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  1. pvpzverek1

    frapsTerritory Wars 13.01.18

  2. pvpzverek1


  3. pvpzverek1

    MW Dyna heavy - darkness resistance

    I'll go to the sector. later
  4. pvpzverek1

    Daily olympiad

    kol3ss/lothebrok very weak player on a strong(imbalance) character
  5. pvpzverek1

    Daily olympiad

    without protection*(Sword Shield), I can not wear mzh set* .. I can not give myself a Cleanse from the dismar ... about x2 backstabs I generally keep quiet.... *80% shock on antarasa + zaken + frintezu + (pasivka from shock) dirarm 95%
  6. pvpzverek1

    Daily olympiad

    better...girl only for the fan and pvp...
  7. pvpzverek1

    Daily olympiad

    instead of a thousand words >>>
  8. pvpzverek1

    Daily olympiad

  9. pvpzverek1


    25 minutes played... deleted
  10. pvpzverek1


  11. pvpzverek1


    the balance of the server is not affected
  12. pvpzverek1


    S-S80 it's garbage.Don't fret.
  13. pvpzverek1

    Karma is a bitch