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  1. TzaR

    How about an event?

    some anakim transform?)
  2. TzaR

    How about an event?

    need toons of resources
  3. TzaR

    How about an event?

    mb some shadow 300 weapon +x
  4. TzaR

    How about an event?

    cake of vitality will be great
  5. TzaR

    Monday Restarts

    why touch something that works well? better fix frintezzu
  6. 1st))))
  7. TzaR

    Missing pet/kooka

    Saw she today in giran, she permanent hit some npc) When kooka in pvp regime, she eat more?
  8. TzaR

    Server status

    485 it is with offtrade?
  9. TzaR


    adena in cwh fort owners? (need some adena every 6 h)
  10. TzaR

    Daily olympiad

    Forza is Saint)
  11. TzaR

    Tutorial "How to disarm v2.0"

    lf afk exp
  12. TzaR

    Augment bug.

    enemies in clan war need flag to (in general field)
  13. TzaR

    Karma is a bitch

    it is forza