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  1. Hi, i was just passing by and wondering if you gave up on new shrine project? @Jorn @Emca
  2. claw

    Elven Elder oly

    Контент слабенький, не думал что скажу это, но единственный "норм" оппонент лохоброк и тот лагает
  3. claw

    Elven Elder oly

    Другу своему кродбергу жалуйся Извинись.
  4. Nice progress guys, one more year and you could go for ekimus
  5. claw

    Elven Elder oly

    Контролёр - на место
  6. I guess that all of those nick names was dictated by spermotoxicosis
  7. Looks like another jehovah's witnesses l2 style Can i donate castle or some epics?
  8. claw

    Birthday or 1year present?

    With this buff you can get 78-85 for one day, some ppl just waiting for bday so they can abuse it
  9. claw

    Dyna Leather

    i can smell poverty now
  10. claw


    i can buy for 200 anytime in giran...
  11. claw


    come on i need more
  12. claw


    WTB: CL 150k Asofe 50k payment mail on Rambo or GG
  13. The percentage of all purchases of the compendium goes to the general fund, on which the level of this depends. Upon reaching a certain amount, all the owners of the compendium open new levels of "treasuries", in which they find new and new unique in-game prizes. © So it can be anything you want, some random rewards like runes/hats that not affecting game balance, cuz no one like pay 2 win GvG must be for everyone who fits the rules, simple swiss system qualifiers and main event can be done in 1 non-siege weekend for example.