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  3. Made a male Kamael character, leveled it to 20, bought quest item in Giran, took to NPC in Gludio to transfer to a Trooper but the NPC says you must finish the quest. Having quest item isn't enough apparently. Tried restarting character, took class change quest, etc. Nothing matters. Not a big issue but annoying to have bought the quest item and still have to do quest.
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  5. Thanks for the suggestion, this doesn't work as well as wtfast. Logging in without wtfast the game misses quite a few clicks if clicking quickly in a row. This can mean death in melee aoe situations. @Emcaor @Jorn any suggestions on how to make it work with wtfast? Thanks for your time. Edit: I asked admin at topzone and he suggested the following: You may ask server admin it they can add other identifier for the buff like username or HWID if is possible. I'm guessing it is ip based and that's why wtfast blocks it from working?
  6. winning price lures still not working so what you need...
  7. Why is it NOW? it was easier before? we all did that part on countless characters
  8. So same about quests. Quest items should be at least 2x, now its pain in ass to do that 700 mobs part of 3rd prof
  9. since most of the server's rates are x6 , should proof of catching a fish be also a big higher ? maybe not x6..... but at least something , i think it is still x1....... even KE and crystals are x6 , practically server is nearly midrate there ...... fishing is terrible for the 2-3 fishermen of the server , doesnt worth to do it all.
  10. try hatency fix ,you dont need to run it , doesnt needs subscription , u just press 1 button 1 time , and it is on all the time.
  11. I finally learned about vote rewards and tried to make them work. However I live in the USA so I use wtfast to help with latency issues. When I vote I do not get the vote rewards unless I launch client outside wtfast. Is there a way to make vote reward work with wtfast connections? Thanks!
  12. bhh

    wtb mj boot (closed)

    got them, closed
  13. looking for member's in our party 55 lvl. We have BD/SwS/Warc. We need anyone Healer profession, 2-3 dps profession. PM: HateLove Arcaon Send mail to Arcaon if we are offline. Cya
  14. that's the origin as my guess it comes from elder scroll
  15. Unfortunately my bd box was female, and even wearing top heavy armor she was still shiningwith her naked ass. As for 'mistake-calling' tong to thong, it's as old as clan. As i remember good in server first weeks already some ppl made this 'accidental' mistake. Well you know, some ppl will always seek for overtone in everything. Same as saying " I'm going to camel toe" instead of kamael town, or some other same not funny examples.
  16. @Aphr0I don't know if you called them MoragThong on purpose, but you're brilliant. For those who don't know what "thong" means: "The thong is a garment generally used as either underwear or as a swimsuit in some countries. It may also be worn for traditional ceremonies or competitions. Viewed from the front, the thong typically resembles a bikini bottom, but at the back the material is reduced to a minimum. Thongs are almost always designed to cover the genitals, anus and perineum and leave part or most of the buttocks uncovered." What if they wear thongs not only in game, but also IRL? 😂
  17. Creator is still crying when they call mighty Morag Tong guild with word thong ;< Seems they want to insult Vvardenfell gods.
  18. 2 Sidd: only Oldschool or MoragThong clans ....they are kind of international ...
  19. u will possibly play only with our brother or with any ppls u take with u 🙂
  20. Hi, I plan to play with my brother on this server. I can play for any profession. I will be glad if you will play in our company.
  21. Hi My friends left me alone on this server and playing becomes little boring. I need some ppl to talk, exp, quests, RBs etc. My characters: WC - lvl 68 + wolf lvl 66 SWS- lvl 69 (maybe 70 now O_o I don't remember ) BH- lvl 54 In future i'll make Human tank or BD. Is there any clan with place for such low-lvls like me? PS. Sorry for weak english^^
  22. @heroBD I remember only 'How to NOT zaken' XD
  23. Thanks for information.
  24. Vyreseno , poslal jsem vlka na postavu kde jsem ten eq nasazoval ,po vyvolani jsem mel eq v invu.
  25. Ahoj , dnes jsem si posilal vlka z postavy na postavu a zmizel mi eq , mohli by ste se na to mrknout ?? Diky
  26. It is DIY server , and eldax is the youtuber that makes the "how to" videos
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