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  • Shrine Posts

    • I played Heavyweight/Davina in the past, nowdays mostly Ghostly (destro). Not as much of a factor as other ppl here.   At least not the one known as one of the most unintelligent players this game ever met, like you. Still playing the "oh i don't remember nicknames very well, i'll just try to make a stupid joke instead", i see. I don't understand why you choose to be stupid around people who don't give a damn about you, but let's go back a few years ago to remember why are you like this. It must be because of: 1. the fight you had with saladin 'cause apparently you were too "smart" to play in a group and got kicked out and sent back to your cave. that surely caused you a trauma 'cause when I tried to buy some stones from you, you simply told me "YOU HAVE A CLAN"  and logged off like a little beech. Or the time when you said you are "market impartial"...what on earth is that 2. it took you YEARS to craft your first s80 set, while the rest of us had them on pets. not our problem 'cause you know nothing about this game. not even basic stuff like using a pole in catacombs. 3. you realised your only purpose here is to make 50 chars lvl 62 to farm zaken to finally achieve an epic 4. you remembered that you're full of sheet for saying "i'll never care about hero status" then tried to get hero on as many nobless boxes as possible, while server was literally empty. This is all I can remember for now, i'm pretty sure there's ton of other stupid things you said/did. Or it may be simply the fact that you're a 50+ man who fails basic social interaction and uses hate/stupidity as a defense mechanism.  And what is that crap you said about me being italian, then spanish? I admit my failures and stupid stuff I did in the past, but what you said is just lies.
    • The one that won't shut up ... I've already lost 2 out of 3 wagers and the attitude "he can't be that stupid". The fat one (heavyfat or whatever)? Then it tried to pass for italian...theeeen "the austrian madchen Davina"?  And as I hear the last time he tried to pull "Pedro the retarded spaniard". So basicly Sponge Fat Square Head.
    • It's not a bad idea at all, except: 1. I don't have as much time as before, I kill aenks once at 2-3 days 2. I can't compete with Matt/Coffin or anybody else that does this regularly when it comes to camping epics, or compete at all. 3. I got a couple of chars and semi-decent gear, but I guess that's not enough to kill big league rb
    • And I thought it couldn't get funnier. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH
    • Why u say so, cooperation with ruskie can be strong.. U would teach him 'how to', coz he seems still lost in some cyber-space, and has no idea how to play gracia endgame. And ruskie would work for u a bit.. Or both of u can do some epics. Think about it, can be fun