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  1. yurkadd

    WTB Dynasty Tunic

    mail / pm "iNev
  2. yurkadd

    WTB Icarus Hall

    someone sell me Icarus Hall please!
  3. yurkadd


  4. yurkadd


    If u play now, i can invite u write in game / mail "iNev
  5. yurkadd

    WTB Icarus Hall

    mail / in game "iNev
  6. WTS/WTT DYNO LIGHT +3 FULL ATT (60x5) mail in game "Nev
  7. Administration, we need premium and x5, problem don't resolve. May be u turn on premium when we voting on another link? (https://l2topzone.com/vote/id/13761) This is not working now
  8. Hi. I can invite u into clan, we can help u with armor etc. I think Write me in game "xNev
  9. "xNev in game or like message (forum/game)