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  1. TzaR


    he already start set them?)
  2. TzaR

    Elven Elder oly

    в понедельник после рестарта прошел ЧАС, а Вош как сидел в гиране один так и сидит)) хотя ночью по 20 арен. перемены за пару месяцев конечно разительные
  3. TzaR

    Elven Elder oly

  4. TzaR

    Elven Elder oly

    some like that
  5. TzaR


    free amazon Amazon EC2 for year with that u can make own TS3 free server (ofc need read some manuals)
  6. TzaR

    Still more funny, than oly with LR

    то чувство когда ты фармер, а тебя перелили
  7. TzaR

    lfp ru

    пробуй пм Messalina вечером может будет онлайн, русскоязычных осталось совсем ничего
  8. TzaR

    Chronicle update

    say no h5, lets down to GF
  9. TzaR

    Chronicle update

    When i come here i dont looking H5, i read GF/GE/ PROBABLY Freay, and come. I would like to see Freya no matter tomorrow or next year Value your word.
  10. TzaR

    Chronicle update

  11. TzaR

    Adena problem

    if ur box have only adena in inventory, npc dont see ur adena
  12. TzaR

    Chronicle update

    kohemenes kiled? ekimus kiled? beleth kiled? who in the end of game? Most of people don't know the names mean))
  13. TzaR

    Buging res and skills through wall

    what the farm looks like from other clans)
  14. TzaR

    How about an event?

    some anakim transform?)