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  1. Nukem


    Nice! 5 months later ... That's why kids, you simply don't use drug & play online games ... Candy crush max.
  2. Noone cares. Now it's time to f*ck off.
  3. Nukem

    3rd class quest

    I'm playing as well
  4. Nukem

    3rd class quest

    My point exactly ... with Jorn as monsieur Guillotin ...
  5. Nukem

    3rd class quest

    Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette thoughts probably... just instead of "capitalists" put ...something else
  6. Nukem

    3rd class quest

    Are you saying that he is a cheapskate mal*** ?
  7. And is it full of DDoS or ... Santa ... can drop an additional load?
  8. This is my 1st quote actually. So ... "also please GTFO"
  9. Keep repeating that. Especially to the SQL server. "There is no lag. It's your connection!" - the next phrase to memorize. It's a pitty that the position of Reichsminister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda is not available.
  10. Sure sure ... "everything works", still L2J ... Goebels much? GTFO
  11. Nukem

    Lost kookabura/pet

    Much appreciated!
  12. Nukem

    Lost kookabura/pet

    Hello I'm sorry to bother you but i've lost my kooka /ran away/ yesterday when I was afk. The char is Rincewind, kooka 73lvl. I hope it's not too much work to get it back if possible... Thanks for your time. Cheers
  13. ahu, because f*** you, that's why! Read the f***ing announcement!