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  1. I only trust polish AI,sry Emca i love you but you are just a human.
  2. hornakias

    Spoil Guide

    the real question is if you gonna be here when shrine dies
  3. i did pm emca in pms but i havent received a reply yet and idc anymore @Waltari anrai was first last month but i couldnt get hero and tokens aswell
  4. hornakias

    3rd class quest

    but didnt i mentioned you already?
  5. hornakias

    3rd class quest

    only hogfather hrobokop and griffin play at the moment,i would say its not even 10 ppl
  6. hornakias

    3rd class quest

    WTT BAIUM FOR 3RD QUEST ON 8 CHARS pm me here on forums aswell
  7. WTT ANTHARAS+VALAKAS+150 GCM FOR BEWS/BEAS/EWS Pm ingame Dentarg or msg me here.
  8. people mentioned in previous pages that the doors are bugged in gracia final and therefore beleth doesnt spawn from what i understood.
  9. but there is a chance we should see red vesper weapon.
  10. no u wait first for my vesper set
  11. are u the great hogfather my friend?
  12. chimeras 100% all werk in inera ))))