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  1. heroBD


    WTB ENLI HEALER 50kk x 2 times. Pm freak/warpig/oakenshield/henna/oogie in game
  2. But both occasions it is before the epidos...... The parts where instance becomes for 1-1 parties........
  3. Hello . We made a test today to check if we can reach beleth , just with a single 8 people's party. Sadly we reached only the part of naia's spores before summoning epidos . We actually trying 3 times to summon epidos and failed. The guides that i find online has many misleading information ......(on some articles it says you need 45people to enter beleth, on others it says you need 27 to summon epidos , on others it says that if a person gets dc , the whole party gets dc....which isnt true...) ... I would like to ask if you can tell us @emca or @jorn , the circumstances you need for 3 things....... 1st how many people we need to enter beleth. 2nd how many people we need to summon epidos 3rd and harder ,around how many specific element naia's spores we need to summon a specific elemental epidos(if we have in mind that we only hit 1 kind of element only) i m asking because you might already have made modifications like zaken for example... or the people who you took files from has made modifications , and with current population and motivation of people in the server , it is really actually imposible to find 5 partys who have the experience, will, and time to do that.
  4. heroBD


    I claimed hero crossbow on trickster but i noticed i could not either put it on wh , or destroy it , and the extra weight is frustrating. Does anybody know if there is any way to get rid of hero weapon from your inventory after obtaining it ??
  5. heroBD


    Next buff will be available in 136 years . A pity
  6. heroBD


    I CURED EBOLA. But i m not sure if i m gonna meet any problems in future. I downloaded the updater from another GE server. I run the update. the updater changed some things (in textures?systemtextures?no idea....). it was "big" update. After that i run our updater Emca/Jorn , can u isolate specific file that has this option if it not a big deal and put it in our client? it is really convenient...... because with mixed updates now , dunno if game is gonna have critical errors in the future.....
  7. heroBD


    Does anybody here has any modification on his macros colours? I used to have a GE client that had for example : purple colour on market macros , green colour on invite macros , blue colour on fight macros , etc, and u could distinguish easily your things On chars i have 30+ macros saved it is a pain in the ass to look for them. Or if noone has it....do you know where it is affected? on textures/l2.ini? etc.... to try look for it.... cant find atm anywhere...
  8. heroBD

    New server idea

    you just suck , and cant even move straight ahaid. while other paladins can even climb! #heroforhennanextmonth!
  9. Poor emca everytime answers all our stupid "code"-"how does this work" questions . thnx mommy!
  10. heroBD

    MW body

    robotius encyclopedius
  11. heroBD

    Inventory bug

    THE CAT NAMED COITUSINTERUPTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. heroBD

    WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    Wts forgotten scroll song of windstorm
  13. heroBD


    http://www.filedropper.com/l2skilltime it goes on systemtextures if i remember correct. tell me if it is one , because there is a possibility i have messed files .
  14. heroBD

    Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    define clan success...... for this clan success can be to have a bunch of people in discord and just have fun daily escaping sh itty reality. not all people want to "rule". it is just as the clan's name indicates , oldscool l2 gaming
  15. heroBD


    the judi that u are using . if his name for example is warpig , it automatically has a +40% chance to land it because mobs are instantly get scarred , it is like using conqueror's haki , they are gonna "get stunned"