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  1. 10 HP real?))) where is noble bonuses?
  2. u can get top B weapon from event npc near Giran GK
  3. TzaR

    Soi Stages

    3 stage start in monday 9 january, today is friday 13 january, its normal? 5 days? will be nice set equal to SOD (12h). 7 days in total.. .ful week of 150+ farm, its not a normal
  4. what lvl difference have no penalty?
  5. TzaR


    36h and still onen 150++ something broken
  6. TzaR

    Wtb (A) tank set

    i will sell any A set
  7. nice relax server)
  8. like ur tyrant?)
  9. idk i didnt never farm video not about souls