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  1. A vypne se nekdy? stejne nefaka jak ma ....
  2. Jaky coiny potrebujes? u Helenky jsou cepice hozene kvuli jednomu z eventu co zde byl kdysi davno.
  3. you got chance to reset this quest for other items cause here only one clan takes everything and he dont need manor or everything.. (only waste that server)
  4. HI, on top of site you have control panel -> my game accounts. And here you can see what game accounts you got 😉
  5. Waltari

    IC gaiters

    WTB IC gate 25m/piece send mail req to Lisa.
  6. If you need something just write me here PM or ingame Lisa or Griffin 😉
  7. Waltari


  8. +-3 levels is for changing chance for drops
  9. Waltari


    ye and here now mycoffin needs new coffin.
  10. wizard tear? here? hmm you need some big luck for drop it we have b grade shadow items so 99% of people dont fuck with B grades.
  11. If you need B set, just you can use on giran at GK NPC Helen, just take quest and she give you some items for change and you can take B items, shots on her. Or try write me ingame to Lisa or somebody on Oldtimes and we can help you.
  12. Waltari

    wtb doom boots

    wtb doom boots 10kk @ Lisa
  13. upgrades is possible only for D and C weapons. B can change and nothing for more.