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    I was playing GF not GE, i have only "Some" S grades, and "few" S80 heavy when i was trying for mw, but i tried to sell them for some joke money or just for matses w/o success. If some1 dont know such basic things like : lvl 15 - go giran or ask any hero for aca, he dont deserve getting ANY help. Just Fix Geodata. Its more than any event u can imagine. Event shouldnt be like that. Events should bring ppl from farm spots to have some rest and fun or encourage them to go farm mobs. If u make this happend there will be more ppl like : " I made 5 th for tw badges, they need only lvl 40 to get them, but by accident i made them 76, 3rd and noblesse and now doing CB to get some tokens. I'm not feeding my main on CB, just tokens"
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    omg still the same... wipe/higher rates/buy-able class transfer... 3kk is hard for newbie to spent... WHAT? make temple champion quest series... join to academy i see(5kk reward for join)... after lvl40 is another quest series for adena... easy money (just running/killing low mobs)... Are you really dumb, that you can't make those quests? where is written that you need to change class on lvl 40? If so make quest for class change... is boring i know but i make it when i start playing here... @event hats/adena/vitality(revita pop, milk, cake)/even buff potions will be enough... i know i hate buff pots but now when i make sub its super... i don't need to log tons of chars til lvl 70 is great... 5 or 6 lvl can be easily gained in cata/fog/it with destro or wl with trains... I fully agree with gm's policy no-wipe... if ppl are lazy to do something.... no event/wipe/restart etc... will not help to ppl stay here...
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    My idea is that there are people who want to do it but don't have the knowledge to do so. Even if its just 1 person why not help him with information ? Let me give some basic tips i aquired from the players here. 1. Make a farm class. I asked around when I started here since it was GF what classes are good. The answer was pretty simple - Titans for AoE, Grand Khavatari for single mobs. I'm not sure now that we have primeval isle is it worth to make a mage ( previously 80-85 was problematic with mages as I recall). 2. Make your PvP/support hero. Since its an online game it obviously helps if you play in a small group. It becomes extremely painful to level up for example a tank solo just with your titan just because in a 4x server you need buffers. If you want it to be as fast as possible you need as many buffs as possible -> full party with boxes. 3. Earning adena in the server. When i joined the server I played mage with a warcryer,elven elder,shilen elder, blade dancer. I reached lvl 61 so the question was how should I get an A-grade set. I ended up making spoiler and trying to sell everything i spoiled throughout the day and eventually made up the adena needed. I also used to manor if I remember correctly, although the prices were not high. 4. Ask around. When I joined MoragTong I used to ask all the time questions to @Eldax @Antistyle. I remember once @Gogita was in an olympiad match and got mad because they were trying to explain how the dagger's Ultimate evasion works and didn't coordinate with her in the match which she ended up losing . Also I'm trying to keep it short so that people would bother reading the thread instead of scrolling through it.
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    Just to let you know, i've start working on new website, control panel, stats pages, drop spoil, etc. Unfortunately due to almost no free time lately, progress is rather slow, but at least we're moving forward.
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    https://i1.jbzdy.pl/contents/2018/04/7c064faa8aa3fd19b09d8d24d74dd450.png I'd upload the picture instead of link but its 600x12 600, so its unreadable. Click to zoom and then 5 min scroll. I could add some racist joke about some fathers behaviour, but its post delete risk ;>
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    MT quit-> everyone comes back. MT return -> everyone quits. MT quit after 1 month of zero competition-> everyone comes back!
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    wtt vesper avenger 150 to vesp/ic bow ingame "mamaimthestar "nastavnik
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    Hello, I will optymalize your idea Event, starter pack (No grade to A grade - all shadow, shots, vit items, exp runes), free class changes (1st, 2nd) (without 3 and nobless) + epilog event with free 52 + items and free clan lvl 1-5, will be great:) When i started play here, events give me a lot of money and motivation. Mby you should change a litle bit rates like after epilogue update? Regards
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    Event, starter pack (No grade to A grade - all shadow, shots, vit items, exp runes?), free class changes (1st, 2nd, 3rd), free clan level 1-x?, maybe even free nobless? That could attract some people, but the question is how to attract big clans, and to be honest, those will rarely join server that has been running for years .
