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  2. Nový start?

    @Fidoo taky bychom byli radi, kdyby se lidi vratili, bohuzel ale jak je videt malokdo pujde na rozjety server, i kdyz dostane bonusy.
  3. Nový start?

    To uz mi pride taky nejaky napad ako od Ukvapila prekvapila Šrúbka, nieco je zabehane tak otvorme este v ramci servera server a po nom este v ramci toho servera servera server.Hlavne cakam ako pridu od neho ludia s placom, ze ich potahal cez donate o peniaze a potom sa vykaslal na nich,alebo aspon kolko ludi to tam vzda, u klamara . A ak nie tak nie, ale je to skoda pre tuto malu populaciu hracov .Skor to tu che pritiahnut viac ludi , napady mali GMka dobre, dali aj B shad armory a guny a kolace pre novoprichodiacich. Na oly su ludia co maju davno aj na baferoch oly sperky, tiez je to tragedia aj v nasom chapani.Pritom tak ochotne GM ako tu som malokde videl. Hra ma byt o zabave ,tolko eventov ako tu som inde nezazil . Mozno by ste mohli spravit enchantovaci event na S armory ako to pokazilo ekonomiku na inom srubkoserveri,ale tu uz ked je dostupny celkom Dynasty, az na essence , tak by to pokazit nemalo az tak vela . Skor tu chybaju ludia okolo Antiho a aj LR ludi aby bola zas na servere zabava, i poliaci by sa mohli vratit ....
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  5. Nový start?

    čo sa týka mňa, keby sa zas spustilo shrine ... nebol by to server s Bufferom a GM shopom, a bezal by na final/epilogue cliente tak tu určite hrajem aj s kamošmi . Na stary shrine som sa chcel vrátiť ale neoplati sa to , ludia su tam strašne naboosteny a ochota pomoct je nulova , takze nema zmysel pre mna hrat na servery kde dobehnut niekoho aby som sa aspon s 50% im vyrovnal na oly napr je takmer nulova .
  6. Zaken instance

    this is what i was thinking also but it is actually worse . if 1-2 sides find tactic to kill it with 1-2 partys (3-4minumum maybe) , with this thing instanced , there will be tens of zakens generated. old zaken was kinda hard and needed tactic + good teamwork and a lot of trouble to do it , so luckily everybody that needed it , did it and stopped after . not like aq+ tezza that all sides had even for their pets because it could be done by 1-2 people alone.
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  8. Zaken instance

    Wouldn't be NCsoft if they didn't do something retarded. Cancel buffs on entry, problem solved.
  9. Zaken instance

    in GF get the earring was easier, but no one for some reason did not kill zaken, only 3 clans I saw there. if all want earing, better decrease minimum number raid members, not increase the chance for day Zaken a bit
  10. Zaken instance

    zaken to every box\pets\buffers!!! we want it - admin will make!!! Do I understand this topic correctly?
  11. Zaken instance

    if it can be killed by 1 person alone it is a lot of chances for an epic actually since it is INSTANCED. u are talking about an EPIC (best jewel imo in previous chronicles considering the effects it gives compared to respawn time and drop rate) where the whole server has opportunity to do easily , if everybody kills it on resets there will come a time where there will be overflow of zakens with higher chances. same as with AQ and Tezza, in the begging you wont understand it , but after that . since the server is kinda low on numbers there will come a time where it overflows with small cd on epics/instances resets.
  12. Zaken instance

    0,1% lot of chances)
  13. Zaken instance

    Be carefull with increasing chance too much. Day Zaken can be killed by one person with single destroyer 61, with high supports outside of instance. So its easy to kill, with more destroyers you can try it more times every day.
  14. Zaken instance

    decrease minimum number raid members for night Zaken?
  15. Zaken instance

    Imp. Tomb is not changed. Those commons made me a bilionaire ;p
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  17. Zaken instance

    Common Majestic jewels suffer the same problem as Zaken's Earring. They're becoming rare as they no longer drop in FoG.
  18. Zaken instance

    This is the only problem I've enountered so far.
  19. Zaken instance

    In fact it's 0.09 % for day Zaken and 85 % for night Zaken. We're already discussing this with @Jorn and it seems we'll increase the chance for day Zaken a bit. Are there any other Epilogue related problems like this one?
  20. Zaken instance

    1. Enter the instance with 1 party. The chance to drop the required item is about 0,1% or even lower so you have to consider if it's even worth it. Easy, not needed to log 129238 chars.
  21. Zaken instance

    just keep killing it and you'll get ear @ some point.i believe most of you wouldnt even take zaken with the previous way cause it required mechanics etc.
  22. Zaken instance

    its not about gifting stuff , the fact is that having 72 players with lvl 61 chars here is almost imposible, if done , a third of them or a half would be by multiboxing, that system is designed for much bigger servers, so why not make an adaptation, something in between like 2-3 partys with a better chance of getting the jewel
  23. Zaken instance

    wts zaken
  24. Zaken instance

    As a new player im against this kind of stuff. Items shouldn't be gifted but earned.
  25. Zaken instance

    Hi guys ! Now that we're using Gracia Epilogue we have to work out our priorities once again. Zaken is one of them. Now that older players have the boss jewel, we have to think about the future generation, meaning the new players So, how do we get the earring ? There are 2 ways. 1. Enter the instance with 1 party. The chance to drop the required item is about 0,1% or even lower so you have to consider if it's even worth it. Not in my opinion atleast. 2. Enter the instance with 8 parties. The chance to drop the earring is 100% if I'm not mistaken. However we have to take into consideration the ammount of people we need to enter. Logging 72 characters that are 61 level atleast is a difficult task. We are playing on a private server where the online people are about 300 at best. I'm creating this topic in order to see what we do (customize) in order to get the jewel easier. Ofcourse the people who already have zaken wouldn't even slightly consider making it easier for the newcomers because why should they? If the boss jewel has a lower chance to drop it will be the most expensive one in the server (even more than valakas and antharas). What could we do about this situation? I think that the staff is smart enough to see what the people want so I'm appealing the players who visit this forum to make a post and state their opinions on the matter at hand.
  26. Pailaka 36-42 bug (a real one).

    Hey thanks for this info, I 'm definitely going to add this to my routine!
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