L2 Shrine strongly condemns the aggression of the barbaric russian federation. 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦

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  3. Клан reShadowS купит академиков и примет одиночных игроков в клан. Прохождение академии - 1кк аден ПМ или Почта на COTHuK. Также, если вы не любите играть в одиночестве, мы можем оставить вас в клане. Нет клан холла, нет клан скилов (пока нет )
  4. reShadowS clan invites random players and academicians. Buy academians - 1kk adena after Academy finish. Mail/PM to COTHuK. Also, if you want to play and want do it in the clan, we can keep you in the clan. No clan Hall, no clan skills (yet )
  5. Hello to all again. i would like to trade +8 low b grade fists for any top B weapon except from dual sls, so that i will be able to exchange with the one i want from blacksmith of mammon. post below if you have top B weapon and want to trade it with my low B +8
  6. Nukem

    TzaR media

    I can almost smell the ruzzian "accent" coming from the chat... *oink oink* piggy?
  7. Send to Aezu payment request mail, thanks
  8. TzaR

    Wtb (A) tank set

    i will sell any A set
  9. Waltari


    ye and here now mycoffin needs new coffin.
  10. pvpzverek1


  11. pvpzverek1


    UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP😁 https://youtube.com/shorts/Mn5soDUK6NA?feature=share
  12. Danorin

    Wtb (A) tank set

    PM: ElfDance
  13. Danorin

    Wtb (A) tank set

    Wtb (A) tank set (nightmare , or dark crystal)
  14. wtb any top B weapon except from dual sls, post here or mail doorin ingame
  15. B-grade shadow is obtainable via NPC from Giran near GK with weapon coupons. It's free and it has SA.
  16. wizard tear? here? hmm you need some big luck for drop it we have b grade shadow items so 99% of people dont fuck with B grades.
  17. hello all, i would like to buy a wizard's tear top b mage weapon, is anyone selling ? how much is a normal price? also what price is it considered good for blue 12
  18. Hi. How to connect - step by step
  19. Hi everyone. Where is a link to patch for server? I can't find link (((
  20. If you need B set, just you can use on giran at GK NPC Helen, just take quest and she give you some items for change and you can take B items, shots on her. Or try write me ingame to Lisa or somebody on Oldtimes and we can help you.
  21. my char's name is Doorin i need avadon robe set and some adena if possible, also any top b weapon would be great
  22. Waltari

    wtb doom boots

    wtb doom boots 10kk @ Lisa
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  • L2 Shrine strongly condemns the aggression of the barbaric russian federation. 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