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    There are D grade shots for sale in Dion GK afaik... there are also crafters in giran. Are there free ports for those until 40? not sure as its been a loooong time since then
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    I don't really know if an event will help it, but its a start I guess, and you've got nothing to loose. There are some new players running around, or maybe they are just new chars; nevertheless they need a boost to reach endgame and start challenging higher level/geared players for epics, farm spots, etc. I think Vitality as a reward would be good because this would help level up faster; that depressive feeling you get when vitality runs out is something we all experience . Also in order to reach higher level grinding areas people need gear; not sure if an injection of adena will help people get the gear they need as they will depend on the items being for sale, but boosting the market could lead to an interest in those players who have accumulated lots of items and dont know what to do with them like @Eldax At the end of the day you can at least say you've tried.
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    LOL You want pvp? Do oly...
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    When we started playing we had to do absolutely everything, from spoiling a single pattern to craft b grade to few iron ores etc, Not to mention the difficulty of getting dynasty set now.there is the starter kit.if they don't have the will to play, no matter what we give to them they will not stay like many others did.
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    "sacrificed their whole real life time to grind grind so they reach cap" and it took us 7-8-9 months to do things others do in 3 months.Just because we know what to do/do something when we login instead of sitting in town or hitting catas doesn't mean we try hard to reach end game. @k0ntra 1:no clue about epilogue,titan for aoe with a crit stun pole and "basic buffs" 2:make a titan to aoe @ good areas and u can xp anything easily 3:farm till your titan has the required buffs to aoe and make money for you...... (farm beas /gcm and sell to rich players) 4:who are you ?
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    Not much competition for them, because they sacrifice their whole real life time to grind, grind , grind, so they reach cap. That is their failure, they reach end game so fast, they should play few hours dayli not 30hours per day...
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    485 it is with offtrade?
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    XDDDD i had 61 boxes during tw. 1/8 of whole serwer online! omg.
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    Mostly thanks to @Eldax Hahaha @Emca Maybe we can grow on this with some promotion? Not many servers see their population decline and then show a small comeback. Also, I think an event would be nice for those of us who are back and also to get other old players back. Shows interest from the GMs
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    Seems so 485 max this week
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    please no
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    There is no you like me(gm) so still as u can see Emcas decision(announced mayn times) no wipe y as possibilities open 4 dialogue. Some fusion? Whatever__
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    Hello. WTS / WTT Dynasty Gaiters -100kk each or 125 Orichalcum. Dynasty Gauntlets - 75kk each or 100 Orichalcum. Also WTT Gaiters+6 + 30 normal for one fundation ; > Mail/ pm here or ig "CaiusCosades.
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    Ppl play here 2 years at x5 rates and they still has no 85. x2 is too hardcore ;s
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    Some ppl are smart enough to reg for dusk, some of them not really
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    server for almost 2 years. they still wear A grades ...
