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  1. heroBD

    New server idea

    you just suck , and cant even move straight ahaid. while other paladins can even climb! #heroforhennanextmonth!
  2. Poor emca everytime answers all our stupid "code"-"how does this work" questions . thnx mommy!
  3. heroBD

    MW body

    robotius encyclopedius
  4. heroBD

    Inventory bug

    THE CAT NAMED COITUSINTERUPTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. heroBD

    WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    Wts forgotten scroll song of windstorm
  6. heroBD


    http://www.filedropper.com/l2skilltime it goes on systemtextures if i remember correct. tell me if it is one , because there is a possibility i have messed files .
  7. heroBD

    Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    define clan success...... for this clan success can be to have a bunch of people in discord and just have fun daily escaping sh itty reality. not all people want to "rule". it is just as the clan's name indicates , oldscool l2 gaming
  8. heroBD


    the judi that u are using . if his name for example is warpig , it automatically has a +40% chance to land it because mobs are instantly get scarred , it is like using conqueror's haki , they are gonna "get stunned"
  9. heroBD

    3 ideas.

    someone hasnt got the augment he wants , and is to lazy to try for more ^^ btw , on the bumping thing of this post , i would like to ask about any update plans. Do you still see it as long term plan ? not even happening in 2018 ?? I dont ask for haste , just for gear management , not to try for foundation+6 gear for example and when i have it on , lets say september , server updates . should i keep resources and w8 for an update or do u actually plan to do it soon ? ^^
  10. heroBD


  11. heroBD


  12. heroBD

    Birthday or 1year present?

    i wanted to do something like that , plvl my buffers and get some easy SP, because i went to xp after i was playing in a "midrate" server , and it was truly painful a
  13. heroBD

    Birthday or 1year present?

    awww a pity ... in half a year then for next thnx
  14. heroBD

    Birthday or 1year present?

    When the server updated to GE i wasnt playing here , but i remember i had entered and saw a present. i m not sure if it was birthday of character or updating present, but it was 12hours vitality buff if i remember correct . I tried to get some bday present on my chars today , but their Bday was on October 2016 . If i didnt take it on the exact day , i missed it ? or this 12 hours buffs was an update thing only for 1 month and i missed it ?