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    • Hi, so here is what I think. Information about L2 Shrine Gracia Epilogue server Chronicle: Gracia Epilogue EXP/SP rate: 2x  Adena rate: 2x Drop/spoil rate: 2.x RB drop rate: 2x Quest EXP/SP rate: 2x Quest adena rate: 1.5x Seal stones drop 2x Star stones drop 2x Gathering energy drop 1.5x RB EXP - 2x Epic jewellery drop: 1x Ancient Tome Of The Demon drop rate: 1x Selected quests are adjusted to match the server rate. dualbox - yes 2 windows (1 main + 1 box) donation system - 1st and 2nd class change, nickname change, PK points removal, hats, agathions, pet return, sex change, WIP status? (rates 2,5 or 3x?) bot hunter program ? - report bot and get 10% of his adena or something? (dunno if needed)   - about dualbox - this point is really important. Yes there will still be people using X PCs or some virtual PCs, but it will be significantly less then everyone boxing whole party, so thats ok. free dualbox policy sucks because: people do not feel the need to play with others when they have every buffer or just slightly better leveled buffers so teamplay is completely gone (thats mostly case on old shrine) people are able to log full party solo and level anywhere they want basically 24/7. All you need is two guys who will change shifts after 12 hours. That was and probably still is a thing on old shrine also. This greatly and quickly increases the level difference between the players. it enables players to do massive olympiad feeding with 2 boxes I think, all of the above would be gone. If the server population decreases, you can always increase the box limit if needed   - about donation system & marketing ask players if they want to support you buying some banners on some sites prelaunch do a headstart marketing like 2 months before server goes online do a "presale" of items so you can do more marketing use money from donate for server HW and continuous marketing of server use 6802 email addresses you already have to send players news and updates about new upcoming server, bombard them asap prelaunch (2, 3, 4 months?) introduce ingame currency (for real money) which can be used to get donation items at special NPC and make the currency tradable between players - it will help the economy and it will probably increase the amount of money from donation system use atleast paypal or some kind of webgate for money transfer (for sure I am not going to directly give you my credit card info), but the main point is to make it really easy to donate money. The easier it will be, the better. After a lot of thinking, this setting would imho be a good fit. It will be hard, a bit slow, but fair I guess. With all this I would say that server could run for at least 1 year with healthy community. Hellbound would open in about 6-9 months. People would have plenty of fun, because they would have to create parties and not only with clan members but also with randoms. There will also be a lot of PvP from 10 - 78 everywhere, because people will spend a lot of time in exp locations and especially varka, ketra, shrine etc. Also a lot of fights for RBs.   What do you think?
    • Ok. Than wts clean as 100kk/6kk aa and sealed draco set 150kk/9kk aa "hater ingame
    • It's good for dmgless classes / subs or poor unskilled players who cant afford for S grade gear. For 76+ chars with S +150 weapon wolves are just useless exp eaters, and if u're sure u wont need wolf in future there is no even reason to invest it. Additionally his gear is expensive, and lvling him is pain in ass, so if he dont have it now, its already too late.
    • даже разденем и обуем
    • Just find a good clan, where you can get fun and support. Solo these days is not an option
    • где клан сайт, куда заявку писать? качнёте, оденете?