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    Sure sure... He is repeating this for about 2 months. Still here though. Like a street mutt ...
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    U have to reach 1 000 000 pts for open stage 2 and than u have 48 hours for kill Ekimus... By defeat Twins u get 5 000 pts By defeat Cohemenes u get 100 000 pts Thats what admins told us years ago how its set in AI so go Cohe 10 times and enjoy farming seeds with me again. 😁 Anyway after last farm period was also stage 2 and access to Ekimus, I was waitin if DeepInside will do smtn but after 48 hours it falled on stage 1. So question is... We can kill Ekimus again and than will be farm period again... and again and again... 😳 ??? @Emca @Jorn With peace and love Cherry. 💜
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    Not decided yet, there's a possibility we won't allow modifying interface