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  1. heroBD

    3rd class quest

    We are capitalists . Simple and fair.The same way the factory owners spends thousands of hours and hard work to build empires, in the same way we spend similar times to be able to kill anything in 5 or 30 minutes . Similar investments of our lives. The only difference is that they enjoy their wealth , while kostas enjoy solos Tiats , Caius enjoys running test about poison resist , and i enjoy lvling 9 necromancers , in a 10 people's population server.
  2. heroBD

    3rd class quest

    I m looking for somebody to do the ketra/varka and hotsprings quests on 8 chars . I m paying 7m aa / char Reply here , or in private in forum.
  3. One of the few things that comes out of giran fermer's mouth , that doesnt sound drunk
  4. heroBD


  5. heroBD


    WTT BAIUM + 1bil for 2 zakens + 1 vesper buster/caster
  6. axaxaxaxaaxxaxaxaxaxaxaxax exacly opposite of Besti who plays with 4-5 people , and he has 8 windows on
  7. Caius , i think if i do pc restart and put minimum graphics , i think i can do 24, but i m not sure cause it is gracia graphics.... but still u wont log ! Forze , if caius dont log i am interested , but do you have free time or you are 23.5/24 hours afk ?
  8. I m looking for a duo partner with a good PC (able to log 18accounts) , and veteran player with access to many different classes in order to do duo zakens and duo tiats. Not looking for clan or friends , just a coldblooded greedy guy like me to farm some weapons and zakens.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/KVEpgFD
  10. I had a fresh dynasty light set , i just unsealed it , 15 eas on my inv to make it +3 all , i start enchanting the breastplate , and it explode on crystals on +1. I m thinking "wtf? did i do a mistake ? was it +3 ? " and i go to enchant the next , the gaiters , i look at it , +0 , i go for +1 , BOOM. I continue to try check the chat if i can produce a photo... but it doesnt say "+0 dyna gaiters broke " or something like that , just the crystals , anyway , i made a photo that proves nothing , but u can check the logs . this happened on char "oakenshield" from around 15.45-15.52 , 21/01 today. check it plz...... it is a very serious bug EDIT: Since other people have this problem too , probably it isnt a specific bug to reproduce... but all items just explode... at least dynasty ones. I didnt do anything strange to lead to this bug , the usual path: full sealed set +0 -> unseal it at gludio airfield -> make it 60 element -> and then try for +3 , and broke on +1.