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  1. One of the few things that comes out of giran fermer's mouth , that doesnt sound drunk
  2. heroBD


  3. heroBD


    WTT BAIUM + 1bil for 2 zakens + 1 vesper buster/caster
  4. axaxaxaxaaxxaxaxaxaxaxaxax exacly opposite of Besti who plays with 4-5 people , and he has 8 windows on
  5. Caius , i think if i do pc restart and put minimum graphics , i think i can do 24, but i m not sure cause it is gracia graphics.... but still u wont log ! Forze , if caius dont log i am interested , but do you have free time or you are 23.5/24 hours afk ?
  6. I m looking for a duo partner with a good PC (able to log 18accounts) , and veteran player with access to many different classes in order to do duo zakens and duo tiats. Not looking for clan or friends , just a coldblooded greedy guy like me to farm some weapons and zakens.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/KVEpgFD
  8. I had a fresh dynasty light set , i just unsealed it , 15 eas on my inv to make it +3 all , i start enchanting the breastplate , and it explode on crystals on +1. I m thinking "wtf? did i do a mistake ? was it +3 ? " and i go to enchant the next , the gaiters , i look at it , +0 , i go for +1 , BOOM. I continue to try check the chat if i can produce a photo... but it doesnt say "+0 dyna gaiters broke " or something like that , just the crystals , anyway , i made a photo that proves nothing , but u can check the logs . this happened on char "oakenshield" from around 15.45-15.52 , 21/01 today. check it plz...... it is a very serious bug EDIT: Since other people have this problem too , probably it isnt a specific bug to reproduce... but all items just explode... at least dynasty ones. I didnt do anything strange to lead to this bug , the usual path: full sealed set +0 -> unseal it at gludio airfield -> make it 60 element -> and then try for +3 , and broke on +1.
  9. WTB 800kk for the gloves , i m really bored to go farm essense , better to gather mats for 20 clicks....
  10. do you sell the gloves or only trade for the essense ?
  11. heroBD


    but also the shittiest of all..... i consider rune the most important....