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    what the farm looks like from other clans) http://prntscr.com/kbshys
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    Are you guys serious? as long as we played here,nobody ever showed up anywhere,we quit and you start fighting among yourselves.We came back for a month and you start hiding like rats.Once again we quit because there's no point to play against enemies like you and on next TW there were 3-4 pts @ dion to take the wards... i'll say it once and i hope it gets in your heads: You are the prey,not the predators : )
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    Usually area skill works at range, but they was blocked in borders of WB zones. You can cast mass ress in toi 13, but you dont get it inside of baium zone. Same thing was at valakas entrance, where you can even see, shoot, and jump down to Klein, but mass ress, wc buffs from up to down was blocked, because it was wb zone.
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    We can either leave it as it works now (and as it works on official server and all L2 servers around the world) or we can change all area skills to check visibility between caster and receivers... but that would be VERY VERY different than anything you're used to in L2. For example half of party wouldn't get WC buffs or songs/dances just because of some hole in terrain etc. Again, it's not a bug, it's how it works. Area skills don't use geodata, only distance. And it's the way it should be.
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    Wtb Earing of Antharas Wtb Holy and Fire crystals
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    dont care about buggers and cheaters. Just let this rusian cheaters do what they do and server gonna totaly die... GG Washandgo to your bug knowledge and your OOG game RB checking.. Never meet biggest cheater than this RU theft..
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    Tak naposled, bug to neni, je to standadni chovani mass skillu. Funguji tak buffy, dancy, songy a dalsi. To, ze to nejsi schopen akceptovat, to uz fakt neni muj problem.
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    mozna se podivej do zrcadla a dej si facku za ty kecy. Ja ti slusne nahlasil bugovani to ze to tu nikdo neresil ja nevim a je mi to u prdele. Ja byl hodne dlouho pryc a nehral, ted sem se vratil, zacal hrat a vidim ze jste ocividne dostaly od rusaku peknej donate, jinak si nedovedu vysvetlit ze se chovas jako kreten a dokazes vypustit na forum takovouhle sracku ....
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    why reporting? iam new player ,playing here 1 month and this is no normaly..........
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    mass ress on another floor:) yea ok good i go buget too
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    Send me SE name to PM. EDIT: Solved - no bug. Mass skills just go over walls and floors, because geodata doesn't apply to them.
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    It's not a bug, it's a normal behaviour. Skills like mass res ignore geodata and the only requirement is to be within some distance... Can't do anything with it, it's the way it works.
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    if we talk about__ what about price of Baium? Hmm not necessary adena. GCMs (num/x/)?
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    6 jewels and my helmet are +6 though!..
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    Antistyle: "WTB Dyna Set +6"
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    WTS epic jewel set +6 !
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    Zazil som si to. Akurat s tym rozdielom, ze clovek ktoreho som nespoznal nazivo, ma nemohol nasrat. A vlastne ani nemoze. Vacsinou to bolo naopak.Viac ma nasierali ludia, ktori sa v hre a nasledne v reale, na kalbach, tvarili chrumkavo a potom, ked v hre ziskali gear a postavenie, chovali sa ako hovna. Ale tak funguje vacsina primitivov. U nas na serveri sme mali takych dostatok, Napriklad svojho casu herne dobry ale neskor, typek ludsky hodny flusanca, Darksharon. S tym som vychlastal dost vela piv a v case ked bol v slabsom klane (Silvers) tak bol pohodak s ktorym bola radost hrat a nazivo pit. Nejeden super vecer v Storme, pokecy, prdel, zabava. Potom sa z neho stal kkt ktory (nie voci mne) sa zacal chovat ako kreten a urazat ludi nie herne, ale osobne. A to vo velkom. Mna nie, pretoze ja som nebol sucastou jeho ally a war a taktiez, ja som sa podobnych flamov nezucastnoval. Ale keby som ho stretol nazivo, nic ine ako pohrdanie by som si pren nenasiel. Co som tym vlastne chcel povedat, uz asi neviem. Skratka, ked sa niekto v hre chova ako kkt, tak aj kkt je, netreba sa tym nechat vytocit, nikdy.
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    Check your mailbox and sorry for the delay
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    Filthy SK rape is filthy...
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    antistyle in the beggining of the server had a job , and after 3 months he quit it so he could play 20/24 hours per day and kill lustruns , and now he suffers from insomnia in the streets as a homeless man.that's the reason he quit , do you really want that ? fame has it's downsides
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    He is really nasty, I mean, Wokir, Graddy and the rest, they worked their way up to play here, despite their handicaps, yet Antistyle mercilessly flames them. Do not let the #PrayForWokir die out. Support clinically stupid people on this server.
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    Antistyle has my vote too... I dont like him flaming mentally challenged people
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    Gz melannie for common carnage bow, wts common soul bow btw Gz tonystark for angel slayer common Gz wokir for extra chromosome /flame
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    hmm maybe WashAndGo beat u MT she will find a way how to solo Ekimus