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  1. Sakycek

    Protection of Rune-bug

    This explains a lot ... like this video
  2. Sakycek

    Protection of Rune-bug

    Then drink some Vodka and play your balalaika !
  3. Sakycek

    Protection of Rune-bug

    Sorry my ukranian friend i didnt had the chance to do it earlier
  4. Sakycek

    Protection of Rune-bug

    Hello i received protection of rune but after i learned that i couldnt see it in my skills and also no stats changed. i restarted but nothing happened. check and fix it pls
  5. Sakycek

    Event question

    I had problem because i used the 4th bar. removed it and the rudolph interface appeared
  6. Sakycek

    Event question

    How can we scratch rudolph emca? im confused
  7. Sakycek


    Emca do you plan any event or progressing with h5 update?
  8. WTS/T Vesper avenger pm Skistra/Vakycek
  9. Sakycek

    Chronicle update

    How will you do Cohemenes??? 2 ppl?-3?-4?.......Except if you are Koreans.....
  10. Sakycek

    New Event ?

    Agree!!!!! We need a new event here Emca Keep the server alive!
  11. Sakycek

    Server status

    Agree with Styk
  12. Sakycek

    Revolution Recruiting International/ Greekppl

    Hahaha try to will not manage to do it
  13. Sakycek

    Revolution Recruiting International/ Greekppl

    Im Vakycek as you can understand from Sakycek name except if you can't understand something so simple
  14. Sakycek

    Revolution Recruiting International/ Greekppl

    WTF are you doing? you searching my posts?
  15. Sakycek


    of course no!!!