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  1. And the blabbing continues. Phahahaha. It's probably from Chukotka. "Chukcha is a writer, not a reader". We've already established that you are retarded and/or stupid. And we've established who started the flaming as well. In russian , in the english section of the forum. And now it is whining. Keep whining ignoramus. Your posts are still there.
  2. Blah-blah-blah ... Ignoramus style again. Keep trying to write. Even your russian is on ignorant/low level “It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”. P.S. Write again in russian in the english section of the forum, and I'll fuck you up again!
  3. And just this time, I'm going to explain it for you... There is no "insult" above. Obviously your ignorance/low IQ level are misleading you. No insult in "like a little b***h" whatsoever. Obviously it's a comparison for your "level of whining". Well at your level of intelligence can't blame you for that obvious mistake. You are welcome. That explanation was free of charge.
  4. And after that quote, that thing has the nerve to write about "insults". HAHAHAHAHAHA! Keep whining and playing victim. It's quite entertaining. Post again russian in the "english section" and you will be whining again! You were warned earlier as well. Well obviously your lonely brain cell didn't understand the warning. /for sure can't even comprehend how to use yandex translate./ For homework - try writing some fancy words again from the dictionary ... like "xenophobia". "Are we watching" this?
  5. Hehehe! And now asking for respect and whining like a little b***h. (when IT obviously has no respect for the server, administrators and players)
  6. // Offtopic How many are you in there by the way? Before the pills...after the pills...
  7. Oooh trying to use big words now, aren't we? Hahahaha. There were penty of russian speaking players. But's based on your stupidity and refusal to post in English in the English comment section. yeap...stupidity at its finest. twist-mwist... After the help from the dictionary again to the level of amoeba. Go write "xenophobia" again
  8. Continuous posting in russian in english speaking section, insults in the "shout channel" etc. His stupiduty is not an excuse of course.
  9. Back in the Kamaz, illeterate scum.
  10. Nukem


    WTT all that for 1 GG toilet paper. You are not active with iRetard, so I'm having trouble contacting you. down
  11. You can also try "iRetard , "iKolkhoznik and so on...
  12. If you having trouble contacting IT, just ask those online for directions for "the retard", "server/village idiot", "ivanushka durachok" or "the kolkhoznik".