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  1. any news about upgrading to newer chronicle?
  2. Hi! Questions: Do u have enough money as u said before that u can keep server running for long time? 2. When will u upgrade server to freya, I'm still waiting this from the beginning.
  3. „Lineage 2: a game for solo players”, by Ryno, is now on Stores!!!
  4. Ryno

    WTB High Level Chars

    Looking for someone that can share/sell one of his high lvl chars
  5. Ryno

    Buying Chars

    Nobody atm.
  6. Ryno

    Buying Chars

    Is it allowed to buy chars with in game items or with adena?
  7. Ryno

    Event items

    nvm. Closed.
  8. how can u see the items guyz? event items nvm, isee tem atm.
  9. Ryno

    Event items

    how can I see the event items?
  10. Server on? Can't get to character screen.
  11. Pay attention to the herb drop, mob and area.