: 2x Quest adena rate: 1.5x Seal stones drop 2x Star stones drop 2x Gathering energy drop 1.5x RB EXP - 2x Epic jewellery drop: 1x Ancient Tome Of The Demon drop rate: 1x Selected quests are adjusted to match the server rate. dualbox - yes 2 windows (1 main + 1 box) donation system - 1st and 2nd class change, nickname change, PK points removal, hats, agathions, pet return, sex change, WIP status? (rates 2,5 or 3x?) bot hunter program ? - report bot and get 10% of his adena or something? (dunno if needed) - about dualbox - this point is really important. Yes there will still be people using X PCs or some virtual PCs, but it will be significantly less then everyone boxing whole party, so thats ok. free dualbox policy sucks because: people do not feel the need to play with others when they have every buffer or just slightly better leveled buffers so teamplay is completely gone (thats mostly case on old shrine) people are able to log full party solo and level anywhere they want basically 24/7. All you need is two guys who will change shifts after 12 hours. That was and probably still is a thing on old shrine also. This greatly and quickly increases the level difference between the players. it enables players to do massive olympiad feeding with 2 boxes I think, all of the above would be gone. If the server population decreases, you can always increase the box limit if needed - about donation system & marketing ask players if they want to support you buying some banners on some sites prelaunch do a headstart marketing like 2 months before server goes online do a "presale" of items so you can do more marketing use money from donate for server HW and continuous marketing of server use 6802 email addresses you already have to send players news and updates about new upcoming server, bombard them asap prelaunch (2, 3, 4 months?) introduce ingame currency (for real money) which can be used to get donation items at special NPC and make the currency tradable between players - it will help the economy and it will probably increase the amount of money from donation system use atleast paypal or some kind of webgate for money transfer (for sure I am not going to directly give you my credit card info), but the main point is to make it really easy to donate money. The easier it will be, the better. After a lot of thinking, this setting would imho be a good fit. It will be hard, a bit slow, but fair I guess. With all this I would say that server could run for at least 1 year with healthy community. Hellbound would open in about 6-9 months. People would have plenty of fun, because they would have to create parties and not only with clan members but also with randoms. There will also be a lot of PvP from 10 - 78 everywhere, because people will spend a lot of time in exp locations and especially varka, ketra, shrine etc. Also a lot of fights for RBs. What do you think?
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    My idea is that there are people who want to do it but don't have the knowledge to do so. Even if its just 1 person why not help him with information ? Let me give some basic tips i aquired from the players here. 1. Make a farm class. I asked around when I started here since it was GF what classes are good. The answer was pretty simple - Titans for AoE, Grand Khavatari for single mobs. I'm not sure now that we have primeval isle is it worth to make a mage ( previously 80-85 was problematic with mages as I recall). 2. Make your PvP/support hero. Since its an online game it obviously helps if you play in a small group. It becomes extremely painful to level up for example a tank solo just with your titan just because in a 4x server you need buffers. If you want it to be as fast as possible you need as many buffs as possible -> full party with boxes. 3. Earning adena in the server. When i joined the server I played mage with a warcryer,elven elder,shilen elder, blade dancer. I reached lvl 61 so the question was how should I get an A-grade set. I ended up making spoiler and trying to sell everything i spoiled throughout the day and eventually made up the adena needed. I also used to manor if I remember correctly, although the prices were not high. 4. Ask around. When I joined MoragTong I used to ask all the time questions to @Eldax @Antistyle. I remember once @Gogita was in an olympiad match and got mad because they were trying to explain how the dagger's Ultimate evasion works and didn't coordinate with her in the match which she ended up losing . Also I'm trying to keep it short so that people would bother reading the thread instead of scrolling through it.
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    Ahoj, v dohledné době budeme stěhovat server do nového datasálu v rámci stejného datacentra. Stěhování bude provázet výpadek herního serveru i webu, pokud to dobře půjde, budou to přibližně dvě hodiny. Bohužel zatím nevím, kdy přesně se stěhování uskuteční, budu se snažit vás včas informovat.
