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    Lol, I’m not in relationship with @Jorn
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    I invite people to give their condolences to our comrade henna that wanted to organise beleth , had 2 times DC , exacly on 11th and 12th room before naia's spores part . Had some hours of cancer instance x2 , and just 40minutes before meeting beleth life was cruel to him . Letting him as a listening spectator in TS of how his teamates have fun without him. #condolenceshenna
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    In case you'll be unsuccessful with spawning Epidos, let me know .. i will test it with GM char or maybe we can do some testing together (if @Emca has no objections).
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    wtf random witch talking directly against me .. ftw Edit: Dont be part of toxic community. I did nothing to you. Be calm and nice, and everything will be Okey.
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    Stop murmuring about all.
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    https://web.archive.org/web/20180115061746/http://legacy.lineage2.com/archive/2009/12/_rudolf_the_red.html unfortunately without images...
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    Контент слабенький, не думал что скажу это, но единственный "норм" оппонент лохоброк и тот лагает
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    Nice progress guys, one more year and you could go for ekimus
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    @Jorn It's after the Lock part. When you get teleported from Tower of Naia (12 room part, check the video @pvpzverek1 made) until you kill Beleth: Disconnect = Oasis = Start again.
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    Ok so... We killed beleth ! After faking 8 hours of DCs and cancer. We knew that ring doesnt drop , but come from a chest or something , but we couldnt take it . all the npc that are close , seem no respond on nothing . Can we know if the ring is 100% ? And if it is we wanna just simply ask for it , if there is chances of different NPCs to appear.... that sometimes they give loot of ring , sometimes not .... Also the teleportation from epidos was saying that we need 36 people to enter , but we entered just with 11.... (because of DCs.... initially we were 17 with different plans)
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    Thanks a lot too!!!! It was perfectly all the info we needed and even more!!!
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    @Jorn Thank you very much. BEST SERVER STAFF EVER
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    They despawn when: they reach their destination when they finish skill casting (each of elements has it's own skill) they will cast the skill in 60 - 100 seconds from their spawn I think that in that case the element just finished casting of the skill and got despawned by the AI.
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    So, it seems to me from the AI, that fastest way is to pick ONE element and kill it, you need 120 points. There are two counters - for Fire / Water elements and Wind / Earth elements. if you choose, for example, to kill Fire, you'll be increasing your fire / water counter by 2 by each kill if you make mistake and kill Water element, your counter will decrease by 2 it will also contribute to wind / earth element count - depending on what you're killing - decreasing the earth / wind counter by 1 once you reach 120 points (60 kills), all elements should despawn and epidos of opposite element should spawn (in our example, it would be water) there is also reset counter - if it reaches 600 points, it seems that it will reset whole procedure this counter is increased by each element despawn (not kill, but just despawn) so it looks like you have to be quick in killing elements to not reach the 600 points in the despawn counter There seems to be no party / people counter in the AI.
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    the man I gave the character to deleted everything he could... before I changed the password he deleted even quest items.. left only couple of +30 skills of...