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  1. k0ntra


    Wow this server is still alive. @GAUREANU just ask emca to tell you who took the items. That'll help finding out who did it.
  2. k0ntra

    Event question

    With that logic why even have boosting in exp?
  3. k0ntra

    Event question

    So you increased the quest drop rate when you updated to Epilogue but not now ? What led you to this decision ?🤔
  4. k0ntra

    Next update chronicle soon?

    Stop spaming every post in every topic. You are enough useless as you are. Just don't flood every new thread. Thank you.
  5. k0ntra

    Next update chronicle soon?

    1. Update will be (most likely) spring 2019. 2. There will be no donations of any kind. If you want a hat, you could buy it for real money but it is a punishable offense, so try not to get caught. (Even in real life everything is allowed if you dont get caught).
  6. k0ntra

    Event question

    Now we have to log in server for the epics is what you're telling me ? 🤔
  7. k0ntra

    Event question

    @Emca Can you give us also info about this event ? The link you gave doesnt work.
  8. k0ntra

    Event question

    @Emca Is the event truly going to be until June 7 or you made a mistake? And also the website u gave 1 year ago from official legacy link doesn't exist, which means we cannot read any info about the event.
  9. @Jorn How about the DC part of the instance ?
  10. I presume all of the boxes have 0 vit for u to have free time to write in this forum. Well done 🤗🤗
  11. Jorn: Emca, we should consider raising the chances for the beleth ring. Emca: We have equal vote in the matter, don't worry to do it, i'm not the boss Jorn: *changes rates* Emca: :
  12. Cool, now the only thing left is to set an estimated date for the drop change so we can start farming the epic every time he's up. Also since he's kind of an instance ... I didn't manage to find his respawn window from the file I got from you, @Emca. It would be really helpful to get some info regarding that aswell. Thanks
  13. So, what did the boss say ? Will she (gender assuming because of name on forum,dont kill me pls) consider changing the rate ? Will she consider changing the Disconnect -> Oasis part of the instance? Too many questions, no answers