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  1. It's not aboout me NCsoft made it that way - we don't make changes in that stuff (we want to keep it as close to retail as possible)
  2. Ah, it's not only on java servers but also in some l2off interlude packs (because interlude l2off is based on C4 which didn't have Pagan Temple at all so they probably added missing data from l2j). But in all leaked l2off data since Gracia Final (which means GF, Freya and H5) it's all the same - just few mobs with long respawn.
  3. I've also checked official H5 data we have and there are still just few mobs there (and with really long respawn). So it's really correct. If you've seen more mobs there, it must have been on some java server...
  4. Hi, that should be correct on Gracia Epilogue
  5. Emca


    It's so optimized that it takes 0% of CPU an 0% of GPU... and makes no money Lol and ROFL Uninstall Smartguard that infected you from some other server
  6. Emca


    That happens when you don't reboot your computer for ~ 48 days and play L2
  7. Emca

    Territory registration

    Ahoj, zkus smazat user.ini a windowsinfo.ini
  8. Banned for botting: Kalghara Svy JonDeere Racoon Mateus Gater Smiley plus all other characters on their accounts
  9. Emca

    Chronicle update

    Probably next year
  10. Emca

    Server's health

    I don't think we'll make it so soon... maybe Spring but I won't promise anything now.
  11. Emca

    Server's health

    Stop lying, we've never written any specific date. Not even month.
  12. Emca

    Server's health

    Online count - seems it's getting bit better last days:
  13. Emca

    Event itemy

    Ahoj, některé nejdou, záleží, z jakého eventu je máš...