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  1. makros

    AA for GEMS

    i sent you pm ingame but you don't answer. if you want send me AA via mail and i will find MoM to get gems and send you back "doorin
  2. Gracia epilogue client can not be downloaded via drive.google.com, it says no file exist
  3. I need one top B weapon to ..ehm it's a secret, i can't do it on a shadow weapon
  4. I'm looking for few players to kill few RBs level 56-59 can someone help ? my goal is to find top B weapon, i have swordsinger 59lvl and lvl 62 bladedancer
  5. wtb more EWB if someone have just mail we will figure out the price
  6. Hi everyone. What time can i find golden thorn great cobols at giran manor manager ? also could someone tell me at which mobs should i plant and harvest each kind of cobol?
  7. makros

    wts ss/bss

    send mail with your order to doorin i can craft d/c/b/a soul and blessed spirit shots ssd= 10 adena each bssd= 40 adena each ssc=20 adena each bssc= 125adena each ssb= 70 adena each bssb= 300adena each ssa=95 adena each bssa= 360 adena each
  8. 10 days have passed, so is it so insane of what I suggest ?
  9. Please make 3rd class quest items buyable. this server have lived so long but few players will come in future ( i guess so ) so if they/we find 3rd class items buyable it would be less painful. please make it
  10. makros

    wtb SoP

    I was thinking to over enchant a little dual sls and then sell but i changed my mind. After thinking of it I don't want any more. Thanks for interesting thought.
  11. makros

    wtb SoP

    you leave me speechless now. Did you make wrong post ? I just want to buy 450 stones of purity if someone have many and wants to sell.
  12. makros

    wtb SoP

    hi folks, i would like to ask ... except from 450 stone of purity few adena and 2 samurai long swords is something else needed for dual sls ? to make it clear this post is that I want to buy 450 stone of purity mail doorin if someone want to sell
  13. thanks really. i hope only the best for everything you want.
  14. thank you very much. i only hope i can register at the moment or else i will wait until Monday. I would like to send you 5m for the book, could you give me an ingame name ?
  15. wtb improved buff books for prophet mail doorin. thanks. improved condition improved combat