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  1. Sure sure ... "everything works", still L2J ... Goebels much? GTFO
  2. Nukem

    Lost kookabura/pet

    Much appreciated!
  3. Nukem

    Lost kookabura/pet

    Hello I'm sorry to bother you but i've lost my kooka /ran away/ yesterday when I was afk. The char is Rincewind, kooka 73lvl. I hope it's not too much work to get it back if possible... Thanks for your time. Cheers
  4. ahu, because f*** you, that's why! Read the f***ing announcement!
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  6. Too many people online... Wait for your turn! 😊
  7. What's your point little fella? Or you just like to take a dump somewhere for no reason? He is recruiting ... that doesn't concern you... are you complaining?
  8. Bollocks. This is nothing else than a frivolous presumption.
  9. So you're telling me that you haven't heard the good news? We have witnesses...