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  1. This idea is just another Sroubek trash server. Which have more costum bullshit around than normal classic setup of L2. Do ideas like this just because you want to have chance own a bit server too. and in final you will be frist who quit the server. War&Hate CoFFiN ❤️
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  2. My opinion for the new server: 1. Since you cannot do IL you can put some limitations on GF. Thing like no element till GE update and GE element limit to 150. Freya to 300. 2. If you start GF with 5-7x rates and limit to level 81 and drop the rates from level 76-78 to 1-2x. For GE 7-9x rates and limit to 83 and lower rates from 80+ to 1-2x. For Freya 9-11x rates and limit to 85 with lower rates from level 83. This is just example. You need some kind of limitation to keep players at closer level as possible. Adena, drop, spoil and quest rates should be constant. 3. Premium accoun
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