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  1. Nevim jak chcete delat dalsi server, kdyz nejste schopni uhlidat ani ten co ted bezi. //EDIT: EN: I don't know how you want to make another server when you are not able to watch even the one that is running now.
  2. a budes skakat jako kralicek
  3. Davina ,ye i know that nick.thx. Heroes on that dead server? impossible, piggy and anabolik needs too much EWS to enchants, so take everything what he can. now we can kill some WBs but i dont know how long..
  4. and who are you? 😄
  5. write me on discord or in game on griffin.
  6. Waltari


    btw with aezu is really easy.. He have problems about my leadering, soi change CL on Jorns on him and after that im changing psws on all shared accounts and on all mine. So he check it and steal everything what he can. and change psw on Strybjorn. so its on same acc on game and forum. After that i see what he do after that, i only leave. After few hours on chat with Ciria, he send me acc on stryb me back and he think im be back on clan and without any reason, So he is thief and this is all for this moron. Maybe he write something else btu rly idc. after that orph invite
  7. Waltari


    for free WBs i can write it to you 🙂
  8. Waltari


    😄 😄 😄
  9. and you can drop some epics for others? for can make enemy for you or not?
  10. So cry me a rover... And more. That i dont know who IT IS? Human?got everything what je need a full whs bit he need mooooore on server with 10 active players And im bad one? Btw im not play here for month cause od you. I font need play with that morons,i Have a lot of problems in Real life And on my free time i need relax not listening for your shits.
  11. And where is a problem? hmm where its is .... yea its roasted pig and his idiots.