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    Hi everyone, I just happened to be browsing by and caught this. There is no official collaboration with INERA. That being said, our team is very fond of L2Shrine and its members. Emca is a very talented developer and, when it comes to our limitations, we will often consult with her to solve a particular problem or to gain some insight into various features. She has helped us more than we've helped her, at least that's where we currently stand in regards to our relationship. Our team owes her a great debt. Whenever or whatever Jorn/Emca decide to launch as a project, we will support their work as she will have our infrastructure / financial support. I hope this clears up any confusion. Best Regards, Vice
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    Listening to the sincerity in which you initiate your post, I'm reminded of a quote from the famous russian Champion in UFC - Khabib Nurmagomedov. "This is number one bullsh#t!"
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    100% interludo all werk
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    1st thing: where is old topic? @Emca Did u mb delete it by mistake when u were cleaning the spammer ( @geovany etc.) posts? 2.
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    " Best interlude 100% official, no bugs! "