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  1. This idea is just another Sroubek trash server. Which have more costum bullshit around than normal classic setup of L2. Do ideas like this just because you want to have chance own a bit server too. and in final you will be frist who quit the server. War&Hate CoFFiN โค๏ธ
  2. yes I see I thought its again some smart guy from OT ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Why you guys doing something like this if you cant kill the epics which I ignore 2-3 days. Why you will do setup epics like this if you are lazy make even quest. Why you will doing this kind of โ€œupdateโ€ if you going inside the epic boss instance and you fail it. Its easier for you farm HB, AA and EWS and we can make deal. Peace โœŒ๏ธ Coffin & Burzum
  4. I guess I can very well cover with Burzum your missing spot. How its going anyway?