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  1. After forum UI update i cant find banners l2hopzone etc. Where they now?
  2. WTB Vesper bow - 2kkk (x1) Icarus bow - 300kk (x3) mail / pm "iNev
  3. yurkadd


    SA 15 Green - 150kk Divine Crystals - 30kk each pm / mail "iNev
  4. steel citadel was open yesterday P.S wts 1st dyno es x9 😀
  5. this message one more evidence that "There is nothing you can do in the game. Hence the insults and posts on the forum"
  6. This will be an eternal theme. But he finally closed his mouth. Publicity helps to pacify such people
  7. You're so funny. Who are you there f*** up? 😄 This is when you fell from 1 hit? Or when you are afraid to accept war for more than a year? Or when u defeat every match with me on oly? Write further. Each new message is a nail in the lid of your coffin There is nothing you can do in the game. Hence the insults and posts on the forum.
  8. You can continue to write here something about me or about your problems. I'm not interested in this and I don't even read your posts. Just leave from all my topics. You were not invited here and nobody needs you here. It's cool that everyone who comes to the forum saw your true face and made conclusions for themselves. What are you thinking of yourself I don't care. Leave me alone and let the admins decide on this situation.
  9. As I said earlier, this man will try to turn around and hide his defect. The direct confirmation of this is the insult above. I really hope to GMs see this post, and I'll never see messages from him again
  10. Maybe after this post he will finally stop. Now it will twist and twist - we are watching
  11. @Jeska @Emca@Jorn@NeedCoffee
  12. I don’t know where to start, but I’m already tired of reading insults based on xenophobia, national hostility and just the stupidity of one person. Confirmation of this - the answers in each topic on the forum and in the game. The life of this person is believed around my actions in the game and posts. I'm asking GMs or anyone else with any connection to them to take action. It is possible to block the display of his posts for me, and better for the entire forum, because it is inadmissible to behave this way in the 21st century. I would also like to note the insults in the game,
  13. Ну вот и больной вылез. Можешь наблюдать)
  14. yurkadd


    Saint Spear - 50kk each Icarus Hall (x2) - 100kk each SA 15 Blue - 250kk or wtt to 15 Green Dynasty leather set - 400kk BEWS (x2) - 1,2kkk each Heavens Divider (Focus) +150 fire - 250kk Heavens Divider (Focus) +150 wind - 250kk Dynasty Leather Set (Archer) +33333 5x60att - 500kk Write pm/mail iNev
  15. Пиши “iNev вечером по мск)
  16. Набор всех желающих) 6 лвл клана, кх - гиран, замок - орен. Писать в пм/почту на “iNev 7-9 по мск
  17. Привет) У нюкема проблемы с головой просто, не обращай внимание. На сервере почти нет живых соло игроков - все играют в кланах / окнах. Могу взять в клан, но я в нем пока что один Напиши вечером по мск (часов в7) на iNev
  18. i wanted to upload screenshots here but the patient actively writing here himself... cool 😉
  19. ahahahha, pretty clowans Why u friend not accept war? More then YEAR 😄
  20. Another one hog's friend? Glad to meet u 😄