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    me and warpig wanted to ask for the same thing but PLEASE advertise a bit more this time >.>
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    A friend of mine recently mentioned that the site she visited to get spoil information has been removed. So I thought why not make one here so people can use it as a reference. This guide will be extremely helpful for players that are starting out as Bounty Hunters (normally refereed to as Spoilers). Please note that I would like this guide to be a living guide. This means that this guide will be updated from your feedback. Most of my knowledge is from Interlude so If you have things to add / change please mention it in the comments and I will update this guide. General: Bounty Hunter's in my view are the richest people on the server. Why? Because of there skill called Spoil (looks like you are throwing a firework on top of the monsters head ). With this skill when used there is a chance to get extra loot / items from the monster. This is where the money part comes in. Items available through spoil is much higher then the items drop rate. This means they can farm materials which is needed for Armors and Weapons faster / easier then any other class in the game. Dwarfs by nature is greedy. BE GREEDY! You shouldn't share your spoils with anyone. This is what makes you money. If you share the spoils then you are giving money for free. What do I mean? Well when you spoil you don't only get the item you are trying to get. Most of the time you will get other trash items from spoil which you sell off for extra adena. If you are in party where the loot is "Random including spoil" you giving trash (extra money) items to the party when its you who should be getting that. Remember you don't need people in party they need you for the spoils. You can always give them something if they need it. In previous chronicles it wasn't that great to play dwarf as you lacked damage for PvE and PvP. However in Gracia final things has changed to some what in there favor I will explain in more detail later on. Pet / Buffer Box Setup / Basic Equipment / Dyes: Get yourself a pet wolf at lvl 15 from Guldin. In Gracia Final a fully evolved wolf + buffs does amazing damage! (Evolution: Wolf > Great Wolf > Fenir). The wolf will more then make up the damage you lack. To compensate for your low damage get yourself a blunt with Focus (gives critical) + wolf will help with the damage and wear heavy armor. For buffers I recommend getting a WarCryer (referred to as WC) and Elven Elder (referred to as EE). WC buffs the whole party which will be great for you as you have a wolf that needs buffing. The EE will give you movement speed buff which is missing from WC as well as Stun resist. At higher levels stun resist is great. Also if you are farming in areas where the herbs doesn't drop you don't have to worry as you have heal / recharge (gives MP) from the EE. If you aren't rushing for end game get yourself a Blade Dancer (referred to as BD) as it does give you extra attack speed, p attack. Get yourself STR+4 CON-4 dyes. Dwarfs have a high CON losing a little bit doesn't matter and also the STR will help in PvE. You can either get this buy farming Ancient Adena or spoil / drop them from the mobs below. Dyes STR+4 CON-4 Drop / Spoil Important Skills: Spoil - You use this skill to activate the chance of the monster dropping items. When spoil lands the monster turns blue. Sweeper - You use this skill to pick up the items from the spoiled mob Spoil Festival - You can use this skill when there is more then 1 mob (it will spoil multiple monsters) Fake Death - When you are in trouble you can use this skill (same skill as Dagger class). It will fool the monsters into thinking you are dead very handy in sticky situations. *TIP: The Festival skill works great with Pole mastery which dwarfs get. You could get fully buffed and make trains then use spoil festival > kill monsters > sweeper. The spoiled monsters I believe stay on the ground for about 10 seconds before they disappear. So you need to be quick at targeting. *TIP: Spoil skill will not land 100% of the time. So what can I do? Well you can use spoil again for starters before the monster dies If you find your spoils are missing alot it could be because you are spoiling monsters either to high or