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  1. "A Sawsword! A Sawsword, damn it! A Kingdom for a sawsword! ...and some epics!" - cried Davina, the heavyweight "austrian girl" at "her" wiener. (with romanian accent)
  2. Oh dear... Davina is going to be naked. Poor thing.
  3. Muahahaha! The bag of shit is still trying to write something eh? Listen here ignoramus, it's going to be quite hard with your intelligence somewhere between tapeworm and cockroach. Krepostnik 😄
  4. Please keep your mentally retarded pet on a leash!
  5. Don' be a smartass, fatass! 🧐 Kamaloka damn it!
  6. Is there any chance of fixing vote-reward as well? Thanks
  7. Nukem

    error when launching game

    Small correction... Remove your Graphics Card driver (with DDU for example) and install new (or let's say a "stable" one).
  8. Another master of advanced english. Let me guess ... from some former soviet republic?
  9. Yeap...still better than adjusting mechanics for 1 tosser, who is feeling a bit lazy to make himself a buffer ...for his pet.
  10. First of all... Use google translate. Even its english is better. And it's official ... one must be really stupid to compare the retail's server economy to any other. Hahahahahahahahahaha And even stupid ppl think they are making a "logical argument". Another thing... This is about Event and Vote-reward and not about your f***ing buff for pets. There shouldn't be any buff for pets from any kind of NPC. Now GTFO!
  11. Your "logic" is obviously another "thing". I would say ...typical example for the dunning-krueger effect .
  12. /open Someone is shouting at your door mate. Go and check...
  13. You should use google translate ... Not going to help you but anyway.
  14. "What's problem?" is that you are illiterate and you are a lying *something*.
  15. This *something something* has a destro ... obivously he is too lazy or trying to look clever... Bottom line: He doesn't have a destro when it suits him. Aaaaaaand he is not even asking for help... Just wants the job done by someone else.