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  3. So how many opened l2 windows before crash ?
  4. pls dont even dare to talk with this seftkacanceru still giving me nightmare when i try to invite him
  5. im saving for new monitor 144hz since this one is old full hd 60 hz
  6. if you have 16GB of RAM its easy 🙂
  7. ad he's testing XD Next thing to test is: Can my PC handle 36 acc to try solo tiat?
  8. you said you will test new games wtf gr 🐕
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  10. Babadook

    Few items

    Still trying to sell IC set and dual S, payment adena or AA. PM here or mail Trixter ig
  11. Zdravím místní komunitu, jsem dýkař Ahura ze hry a založil jsem si na tomto serveru klan for fun s názvem DarkSouls. Tak pokud se tu najde nějaká temná duše, co nemá na hraní moc času, nemá ráda velké klany, pvp, pc mu neutáhne castle siege a tak si jen tak proplouvá světem, tak se ke mně může přidat a můžem třeba občas hodit partu a poklábosit. Kdyby měl někdo zájem, pište mi ve hře pm, pokud potkáte nějakou z mých postav nebo mail na nick Ahura a nebo mi napište třeba sem do inboxu. Každému případnému zájemci rád odpovím 😉
  12. TzaR

    Hello :D

    nice relax server)
  13. TzaR

    Hello :D

    like ur tyrant?)
  14. I'm slowly working on it Those last optional custom changes are for a friend who helps me a lot
  15. any news about upgrading to newer chronicle?
  16. NeverSayNever

    B duals +++

    Who sold B duals +++ last week?, WTB, pm.
  17. aVx

    Hello :D

    Starting here atleast you know your characters wont dissapear after 1 month or so. ;D
  18. Sup, not so many people play atm. I would say 50 at most. Server is more than 2 years old, but that does not mean you cant have fun. Just try it and you will see. And if it does not work for yo, come back at autumn. Maybe, just maybe, there will be new H5 server coming live. Cheers.
  19. Hi peeps, I just want to say hello and ask how do you like the server?? Is there enough people playing?
  20. WTB Dyna Blade clean. PM here.
  21. pvpzverek1


    Dynasty Set - Heavy the complete set is sharpened to +5 Your exchange offers write here or email "Messalina ps:Set 60 att
  22. pvpzverek1


    WTB HD (focus) WTT >>>>>>>>>>>>>> + option 1 wtt (Critical Damage)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Clean) +500m option 2 wtt(Critical Damage)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(Focus) option 3 wtt(Critical Damage)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ++ option 4 wtt(Critical Damage) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2.5ккк adena Updated 07/01/19
  23. Hello, i can sell you AM + RSC13 what is your price offer?
  24. Brudaczny

    WTB Recipes

    Hello, Here is my recipe WTB list - Soulshot B, A, S - Blessed Spiritshot B, A, S Post Your offers here or ingame via mail/pm to Szczurynka Cheers
  25. Correction: I have 150M, not 250M :(, closed.
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