to low for your level. The maximum level difference you want to have is 5 levels on either side of your spoiler (if your spoiler is lvl 50 you want to spoil monsters from lvl 45 to 55). Later on you can also enchant this skill which should help also. *TIP: The monster is blue when I sweep I get nothing WTF bugged skill! Nope its not bugged its just you luck sucks Some materials have a really low spoil rate. So what can I do? Absolutely nothing. The rates are determined by the server and well if you luck sucks then...yeah rip. Just keep trying eventually it will spoil Farming Areas By Level: The below list is just what I would recommend. You can farm where ever you like. With the .expoff feature on this server in fact you can have a whole account of spoilers at each of these locations and farm them as and when required. In most servers you don't have these luxury and are forced to keep de-leveling at the guards....Ahh the fun times Okay lets get started! Lvl 0 - 20: Level up and get 1st class change You will get the Spoil skill at level 10. Due to full VIT you will XP really fast so just level up and get 1st class transfer done. *TIP: Remember at level 15 to go and get your wolf quest done. This is important as you want to level together with your wolf. If there is a big level gap he won't get as much xp. *TIP: After your first class is done get yourself heavy D grade common Armor and Jewelries. Use the shadow weapon, no need to waste money on common D grade weapon at this stage. Buy a stack of SoulShot D grade. lvl 20 - 25: Animal Bone, Suede Spoil: Monster Eye Searcher Dion Hills lvl 25 - 30: Cokes, Coal Spoil: Marsh Stakato | Cokes Spoil: Marsh Stakato Worker | Coal Cruma Marshland lvl 30 - 35: Leather, Braided Hemp, Healing Potion, Vanish Spoil: Breka Orc | Leather, Healing Potion Spoil: Breka Orc Warrior | Leather Spoil: Breka Orc Archer | Braided Hemp Spoil: Amber Basilisk | Leather Spoil: Turak Bugbear | Vanish Breka Stronghold lvl 35 - 40: Coarse Bone Powder, Thread Spoil: Leto Lizardman Warrior | Coarse Bone Powder Plains of the Lizardman lvl 40 - 45: Cord, Crafted Leather, Cokes, Animal Bone, Silver Nugget Spoil: Porta | Cord, Crafted Leather Spoil: Excuro | Cokes Spoil: Catherok | Silver Nugget Spoil: Mordeo | Animal Bone Spoil: Krator | Silver Nugget Cruma Tower 2nd Floor lvl 45 - 50: Mithril Ore, Mold Glue, Enchant Weapon C Spoil: Vanor Silenos Grunt | Mithril Ore, Mold Glue, EWC Outside Town of Aden lvl 50 - 55: Charcoal, Metallic Fiber, Steel, Stone of Purity, Greater Healing Potion, Animal Skin, Coal, Animal Bones Spoil: Forest Runner | Charcoal, Metallic Fiber Spoil: Satyr | Steel Spoil: Liele Elder | Stone of Purity, Greater Healing Potion Enchanted Valley Spoil: Elder Tarlk Basilisk | Animal Skin Spoil: Oel Mahum | Animal Bone Spoil: Oel Mahum Warrior | Coal Outlaw Forest lvl 55 - 60: Oriharukon Ore, Asofe, Vanish, Enria, Stone of Purity, Mold Glue, Metallic Fiber, Steel, Mold Lubricant, Mithril Ore, Silver Nugget Spoil: Lost Gargoyle | Oriharukon Ore, Asofe Spoil: Pronghorn Spirit | Vanish Spoil: Frost Buffalo | Enria Spoil: Ursus | Stone of Purity Spoil: Frost Yeti | Mold Glue Frozen Labyrinth Spoil: Doom Scout | Oriharukon Ore Spoil: Wretched Archer | Enria, Metallic Fiber Fields of Massacre Spoil: Fallen Orc | Steel Spoil: Sharp Talon Tiger | Mold Lubricant Spoil: Marsh Drake | Mithril Ore, Silver Nugget Forsaken Plains lvl 60 - 70: At this stage you can do a couple of things. You can either continue to farm materials or start farming A grade recipes and materials for crafting. If you want to continue farming normal materials get your self a party. Spoil: Lilim Priest | Animal Bone Spoil: Purgatory Tarantula | Metallic Thread, Compound Braid Spoil: Purgatory Gargoyle | Oriharukon Ore, Asofe Spoil: Lilim Soldier | Mithril Ore Spoil: Nephilim Archbishop | Mithril Ore, Enria Catacombs of the Witch If you wanted to farm armor / weapon materials and recipes etc Valley of Saints Spoil: Victory of Splendor | Recipe: Tallum Blade(60%) Spoil: Alliance of Splendor | Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe(60%), Recipe: Tallum Blade(60%) Spoil: Crown of Splendor | Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%), Recipe: Bloody Orchid(60%) Spoil: Wailing of Splendor | Recipe: Soulshot: A-Grade If you are there spoil the below mobs for materials as well. Spoil: Fang of