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  1. brilliance

    Some new nick ideas for DeepInside clan

    It's a long list, but we can use some of the names to our clan
  2. brilliance

    Inventory bug

    Cyka, I guess when you created your necro Sting you wanted fiSting but it was taken
  3. brilliance

    Inventory bug

    close thread
  4. brilliance

    Inventory bug

    No, because the other clients that were opened for boxes were OK. I closed the client that got this bug and re-opened another one and now it's fine also. Maybe some-times the clients are f***ing up
  5. brilliance

    Inventory bug

    Hello, Does someone else got this bug before? I can't click on my items from the inventory. I tried to restart many times, also tried to change main class to sub class but nothing. I've made a screenshot
  6. brilliance

    Birthday Gift

    Hello Emca/Jorn... everybody that reads this forum Today, is the birthday of my eldest in game char and If it's possible I want to propose something to you: Can the 12h buff that is going to replenish vitality be transferable to the subclass? I ruined my gift because i didn't knew that the buff will be gone. Or maybe transform this gift into a chocolate cookie Thank you for your great server and for your work ! P.S. I don't ask for the buff back or the cookie, I want the next birthday celebrators to be luckier than me.
  7. brilliance


  8. brilliance


  9. brilliance

    Help me find this mob

    Ok Emca, thank you
  10. brilliance

    Help me find this mob

    Can someone please tell me where this mob is? (location) Thank you.
  11. brilliance

    Soul crystal leveling

    First off, i'm sorry for posting on the same account (too lazy to create a new one ) THIS IS another player, I'm still not fully satisfied with your answer, unless you tell me those messages apply to new revamped zones from Gracia Epilogue. Because , like my clan mate said before, other raid bosses , when they don't raise the lvl of the soul crystal, give absolutely no message at all (quest was active, SC in range, char in range, etc,etc). Happened a LOT of times.
  12. brilliance

    Soul crystal leveling

    Now i'm enlightened, I believe you, I didn't knew that those messages exists. Thank you!
  13. brilliance

    Soul crystal leveling

    Ok, maybe you are right, but the usual RB's that raise SC to stage 12 that we used to kill never told us that was not able to absorb, they raised or they didn't said nothing related to that, and believe me we killed them many times
  14. brilliance

    Soul crystal leveling

    But as I said before, we did other RB like Sobekk,Cloe, Von Hellman etc and at the end of the battle when they died and didn't raised the SC, we didn't received that info message: The soul crystal was not able to absorb a soul, just only when we didn't had SC in inventory, or the stage of the SC was too low. My first thought tbh was that Gorgolos is not raising SC to stage 12.
  15. brilliance

    Soul crystal leveling

    But other times when we killed Raid Bosses and they didn't raised SC we didn't received the message :"The soul crystal was not able to absorb a soul". Just Nothing, i think that you receive that text is when something went wrong.