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  3. pokec a drby o všetkom

    Sexslayer už tu 3 mesiace nehrá.
  4. Seven Signs Dusk nebo Dawn????

    Meškáš 4 mesiace kámo.
  5. Seven Signs Dusk nebo Dawn????

    Ked niekto odide koli tomu ze o dva tyzdne presvhne 7S tak to je naozaj hrac ktoreho treba oplakat, ze odisiel!
  6. pokec a drby o všetkom

    SexSlayer, bez ohladu na to, ako s tebou mozem a (ne)chcem sucitit si nemozem odpustit jedno. Si naozaj tak naivny, ze si myslis ze niekto bude brat ohlad na to aky zijes zivot, aky si, cim si si presiel? Ze to niekto oceni alebo bude respektovat, na nejakom internete, v nejakej hre kde sa emocie chudakov porazenych v pvp roztecu ako pecen po pollitraku domacej? Komunitne trenice som zazil uz davno, pamatam si ked sa na L2 zraze typci obijimali jak gayovia, pili spolu, dobre ze spolu neriesili adopciu. Koli par pvp sa neskor primitivne hejtilii, vymyslalisi trollstrva. Kasli na to clovece, nevyriesis to, je to hra. A vacsina ludi ktorych z komunity spoznas ta ma aj tak na haku a ma radsej svoje haluze. Nezmenis ich. A tych par co za to stoji, ostane. Na to sa sustred. :)
  7. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    even keltir had known/still WTB/T
  8. Inventory bug

    Len aby ta posadnutost neskoncilo takto ako v spravach
  9. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    I told u. Dual dagger mastery/ mutual responce / turn to stone / deflect magic are books from Gracia, to get it u must be <83 and make 50+ Soi and 6+ Tiats in main party. If somebody decide to get it, he wont sell it for sure. // I have QI gathered on box for it, but i doubt u have smth what i would need.
  10. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    Come on u guys needs to owe something for sure
  11. qq

    I don't think so, but as Shia LaBeouf said - nothing is impossible
  12. qq

    yep =/ so if i understand coorectly we have chance to meet in autumn on new GF
  13. Inventory bug

    Cyka, I guess when you created your necro Sting you wanted fiSting but it was taken
  14. Inventory bug

    I guess that all of those nick names was dictated by spermotoxicosis
  15. Inventory bug

    THE CAT NAMED COITUSINTERUPTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Inventory bug

    close thread
  17. Inventory bug

    No, because the other clients that were opened for boxes were OK. I closed the client that got this bug and re-opened another one and now it's fine also. Maybe some-times the clients are f***ing up
  18. Inventory bug

    reinstall client :-)
  19. Inventory bug

    Hello, Does someone else got this bug before? I can't click on my items from the inventory. I tried to restart many times, also tried to change main class to sub class but nothing. I've made a screenshot
  20. qq

  21. qq

    naebyjyt pravoslavnyh
  22. qq

    пиздюки кароч
  23. qq

    heh desinformation from my mates
  24. qq

    Iam glad, that i was your only target, but i didnt come back, iam just checking forum and log into game last 2-3 days for oly)
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  26. WTB RSC 13 for 10m AA

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