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  1. pls dont even dare to talk with this seftkacanceru still giving me nightmare when i try to invite him
  2. im saving for new monitor 144hz since this one is old full hd 60 hz
  3. PM here on forums,looking for BEWS-AA-VESPER WEAPONS or w/e u can offer
  4. hornakias


    damn you,we would have beleth rings if it wasnt for the VERY BEST MID RATE SERVER!
  5. So can we have the ring since we put all the effort and we had cancer with Dcs?its just unfair if someone else tries and gets the ring 100% and we get nothing,from that point of view
  6. you know the salt is real,u can see it through
  7. yes please,4 hours for ranku-demon prince then 6-7 hours to reach beleth IF no dcs and then the hardest epic on this cronicle has chance to drop ring 5%,lets keep killing it till it goes hi5 we will maybe get a lot of vesper weapons out of it,no trollerino
  8. well you failed it with more active people than US :D:D:D:D:D
  9. hornakias


    learn how to be gypsy