Splendor | Oriharukon Ore, Asofe Spoil: Judge of Splendor | Stone of Purity, Mold Hardener Spoil: Signet of Splendor | Mithril Ore, Adamantite Nugget Spoil: Judge of Splendor | Stone of Purity, Mold Hardener Spoil: Punishment of Splendor | Mithril Ore, Metallic Fiber Spoil: Pilgrim of Splendor | Oriharukon Ore, Asofe Forest of the Dead Spoil: Trampled Man | Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic(60%) Spoil: Bone Snatcher | Recipe: Tallum Blade(60%) Spoil: Bone Maker | Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Necklace(70%), Recipe: Sealed Phoenix Earring(70%) Spoil: Sacrificed Man | Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot A Spoil: Bone Animator | Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%) Spoil: Devil Bat | Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%), Scroll: Enchant Armor (A) Spoil: Bone Slayer | Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%) Spoil: Requiem Lord | Recipe: Sealed Majestic Earring(70%), Recipe: Sealed Majestic Ring(70%) Spoil: Requiem Behemoth | Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%) Spoil: Bone Sweeper | Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%) Spoil: Atrox | Recipe: Sealed Majestic Necklace(70%), Scroll: Enchant Armor (A) Spoil: Ghost of Betrayer | Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%) Spoil: Bone Grinder | Recipe: Soul Separator(60%), Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Vampire Warrior | Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%) Spoil: Vampire Magician | Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe(60%), Scroll: Enchant Armor (A) Spoil: Vampire Magister | Recipe: Elysian(60%) Spoil: Vampire Warlord | Recipe: Soul Separator(60%), Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Vampire Wizard | Recipe: Sealed Nightmare Robe(60%), Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Lair of Antharas Spoil: Cave Beast | Scroll: Enchant Armor (B), Mold Glue Spoil: Death Wave | Recipe: Bow of Peril (100%) Spoil: Plando | Mold Lubricant, Mold Glue Spoil: Cave Howler | Adamantite Nugget Spoil: Malruk Berserker | Stone of Purity Spoil: Malruk Soldier | Erina, Thons Spoil: Malruk Lord | Adamantite Nugget Spoil: Pytan | Oriharukon Ore, Stone of Purity, Recipe: Soulshot: A-Grade Spoil: Bloody Sniper | Compound Braid Wall of Agros Spoil: Canyon Antelope | Recipe: Soul Bow(60%) Spoil: Canyon Antelope Slave | Recipe: Soul Bow(60%) Spoil: Canyon Bandersnatch | Recipe: Elysian(60%) Spoil: Canyon Bandersnatch Slave | Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%), Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%) Spoil: Eye of Guide | Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%) Spoil: Eye of Restrainer | Scroll: Enchant Armor (A) Spoil: Eye of Watchman | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A), Stone of Purity, Mold Hardener Spoil: Eye of Ruler | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A), Recipe: Soul Separator(60%) Spoil: Eye of Pilgrim | Scroll: Enchant Armor (A), Mold Lubricant, Adamantite Nugget Spoil: Homunculus | Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%) Spoil: Elder Homunculus | Recipe: Soulshot: S Grade Spoil: Grendel Slave | Recipe: Elysian(60%) Spoil: Buffalo Slave | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A), Mold Hardener Forge of the Gods Spoil: Elder Lavasaurus | Scroll: Enchant Armor (S), Mold Glue, Crafted Leather Spoil: Arimanes of Destruction | Enria, Metallic Fiber Spoil: Balrog of Destruction | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) Spoil: Mercenary of Destruction | Metallic Thread, Compound Braid Spoil: Necromancer of Destruction | Stone of Purity, Mold Hardener Spoil: Assassin Beetle | Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot S Spoil: Scarlet Stakato Worker | Stone of Purity, Mold Hardener Spoil: Tepra Scarab | Recipe: Soulshot: S Grade Spoil: Scarlet Stakato Noble | Compound Braid Spoil: Magma Golem | Adamantite Nugget, Mold Hardener Spoil: Magma Drake | Adamantite Nugget, Mold Hardener, Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) Spoil: Blazing Ifrit | Metallic Thread, Thons, Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) Wild Beast Pastures - (refereed to as Beast Farm) For some reason there is a lot of these mobs in L2Shrine drop / spoil so I will not link it in case I get the wrong one. You will notice