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    Furthermore using rip english as any argue argument is just insane lame... It's like you have nothing wise to say to support your side and just go with such shit to show you're even more stupid than ppl were expecting.
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    i dont wanna insult u , or make me look a fool , but i but i have to google half of your words to decrypt what u are saying
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    wasnt griffin the same guy who scammed own clanmates just bcuz he was a CL, and was too poor skilled to get those items himself? Also that's quite funny if 1 person can block few from doing epics XD Making fun of him is fine, but worse thing is that he dont even know it ;>
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    Also on really many occasions aq-tezza-baium was on for more than 1 day. If u want them , check them often. About anthy-valakas , i still need 9 anthy-14 valakas. So wait for 3-4 months , and then from time to time they will be free too.