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    And I've thought I'm sometimes paranoid... This is last time you behave like this here, stop before I get really angry. EDIT: Also thanks to all Russian guys who sent us all the donations, we're both really enjoying our new Porsche cars.. I love this L2 business lol
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    Shrnutí tele novely: SexSlayer: Je mi bez tebou smutno Argot .... Argot: Mně bez tebe taky SexSlayere... Argot: Už ale nemůžeme být spolu. SexSlayer: Všechno to byla tvoje chyba .... dal jsem ti svoje nejlepší roky Ibalgine a ty mě teď opouštíš !???? Argot: Ano, protože si mi nedal to, co jsem potřeboval .... SexSlayer: Kradli jsme spolu, lamili jsme spolu, podváděli jsme a smáli se těm, které jsme po nocích při šumě mikrofónů pomlouvali .... tak, co ti chybělo!?? Argot: Jednoduše si mi nestačil ... našel jsem si jiného ... silnějšího, chytřejšího a zelenějšího ... ( na správných místech ) SexSlayer: Já hlupák jsem ti věřil ... dal ti svojí lásku ..... stavěl se před tebe i za tebe k lidem zády (vrrrrr, ne, že by se mi to nelíbilo) SexSlayer: Zlomíš mi srdce, pokud mi nadobro opustíš Argot.... tvůj žlutý úsměv, lesklá pleš a škleb ťamana tě budou navždy mému srdci připomínat ... Argot: Už je tomu konec ... smiř se s tím už ... Argot: Plyšáka, co jsem ti dal si beru sebou .... SexSlayer: Já sa ti pomstím a jednoho dne si míšu vezmu zpět !!!
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    Hell no pls. Crystals is rarer thing than vespers. It'll be to game breaking event reward.
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    what the farm looks like from other clans) http://prntscr.com/kbshys
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    Topic with 4th skill bar and updated color msg mods. HF.
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    Are you guys serious? as long as we played here,nobody ever showed up anywhere,we quit and you start fighting among yourselves.We came back for a month and you start hiding like rats.Once again we quit because there's no point to play against enemies like you and on next TW there were 3-4 pts @ dion to take the wards... i'll say it once and i hope it gets in your heads: You are the prey,not the predators : )
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    Usually area skill works at range, but they was blocked in borders of WB zones. You can cast mass ress in toi 13, but you dont get it inside of baium zone. Same thing was at valakas entrance, where you can even see, shoot, and jump down to Klein, but mass ress, wc buffs from up to down was blocked, because it was wb zone.
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    We can either leave it as it works now (and as it works on official server and all L2 servers around the world) or we can change all area skills to check visibility between caster and receivers... but that would be VERY VERY different than anything you're used to in L2. For example half of party wouldn't get WC buffs or songs/dances just because of some hole in terrain etc. Again, it's not a bug, it's how it works. Area skills don't use geodata, only distance. And it's the way it should be.
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    Wtb Earing of Antharas Wtb Holy and Fire crystals
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    Oops, we're preparing new event and it seems we've accidentally set up old version of event drop... just ignore those enchant scrolls (there will be no Yogi event now). It shouldn't drop anymore (if it still drops, please tell me)
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    Hi, so here is what I think. Information about L2 Shrine Gracia Epilogue server Chronicle: Gracia Epilogue EXP/SP rate: 2x Adena rate: 2x Drop/spoil rate: 2.x RB drop rate: 2x Quest EXP/SP rate: 2x Quest adena rate: 1.5x Seal stones drop 2x Star stones drop 2x Gathering energy drop 1.5x RB EXP - 2x Epic jewellery drop: 1x Ancient Tome Of The Demon drop rate: 1x Selected quests are adjusted to match the server rate. dualbox - yes 2 windows (1 main + 1 box) donation system - 1st and 2nd class change, nickname change, PK points removal, hats, agathions, pet return, sex change, WIP status? (rates 2,5 or 3x?) bot hunter program ? - report bot and get 10% of his adena or something? (dunno if needed) - about dualbox - this point is really important. Yes there will still be people using X PCs or some virtual PCs, but it will be significantly less then everyone boxing whole party, so thats ok. free dualbox policy sucks because: people do not feel the need to play with others when they have every buffer or just slightly better leveled buffers so teamplay is completely gone (thats mostly case on old shrine) people are able to log full party solo and level anywhere they want basically 24/7. All you need is two guys who will change shifts after 12 hours. That was and probably still is a thing on old shrine also. This greatly and quickly increases the level difference between the players. it enables players to do massive olympiad feeding with 2 boxes I think, all of the above would be gone. If the server population decreases, you can always increase the box limit if needed - about donation system & marketing ask players if they want to support you buying some banners on some sites prelaunch do a headstart marketing like 2 months before server goes online do a "presale" of items so you can do more marketing use money from donate for server HW and continuous marketing of server use 6802 email addresses you already have to send players news and updates about new upcoming server, bombard them asap prelaunch (2, 3, 4 months?) introduce ingame currency (for real money) which can be used to get donation items at special NPC and make the currency tradable between players - it will help the economy and it will probably increase the amount of money from donation system use atleast paypal or some kind of webgate for money transfer (for sure I am not going to directly give you my credit card info), but the main point is to make it really easy to donate money. The easier it will be, the better. After a lot of thinking, this setting would imho be a good fit. It will be hard, a bit slow, but fair I guess. With all this I would say that server could run for at least 1 year with healthy community. Hellbound would open in about 6-9 months. People would have plenty of fun, because they would have to create parties and not only with clan members but also with randoms. There will also be a lot of PvP from 10 - 78 everywhere, because people will spend a lot of time in exp locations and especially varka, ketra, shrine etc. Also a lot of fights for RBs. What do you think?