that I have put 1/2,1,2,4. You will need to feed the monsters to evolve it to the next stage. Not going to go into more detail here as this is a spoil guide. x 1/2 HP Monsters Spoil: Alpen Kookaburra | Recipe: Soulshot: A-Grade x 1 HP Monsters Spoil: Alpen Kookaburra | Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot A Spoil: Alpen Buffalo | Recipe: Meteor Shower(60%) Spoil: Alpen Cougar | Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%), Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%), Recipe: Branch of the Mother Tree(60%), Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%), Recipe: Sword of Miracles(60%) x 2 HP Monsters Spoil: Alpen Kookaburra | Recipe: Carnage Bow(60%), Recipe: Bloody Orchid(60%), Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%), Recipe: Halberd(60%) Spoil: Alpen Buffalo | Recipe: Carnage Bow(60%), Recipe: Bloody Orchid(60%), Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%), Recipe: Halberd(60%), Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Shield(60%), Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(60%), Recipe: Elemental Sword(60%), Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(60%), Recipe: Tallum Blade(60%) Spoil: Alpen Cougar | Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%), Recipe: Elysian(60%), Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (60%), Recipe: Soul Separator(60%), Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare(60%) x 4 HP Monsters Spoil: Alpen Kookaburra | Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(60%), Recipe: Elemental Sword(60%), Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(60%) Spoil: Alpen Buffalo | Recipe: Sealed Tallum Helmet(60%), Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet(60%) Spoil: Alpen Cougar | Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare(60%), Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%), Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%) lvl 70 - 80: Again at this stage it really depends what you want to do you can either continue to farm mats or start to work towards your S grade gear. I will list below the things you can do depends on what stage you are at you can pick and choose. I would also recommend to quest for Alliance with Ketra / Varka. If you have not done this before check with with your clan which one they go for. Saints Necropolis Spoil: Lilim Slayer | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Nephilim Royal Guard | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Lesser Ancient Shaman | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Sepulcher Preacher | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A), Stone of Purity Spoil: Lilim Great Mystic | Stone of Purity Spoil: Nephilim Cardinal | Stone of Purity Spoil: Lesser Ancient Soldier | Mold Hardener Dark Omens Catacomb Spoil: Lilim Slayer | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Nephilim Royal Guard | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Lesser Ancient Shaman | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Tomb Guard | Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Spoil: Lilim Great Mystic | Stone of Purity Spoil: Nephilim Cardinal | Stone of Purity Spoil: Tomb Preacher | Mold Hardener Hot Springs Spoil: Hot Springs Buffalo | Metallic Thread, Compound Braid Spoil: Hot Springs Antelope | Metallic Thread Spoil: Hot Springs Atroxspawn | Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%), Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%) Spoil: Hot Springs Flava | Asofe, Durable Metal Plate Spoil: Hot Springs Yeti | Crafted Leather, Enria Spoil: Hot Springs Grendel | Crafted Leather, Enria Spoil: Hot Springs Atrox | Mithril Ore, Metallic Fiber Forge of the Gods (refereed to as FoG) is also another good place to farm S grade. lvl 80 - 85: Hellbound I hope this guide helps you in your spoiling adventures
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    Besides an event, I think you could implement some features making it easier for new players to start, like starter packs, an ability to buy the first class change (for 100k, for example), the second class change for 1kk, since 3kk is quite a big amount of money for a beginner. Also, it would be nice to have D grade shots for sale in the shops, since you can't find players selling them nowadays, so you have to craft them yourself.