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  2. Luigech

    Soi Stages

    Thank you very much for your answer!
  3. 25g

    Soi Stages

    U have to reach 1 000 000 pts for open stage 2 and than u have 48 hours for kill Ekimus... By defeat Twins u get 5 000 pts By defeat Cohemenes u get 100 000 pts Thats what admins told us years ago how its set in AI so go Cohe 10 times and enjoy farming seeds with me again. 😁 Anyway after last farm period was also stage 2 and access to Ekimus, I was waitin if DeepInside will do smtn but after 48 hours it falled on stage 1. So question is... We can kill Ekimus again and than will be farm period again... and again and again... 😳 ??? @Emca @Jorn With peace and love Cherry. 💜
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  5. Luigech

    Soi Stages

    Hi, I would like to ask if someone knows what are the requirements to level soi from stage 1 to stage 2. I know that each tieme someone successfully does Hall of Suffering and/or Hall of Erosion it helps to increase the stage level. But someone knows how many times this instances need to be cleared in orded for the stage to level up? Thnxs in advance.
  6. on a completely empty server I met a toxic asshole...
  7. /open Someone is shouting at your door mate. Go and check...
  8. You should shut up and go away from my topic forum - warrior 😂
  9. You should use google translate ... Not going to help you but anyway.
  10. Earlier
  11. Lol, iam asking somebody lvlup HB where is lying? 😂
  12. "What's problem?" is that you are illiterate and you are a lying *something*.
  13. already buy /close
  14. U reply so important... I don't have destr what's problem?
  15. This *something something* has a destro ... obivously he is too lazy or trying to look clever... Bottom line: He doesn't have a destro when it suits him. Aaaaaaand he is not even asking for help... Just wants the job done by someone else.
  16. Спс нашел. К кому обратиться по поводу академки, перса создам к вечеру. Если кто возмет оставьте ник напишу пм если вы в сети появитесь ,а если нет - то нет.
  17. Go to control panel and create a game account Зайдите в панель управления и создайте игровой аккаунт
  18. Всем ку. Нужна помощь. Я только зарегался (вот этот акк с которого пишу на форуме) . Теперь вопрос: как зайти в игру. Ввожу вот эти данные и ничего , или где то есть форма для игрового ака?
  19. hey, may be somebody can lvlup hb to 9? with archmage its sooooo hard
  20. Sure sure... He is repeating this for about 2 months. Still here though. Like a street mutt ...
  21. yep this server is gone.
  22. DOES you related to Neviro in any possible way? or maybe it's Das? Was ist DAS? I'm not even going to bother about "does enough menschen das aktivity" ...
  23. In my opinion, the server will be dead when the players stop playing on it, I mean never. so what do we have at the moment? "Its Good, Goooood"(c) chill_to_play server, unique for many reasons. What about pvp? I dont think u find here dat much pvp dat u want. U can join any clan that is still alive and play quietly for a long time.
  24. i dont mind server to be even more dead, i mean these facking trash traders from market with d/c gr. stuff
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