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  1. 1. Use ALT + H 2. Check your facebook.
  2. Listening to the sincerity in which you initiate your post, I'm reminded of a quote from the famous russian Champion in UFC - Khabib Nurmagomedov. "This is number one bullsh#t!"
  3. Perhaps @Emca can inform us more about project "Vanilla" and what to expect, since they are obviously working in collaboration
  4. So how many opened l2 windows before crash ?
  5. you said you will test new games wtf gr 🐕
  6. k0ntra


    If it were only that simple... You need HB stage 11 to enter through Deltuva (the NPC that teleports you to Ranku/Demon Prince). I leveled HB from 10 to 11 using this guide https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/quest-more/hellbound-guide We failed the corridors some times so we did Tower of Naia part without knowing it. I'm not sure if @Emca fixed the part where if you get DC you're teleported back to Oasis. Also Epidos is one hard boss. Good Luck !
  7. k0ntra


    GL with beleth
  8. When should we expect H5? Spring is upon us and yet no sign of any news whatsoever. @Jorn @Emca.
  9. Wow this server is still alive. @GAUREANU just ask emca to tell you who took the items. That'll help finding out who did it.
  10. k0ntra

    Event question

    With that logic why even have boosting in exp?
  11. k0ntra

    Event question

    So you increased the quest drop rate when you updated to Epilogue but not now ? What led you to this decision ?🤔
  12. Stop spaming every post in every topic. You are enough useless as you are. Just don't flood every new thread. Thank you.
  13. 1. Update will be (most likely) spring 2019. 2. There will be no donations of any kind. If you want a hat, you could buy it for real money but it is a punishable offense, so try not to get caught. (Even in real life everything is allowed if you dont get caught).
  14. k0ntra

    Event question

    Now we have to log in server for the epics is what you're telling me ? 🤔