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  2. Thanks. I was looking for "pre-made" web pages with L2 motive, because i am not a designer. Seems like it's not so easy to find one, so i guess i'll have to create something by myself.
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  5. Web has already been moved and seems running fine. Game server migration in progress, estimated time to finish is around an hour from now.
  6. Hi.....I think its depents on the difficulty and time that you want to invest in this site. (designstub,, w3scholl templates - There are many more is only your want you choose.
  7. Dear players, we need to move L2 Shrine server to another hosting provider. Expected downtime is couple of hours. We will notify you here on forums when server is ready. Reasons why we are moving to another host: Actual Shrine hardware is quite old Better connectivity for European players Better hardware - Core i9, 64GB of RAM, more disk space (NVMe) We will have capacity to open another server (H5) We apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. Dear players, i'd like to ask you if you know some nice responsive html / php templates with lineage 2 motive we could buy to craft the website? If you do, please share links with me :). Thanks!
  9. H, as @Aphr0 said, we took website off and redirect everything to forums. You can find all the necessary info in the right panel under the "Announcements". Server is still the same, except we raised rates a little to help newcomers to get gear faster. Also since the population is smaller, we decided to lower amount of characters needed to enter some of the instances. We are also slowly working on High Five extender for L2OFF. Once that is done, we will open new High Five server.
  10. srver is alive like never before ....i mean it seriously ....some small changes to setup ....some old ppls came back ...some new faces also found this server ..... if u wanna just come and enjoy it .... btw official site doesnt work for long time ....only this forum site ...but here is everything u need to play on ...
  11. Hi, I've played here in the past. It was a very nice setup ( retail like, no pay to win, etc.) servers like this don't exist anymore but there were no people and now that i talked with some friends and discussed bout coming here to make a cp and play i can't reach the server site. Can anyone tell me what's going on here ? Is the server alive ? Thank you,
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    2020-03-30 (Applied with scheduled server restart) Scripts: Decrease number of characters needed to enter Tiat and Zaken to 9 (entering the instance will still require a command channel though) Decrease arrow weight to 0 Add multisell with marks for 1st class transfer to L2 Shrine Event Manager Helen
  14. 3kk is now for the 2nd class Q. Maybe 1kk for the 1st ?
  15. I'll discuss with Emca. What would be the price for the quest? 3kk?
  16. @Jorn any chance this could be implemented?
  17. We can’t buy scrolls for rabbit transformation... fix this please
  18. bakcr1t

    WTB Blue 13

  19. Jorn

    Rabbits to Riches!

    Dear players, we have a new event that starts today - Rabbits to Riches! Event takes place on Fantasy Island and will run from 30/03/2020 till 06/04/2020 (including) every day 19:00-20:00 UTC+1 (20:00-21:00 UTC+2). Enjoy.
  20. Jorn

    Rate changes

    Dear players, we decided to increase exp, sp, drop, spoil and adena rates to 6x. This change is permanent. Enjoy.
  21. bakcr1t

    WTB Blue 13

    80kk Mail Bratac
  22. Dear players, I will be working on forum cleanup & migration of some content (mainly news, announcements) to a new module we bought for the forum software - pages. So, don't be scared when some sections / topics will dispensary. Cheers.
  23. @Aphr0 @Eldax is right, unfortunately that's how it is in gracia files, and we won't change that.
  24. "This was an automatical response message by Bot-Eldax". Beep Boop
  25. Server has GF settings. GF s80/s84 focus bonuses: Swords: 111/100 bows: 116/104 fists: 106/96 S80 weapons has better focus SA than s84. Changes probably comes in Freya with new s84 weapons, where vespers are getting boosted. ofc both GE/freya official patchnotes says nothing about that, but in h5 patchnotes you can notice fix for vesp rapier/crossbow critical got changed from 128 to 131/134, so those values were live before h5. On the other hand database says freya weapons are same as GF, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . One i'm not sure about is what exactly chronicle those weapons are boosted, but i'd say at 95% in freya.
  26. Hi, I'll have a look and let you know.
  27. Hi Emca, Jorn, i see some kind of bugg with my Vesper Fighter +10 + SA Focus (96 crit. rate) instead of 123 crit. rate it should have ..... i actually use my Icarus Hands +8 + SA Focus (106 Crit. rate) is right like it should be ..... Could u please look at that and repair it .... thx for any answer
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