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    Hi Emca...what you simulated is totally valid from a math point of view and we understand idea, that i told @heroBD about, is that the chances might be influenced by another factor (number of attempted enchants on a period of time, overall succes of enchants, number of ppl online idk). Recently someone showed me a line of code for enchants in lineage...and in it they used "base_chance" variable..does it mean that there is another factor or factors that make uf for final "chance"? What we want to know is simply if these enchants are based only on a specific chance...or there are other factors that increases or lowers these chances? Thank you
  2. C0ckBlockula helped raise and equip this boxes...he didnt have any reason to scam then
  3. seems scamming accounts is becoming something common on this 2 of our boxes, BarryMapole and ManajAtwaa got scammed...MA set from Barry, Dyna set from Manaj, adena, mats etc...this is getting ridiculous