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  1. Just came across this post on a new servers forum, lawled @ Naker @Antistyle
  2. Oriphix

    Masters of spam

    You can remove this possibly by modifying the systemmsg-e.dat file.
  3. Oriphix

    L2 on company computer

    Mmm if your laptop is strong enough... perhaps try this. Create a virtual machine on your work computer. To get in installed you may need to justify its "Work" related Install Lineage Connect to the a virtual NIC and hotspot it to your phone. In theory the connection data will be using your phone data and the VM will bypass AV and or Firewall that your company has. Only draw back is you using your phone data not sure how much it costs in your country. In most part of EU i believe you get a decent data plan so might be worth looking into. Alternativly if your compan
  4. Funny, I thought of the exact same idea and was wondering why no other server has done this. Biggest problem of low rate L2 players is after 6-9 months when people have everything it gets boring and or people leave etc. To keep the excitement alive create a new server every year and keep merging to the old one. People still get the "new server" experience rushing to get gears and epics pvp etc. With your skills I'm sure you can make it work
  5. Funniest part of the video is 10:21 when Lothebrok is zipping everywhere and Anti trying to target him once targeted 1 hit lol.
  6. Read again what I wrote, obviously if the low rate has game affecting donations its not a good low rate is it? I am well aware of "certain" servers with boosts for xp/sp/adena/vit which is exactly why we don't play there
  7. Not sure what servers you have played but no good low rate server would have game affecting donations. Donations for items generally happen from mid rate on wards as well as RTM scum. There is no issues with having donations for hats, gender change, name change, name color, title color etc (basically things that doesn't affect the game) The biggest turn off is the unlimited box's. This is one of the best GF low rate around hands down, agreed on that point.
  8. Oriphix


    Try this, close the other browsers. Open Internet Explore. Click on the cog wheel and reset.
  9. Oriphix

    Weird aggro?

    I get a feeling this could have been avoided if you had a template of what you want in the bug report. Assuming players will give you the information right of the bat is....well silly Looking at the way your current bug section works is there is a lot of back and forth and wastes a lot of your time I think. Create a template of what information you need and sticky it to the Bug section. If the information is not provided as per the template nothing you can do. At the moment you get players getting angry because to them they have reported a issue and its not fixed. They provide you with "
  10. Since you are level 35 you are a cleric start doing the class change quest you can get xp and some money from this once you get all the marks you can change class at level 40 to become bishop I mained bishop in my previous server and its a fun class to play. Later when you can enter pagans and 1 shot undead monsters the money and drops is nice (drops = full item drops such as armor, weapon, jewelry). The bad part about playing a bishop is your the main target for every enemy. Enemies always target healers first because you can not only revive a single person you can mass revive the who
  11. Yeah I also do not like this. Many servers limit 2 box per HWID. Yes if they have more box's they can log it. You need active in game GM's to police this. That teleport from player to player with more then 2 box per IP checking if the box playing or just sitting in-active aka buff bot. But yeah it won't happen here. Example killing raids is meant to be done with other people but here 1 person can log everything they need a kill it. Personally I think this server would pull more players if there was rules around this but meh.
  12. Oriphix

    Problem with start game

    Interesting learn something new everyday. Funny how the version jumps to 10 with Windows 10 rather then carrying on with 6.4.
  13. Oriphix

    Problem with start game

    From memory that is a old L2 thing. It can't really detect new version of windows. All the crashes shows vista
  14. Oriphix

    Problem with start game

    Could also be textures. Did you install a fresh install of Lineage 2 or are you using the same files from a previous server you have played on? I would suggest a fresh install and also update your graphics driver.