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    as i remember u join when server was dead with any activity 😃 so telling tht u leave cos its dead is 0 sence UP?!
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    Nice progress guys, one more year and you could go for ekimus
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    @Jorn It's after the Lock part. When you get teleported from Tower of Naia (12 room part, check the video @pvpzverek1 made) until you kill Beleth: Disconnect = Oasis = Start again.
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    Hello Emca,Jorn. Pls start new event ,just pick up one and start it. Thank you in advance!
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    to je snad první vec co jsi napsal a dává smysl (neber to vážně)
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    Ahoj, zkus smazat user.ini a windowsinfo.ini
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    Online count - seems it's getting bit better last days:
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    Valika/Antika neni na Shrine problem sjet a pokud chces, tak ti napisu ve hre az zase pujdem na Ekimuse 😋
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    Jo kazdej si na ty hre oblibi to svoje to je jasny ,H5 je sice uspechana na exp ale kdyz se preskoci Freya je tam hodne novejch veci o ktery se daji svadet boje.Tak tos nebyl asi minulou nedeli ve hre bylo pekny pvp o Baiuma ,obcas se povede
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    If you want to make adena in this server the best option is to sell ancient adena since all the high level characters need gemstones for special ability. With the adena you make you can buy pretty much anything S-grade.
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    you're a little bit touched in the brain if you seriously think that.good luck,stranger.
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    I wonder will u say same thing about freya -> H5 update. Antharas Killed? Valakas killed? Blessed Freya Killed? U typed bosses unkillable here, with this online and actual Clans. As u say, most ppl dont even know what are those bosses, but u had this knownledge and u had a CP - 9 ppl active, u were "rulling" the server, why didnt u do that? Why u expect from others things u werent able to do even if u feel u're better than them? Same thing was about GF- > GE. Same story, typing unkillable bosses and saying players didnt made whole GF content as a argument not to update. Update will be when files will be ready. And when it will be good time to anounce that. Not earlier and not later.
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    We're working on an update but the date hasn't been determined yet
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    GE server pobezi dal beze zmen, dokud jej taky casem neprehodime na vyssi chronicle. Jinak moc dik za podporu, je mozny, ze nejakou "sbirku" nakonec usporadame (samozrejme vymenou za nejake in-game coiny nebo neco tak).
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    Na nejmenovaném serveru už začíná být nějaká aktivita, asi se brzy bude vědět co vymysleli, ale jak to tam čtu, tak je to vtip za vtipem. Každopádně věřím že tady to dopadne velmi dobře. Už se těším
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    havne bacha at se to nepusti v podobnou dobu jako jeden nejmenovany cesky server
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    Tak naposled, bug to neni, je to standadni chovani mass skillu. Funguji tak buffy, dancy, songy a dalsi. To, ze to nejsi schopen akceptovat, to uz fakt neni muj problem.
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    Antistyle: "WTB Dyna Set +6"
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    Check your mailbox and sorry for the delay
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    I mean Crystals are only thing what are giving advantage now, between old players to other slackers. Everybody has S80 sets, even at boxes. WB with theirs cancer respawn can be always stolen ( now no1 is even interested of them... antharas up since months), So every1 has epics + tw/oly jewels. U cant stop others from doing tiats and getting vespers. After so much time there are hundreds accouts for Class Base so u cant even block heroes. It would be like 1st christmass event with S+16 weapons. It was end of november- 2nd serwer month, and there were like only 15-20 S weapons(probably even less), and only few of them had +150. All advantage u were getting by experience and skill was totally canceled by this weapons. Every1 by just leaving boxes afk was getting scrolls for weapons, and 12h buff scrolls with buff better than CoV. Game was again moved to "numbers above skill". Ppl who was not able to do raids cuz no good pt set up/ no gear/ no wolfs started raiding. Handless clan (everybody knows who) started to do epics. Players who werent even thinking about crafting S Spear to farm got it for free ( with extra item passive what was increasing numbers of mobs hit- from 4 to 9 ) with Cov buff. And mage buff scrolls was just BROKEN. Additional CP/HP/defensive and doubling M atk, ofc available to use in siege zone... etc.