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    I was playing GF not GE, i have only "Some" S grades, and "few" S80 heavy when i was trying for mw, but i tried to sell them for some joke money or just for matses w/o success. If some1 dont know such basic things like : lvl 15 - go giran or ask any hero for aca, he dont deserve getting ANY help. Just Fix Geodata. Its more than any event u can imagine. Event shouldnt be like that. Events should bring ppl from farm spots to have some rest and fun or encourage them to go farm mobs. If u make this happend there will be more ppl like : " I made 5 th for tw badges, they need only lvl 40 to get them, but by accident i made them 76, 3rd and noblesse and now doing CB to get some tokens. I'm not feeding my main on CB, just tokens"
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    omg still the same... wipe/higher rates/buy-able class transfer... 3kk is hard for newbie to spent... WHAT? make temple champion quest series... join to academy i see(5kk reward for join)... after lvl40 is another quest series for adena... easy money (just running/killing low mobs)... Are you really dumb, that you can't make those quests? where is written that you need to change class on lvl 40? If so make quest for class change... is boring i know but i make it when i start playing here... @event hats/adena/vitality(revita pop, milk, cake)/even buff potions will be enough... i know i hate buff pots but now when i make sub its super... i don't need to log tons of chars til lvl 70 is great... 5 or 6 lvl can be easily gained in cata/fog/it with destro or wl with trains... I fully agree with gm's policy no-wipe... if ppl are lazy to do something.... no event/wipe/restart etc... will not help to ppl stay here...
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    My idea is that there are people who want to do it but don't have the knowledge to do so. Even if its just 1 person why not help him with information ? Let me give some basic tips i aquired from the players here. 1. Make a farm class. I asked around when I started here since it was GF what classes are good. The answer was pretty simple - Titans for AoE, Grand Khavatari for single mobs. I'm not sure now that we have primeval isle is it worth to make a mage ( previously 80-85 was problematic with mages as I recall). 2. Make your PvP/support hero. Since its an online game it obviously helps if you play in a small group. It becomes extremely painful to level up for example a tank solo just with your titan just because in a 4x server you need buffers. If you want it to be as fast as possible you need as many buffs as possible -> full party with boxes. 3. Earning adena in the server. When i joined the server I played mage with a warcryer,elven elder,shilen elder, blade dancer. I reached lvl 61 so the question was how should I get an A-grade set. I ended up making spoiler and trying to sell everything i spoiled throughout the day and eventually made up the adena needed. I also used to manor if I remember correctly, although the prices were not high. 4. Ask around. When I joined MoragTong I used to ask all the time questions to @Eldax @Antistyle. I remember once @Gogita was in an olympiad match and got mad because they were trying to explain how the dagger's Ultimate evasion works and didn't coordinate with her in the match which she ended up losing . Also I'm trying to keep it short so that people would bother reading the thread instead of scrolling through it.
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    Well i know many of u can know them all, but still some1 can find smth usefull there. 1. Augmentations : http://l2under.com/data/augmentation/ 2. HP bonuses from OE armors: http://www.pirateninjas.net/articles/lineage-2/hp-bonus-overenchanted-armor/ 3. Enchant rates for weapons/armors at shrine. It's link to this forum topic, but trust me, i've met many ppl who had no idea about it: https://forum.l2shrine.com/topic/33-enchant-rate-for-weapons-and-armor/ 4.List of all clan skills & Squads with price/lvl/bonuses etc. : https://l2under.com/data/clan-skill/ 5.List of all Masterwork items with accurate %/flat bonuses. (It's from polish forum, but main data is in english, so it shouldnt be a problem i think): http://www.lineage2-info.pl/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=8342
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    Just to let you know, i've start working on new website, control panel, stats pages, drop spoil, etc. Unfortunately due to almost no free time lately, progress is rather slow, but at least we're moving forward.
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    You have to make some valuable offer, like Antharas/Valakas, char with Antistyle nick, etc.
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    robotius encyclopedius
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    Cyka, I guess when you created your necro Sting you wanted fiSting but it was taken
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    Now i just wonder vs who he'll use this set. vs his own boxes? vs his own clanmates? to pve?
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    Some ppl are smart enough to reg for dusk, some of them not really