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    Maybe you can change it so we get vote reward for just voting on topzone.
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    We had to change IP address on voting servers and unfortunately hopzone admins still didnt verify the change. I requested ip change day after we switched server location. I am sorry guys but there is nothing i can do with this ... its up to hopzone to reenable voting.
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    Je to +6. Enchanty seal nerusi, muzes udelat rukavice na +6 a pak je unsealnout. dual sword craft stamp je jen v hradu. Obykle se prodavaly v giranu, pripadne musis sehnat nekoho kdo je ma.
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    send me Mail in game to Orph / Phobos / Wyhull .....i will send Payment Request
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    Well, simplest and cheaper would be go straight for S. If u have some1 to help u, plvl from 61 to 76 is matter of 2-3h at necrospot.
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    Common damascus is super rare item. I believe its easier to craft Top B weapon, and change it to damascus via BoM to craft full duals than make commons XD (btw. BoM dont trade sls*sls to other weapons)
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    Kdyz nemas penize nechas jen +3. Kdyz mas malo zkusis +4 (tam je docela skok). U drazsich veci jako masterwork, wb sperky a podobne jedine blessedy. Normalni veci typu major arcana, ic, dyna armor co muzes sehnat znovu se enchantuji normalne, ale obvykle jen na +6 kde je bonus. Vic se chodi obvykle jen s war zbrani.
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    What was that? Did you hear it? A huge star fell from the sky and exploded above the town of Aden! New event is here and will start on Monday 2017/10/23, mobs will drop items until 2017/11/06 and event NPCs (including star shards) will disappear on 2017/11/13. It will be up to you to figure out how the event works - there's only one hint we'll give you. Red color is for weapons and jewels, green color is for armor and blue color is for cosmetics. You can discuss the event here.
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    Christmas event is here! It's the same event as we had last year: We're also boosting server rates until end of event (starting with tomorrow morning restart): 8x EXP/SP (10x if you vote) 8x adena 8x drop/spoil 3x boss drop Event will run until Monday January 7 regular restart.
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