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  1. "This was an automatical response message by Bot-Eldax". Beep Boop
  2. The only clan's that atm are kinda active is morag tong (mine) with international concept, and OldTimes that are Czech (maybe they want international too , dunno). At morag we are 4 people atm , not super active , and high lvls as rest of the server, but u are free to join if u want , u ll just have to grind a bit until we do things together because of lvl differences.... In any side that u go u will have probably a lot of help as new player, both on what to do , and in gear/adena. U can pm "freak , "oakenshield , "fukt , "anrai in game for us . Hope u will like it here , it is many people that play solo and do their own things , and u know , that your effort wont be lost here.For a pve player it is very good server. Welcome
  3. heroBD


    MORAGTONG RECRUITING!!!!!! Atm it is a clan only of 1 person , me..... It is end game clan lvl 11 , and has all the skills maxed if u want easier farm . So u dont need to do anything, just enjoy your time here.... I dont have too much time to spend on the clan atm , and the server is not in a competitive mode anyway, but i can provide help whenever i m online , with knowledge , and gear etc to new players , or do epics/dungeons together with other older players. The goal is to try start making sides on the server again , pick newcomers in , etc , because all the people atm online play solo and do their own things. Well.... we can even do our own things , under the same clan chat , or do things together. Whoever is interested , pm here , or ingame , on "oakenshield" - "freak" - "fukt". #MAKESHRINEGREATAGAIN #TIMETOSHRINE P.S. I m sending invitation to every player of shrine , ex-enemy , people i had fights with , scummers ,3fingered guys, mentally retarded, pvers ,anyone . (in this server state history doesnt matter)
  4. UP!UP!UP It is very good opportunity to do double rates to xp/adena/sp etc , and if u can fix the vote reward. There are still people coming here by the sites. Also atm we double our numbers , maybe we are 20 instead of 10!!! KEEP THOSE PEOPLE HERE!!!! Joke's aside , there are rumours about people leaving some other server-servers.... and if we can manage to recruit like 20-30 people , old players , or from other servers , this place here can be interesting again. I m not delusional , i dont expect miracles , but for example a 10 vs 10 fight every sunday , wouldnt be bad. Or a small server economy..... already it started moving with some old people that came back. We dont ask too much from u @Emca , @Jorn , not daily interfence with the server , just some small , important things to make the server a little bit more interesting and easy for any new comers , and old players too.
  6. heroBD

    CLAN LVL 11 ????

    yes , it was my guess too , i started doing it. also a castle npc says something about lord of manor or something , but it doesnt let me take it atm , it needs the competition period of seven signs , so i ll wait 2 more hours to check that too!
  7. heroBD

    CLAN LVL 11 ????

    I tried making my clan finally lvl 11 after a lot of work and scummed fame ( thanks papa caius) So , got the 3 requirements.... 75k CRP 170+ members caslte owner. Still i cant make shit. Do you know , is there any quest i need to make ? Or clan lvl 11 cannot be done in this chronicle ?? Thanks
  8. server is x4 nowadays , deal with it
  9. if he gets banned , we lose 10% of servers population , and one of the servers maskot . dont ban plz
  10. xaxaxaxaaxxaaxxaxaaxxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaaxxaxaxaxa it was the best possible reply that could happen ps: actually the tip no4 could work if he makes a deal with me ^^
  11. UP! Plz @Emca@Jorn, i know that u dont have time , and cant give too much effort for the server but plz , fix somehow the hb. 3-4 people worked hard to take it stage 7 , and nobody farmed for 3-4 days , and now it is stage 6 again..... There are people who still play here and wanna see progress for their chars, and probably will never meet shadai in this condition..... Sadly whoever plays here is total casual , and cant farm daily in hb to keep it alive..... just make it max stage with downgrade after 2-3 months... Thanks.
  12. There are around 10 people playing max on the server , and 8/10 afk in giran , or do bosses. HB is stage 5...... Plz fix it to max lvl again. There is no way people are gonna do it at this point.... and there is no reason in a server with no people , hb to drop stages.
  13. ok then. We want vote buff + event!
  14. Hello!!! Is there any chance we get christmas event with the x8 rates this year ?? I m aware the situation of the server , but it would be a good idea for older players to come back for a little bit. I think the whole shrine community was playing at inera recently , and inera started to die already, so maybe u can attract them back here. You will attract me for sure if there is this event on :P.