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  1. Go to control panel and create a game account Зайдите в панель управления и создайте игровой аккаунт
  2. Yea that wouldn't be too bad
  3. That's not how u raise it to level 10. https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/quest-more/hellbound-guide
  4. Vote reward works now. Close bug report
  5. Maybe you can change it so we get vote reward for just voting on topzone.
  6. It's a long list, but we can use some of the names to our clan
  7. Cyka, I guess when you created your necro Sting you wanted fiSting but it was taken
  8. No, because the other clients that were opened for boxes were OK. I closed the client that got this bug and re-opened another one and now it's fine also. Maybe some-times the clients are f***ing up
  9. Hello, Does someone else got this bug before? I can't click on my items from the inventory. I tried to restart many times, also tried to change main class to sub class but nothing. I've made a screenshot
  10. Hello Emca/Jorn... everybody that reads this forum Today, is the birthday of my eldest in game char and If it's possible I want to propose something to you: Can the 12h buff that is going to replenish vitality be transferable to the subclass? I ruined my gift because i didn't knew that the buff will be gone. Or maybe transform this gift into a chocolate cookie Thank you for your great server and for your work ! P.S. I don't ask for the buff back or the cookie, I want the next birthday celebrators to be luckier than me.