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  1. recharger is must have class if you run mage, if not go with destro like guy above recommend also i would recommend to do anything with destro +5 boxes, if you've low pc try to run boxes with 600*800 definition and you should be fine
  2. there is like a million h5 servers around and no PTS gracia besides 5 years old ones with 10-20 ppl population
  3. Nice to hear you're fine h5 sucks big time, we had some hopes about new GF server but looks line it wont ever happen
  4. I dont think so, most likely they're just not paying attention(dont give a fuck) about shrine anymore Basically it was their part time hobby to work with GF extender and make it perfect and shrine is like a test server for them, but there is nothing more to do... P.S. If my guess is correct they're working in IT irl and have access to "free servers" to use for their hobby so shrine will be ok
  5. @Jorn @Emca Hi guys, just wanted to check if you're still alive and kinda active/working on some other projects and also curious what you think about shrine? I'm asking cuz it's kinda good time to run gf/epilogue project this winter. Nothing else around and you guys have good files and only missing some promotion, so w/o big fishes around you could do smth worth which will attract ppl with bigger chance.
  6. Hello there, how it's going, any news?
  7. trash like lineage.cz or what? so far its the best GE server in last 2 years mate, if you prefer to poking complete dead body of l2shrine its just sad
  8. Hi, i was just passing by and wondering if you gave up on new shrine project? @Jorn @Emca
  9. claw

    Elven Elder oly

    Контент слабенький, не думал что скажу это, но единственный "норм" оппонент лохоброк и тот лагает
  10. claw

    Elven Elder oly

    Другу своему кродбергу жалуйся Извинись.
  11. Nice progress guys, one more year and you could go for ekimus
  12. claw

    Elven Elder oly

    Контролёр - на место
  13. I guess that all of those nick names was dictated by spermotoxicosis
  14. Looks like another jehovah's witnesses l2 style Can i donate castle or some epics?