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  1. Hi Emca...what you simulated is totally valid from a math point of view and we understand idea, that i told @heroBD about, is that the chances might be influenced by another factor (number of attempted enchants on a period of time, overall succes of enchants, number of ppl online idk). Recently someone showed me a line of code for enchants in lineage...and in it they used "base_chance" variable..does it mean that there is another factor or factors that make uf for final "chance"? What we want to know is simply if these enchants are based only on a specific chance...or there ar
  2. C0ckBlockula helped raise and equip this boxes...he didnt have any reason to scam then
  3. seems scamming accounts is becoming something common on this 2 of our boxes, BarryMapole and ManajAtwaa got scammed...MA set from Barry, Dyna set from Manaj, adena, mats etc...this is getting ridiculous