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  3. Nothing to watch, it's dead. If it would be regular donate server, would be closed 2 years ago.
  4. Nevim jak chcete delat dalsi server, kdyz nejste schopni uhlidat ani ten co ted bezi. //EDIT: EN: I don't know how you want to make another server when you are not able to watch even the one that is running now.
  5. No we didn't gave up - i am working on new control panel that'll support multiple severs - it's almost done. We'll be also migrating members to a clean installation of forums, and we will archive this one.
  6. Hi, i was just passing by and wondering if you gave up on new shrine project? @Jorn @Emca
  7. dead topic UP
  8. yes I see I thought its again some smart guy from OT 😀
  9. coffin this is an old post look at the date 21 june of 2018..... anyway maybe one day this old shrine will be updated who knows ^^
  10. Why you guys doing something like this if you cant kill the epics which I ignore 2-3 days. Why you will do setup epics like this if you are lazy make even quest. Why you will doing this kind of “update” if you going inside the epic boss instance and you fail it. Its easier for you farm HB, AA and EWS and we can make deal. Peace ✌️ Coffin & Burzum
  11. edit i fixed it myself.
  12. YOU MUST VOTE THROUGH BANNERS IN LAUNCHER OR ON OUR WEBSITE TO GET THE REWARD If you don't get the reward after voting, try clicking on the vote banners again to force our system to refresh your vote status
  13. After forum UI update i cant find banners l2hopzone etc. Where they now?
  14. WTB Vesper bow - 2kkk (x1) Icarus bow - 300kk (x3) mail / pm "iNev
  15. a budes skakat jako kralicek
  16. aezu


    Počkej si na Velikonoce...
  17. čau, chtělo by to zrušit Santu už mi z něj hrabe... a pak by to chtělo nějakej novej event....myslím že nejsem jediný kdo by chtěl melounový event.
  18. Dear players, we updated forum to the newest version. If you run into any issues, let us know and we'll fix it asap. I also want to mention that those, whose registration did not complete due to email issues can now try again to resend verification emails. Cheers.
  19. haleluja


    Ye, Trump thought so, and he not president anymore.. Be carefull
  20. haleluja


    Farm GCM, and i will exchange divine cry, 1:1 to it
  21. yurkadd


    SA 15 Green - 150kk Divine Crystals - 30kk each pm / mail "iNev
  22. "delete totally l2/come back here to flame griffin" Look better for golden middle. Just come in weekends to fack up sieges/wards, also come for oly in month ending, etc.
  23. x10 slowly becoming shrine vol2. epics are up for 1-2 days , and nobody kill/can kill etc , thinking what to do . delete totally l2/come back here to flame griffin . hard life decisions
  24. I guess I can very well cover with Burzum your missing spot. How its going anyway?
  25. i offer to come back to open citadel + bring tyranny to server. or are u doing ok without me ?
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