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    https://i1.jbzdy.pl/contents/2018/04/7c064faa8aa3fd19b09d8d24d74dd450.png I'd upload the picture instead of link but its 600x12 600, so its unreadable. Click to zoom and then 5 min scroll. I could add some racist joke about some fathers behaviour, but its post delete risk ;>
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    MT quit-> everyone comes back. MT return -> everyone quits. MT quit after 1 month of zero competition-> everyone comes back!
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    Hello, I will optymalize your idea Event, starter pack (No grade to A grade - all shadow, shots, vit items, exp runes), free class changes (1st, 2nd) (without 3 and nobless) + epilog event with free 52 + items and free clan lvl 1-5, will be great:) When i started play here, events give me a lot of money and motivation. Mby you should change a litle bit rates like after epilogue update? Regards
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    Mostly thanks to @Eldax Hahaha @Emca Maybe we can grow on this with some promotion? Not many servers see their population decline and then show a small comeback. Also, I think an event would be nice for those of us who are back and also to get other old players back. Shows interest from the GMs
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    Filthy SK rape is filthy...
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    Hehe. Nice Replay Thank you ^^
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    define clan success...... for this clan success can be to have a bunch of people in discord and just have fun daily escaping sh itty reality. not all people want to "rule". it is just as the clan's name indicates , oldscool l2 gaming
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    Looks like another jehovah's witnesses l2 style Can i donate castle or some epics?
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    There is literally shitload of stuff that has wrong desciptions in client etc. NCsoft had it done one way and then changed it to another way - see this post. Because both have the same skill - A grade has skill level 1, S80 has skill level 2 so only the higher applies (that's the Freya way, probably also present in Epilogue, but there's no way to check).
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    Hi, wedding system is a custom feature from Java servers - we don't support it here as it's too custom
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    Njn, je spousta serverů, HROMADA neonu a lesku, ale za 2 - 3 měsíce by se tam ani Great wolf nevysral.
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    Ppl play here 2 years at x5 rates and they still has no 85. x2 is too hardcore ;s
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    podle me to stejne nema vyznam, ano zacnete na novem serveru, zase budete u toho zasekli co to pujde a zase se dostanete do stavu jako mate ted ze vas to prestane bavit a budete brecet znovu.
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    I've warned him dozen of times, next time it will be longer...
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    We need restart every week to add clan points from RBs change clan leaders apply changes/fixes So no, we won't change this.
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    Gz melannie for common carnage bow, wts common soul bow btw Gz tonystark for angel slayer common Gz wokir for extra chromosome /flame
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    " Best interlude 100% official, no bugs! "
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    Tak kdyz ten vocas to uz vytahnul takhle, tak ano nejvetsi svine jsem tu ja,ale to ze Ciri nejdrive vycistil char on, tak otom tu ani zminka. Na to ze zmizely S dualy, oly tokenu a ja nevim ceho vseho atp. Ja kdyz jsem si toho vsimnul,tak jsem si jeji veci radsi vzal k sobe, kdyby nahodou se chtela vratit hrat (ikdyz uz se to nejspise nestane) ale i kdyby jo, tak ji to po zmene hesla ji velmi rad vratim, Stejne ty veci jsem ji vetsinou vsechny delal ja co kdy mela, takze nevim proc by ne. Jinak co se toho zazraka tyce se s nim odmitam jakkoliv bavit, protoze to stejne nema cenu. Myslete si kdo chce co chce, je mi to jedno. Ja jsem s nim hral hodne dlouho a musim vam rici ze ano, v kazdem se ukaze ta kurva nejvetsi jenom v tom pripadu kdyz to nejvice potrebujete. K tomudle tematu uz se vice vyjadrovat nebudu,takze jestli chcete flamovat, pomerovat si suliny, tak si to uzijte.
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