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  1. hello all, i would like to buy a wizard's tear top b mage weapon, is anyone selling ? how much is a normal price? also what price is it considered good for blue 12
  2. my char's name is Doorin i need avadon robe set and some adena if possible, also any top b weapon would be great
  3. wtb 2 EWB mail Doorin 7kk each
  4. hello all, if i buy a valhala sword can i upgrade it to top B ? if yes explain how please.
  5. Hello everyone, could anyone send to Doorin crystals D/C/B/A thanks only if possible
  6. wtb improved buffs books for prophet and warcryer mail ingame popeye
  7. thank you i'm okay now
  8. man you really know how to help. i will try these things you say as soon as possible. i've got ( can't remember who gave it to me ) tallum robe set for my prophet. Demolish really help me a lot, he lvl up many of my buffers to lvl 5+. i will let you know here in this topic if i need something. today i'm thinking to start fishing at least for 1 wondrous cubic with yellow fishes 10 of each fat, nimble and ugly fishes. i could use for my crafter 55lvl a B or A grade robe set, blue wolf or majestic
  9. my crafter is 17lvl atm, i will log in few minutes to make him 20lvl, do you say you can make him 61+ ? from 20 lvl ? edit: man i have now all grades recipes ss and bss , i feel happy ^^ tyvm
  10. popeye is my pp's name 52lvl, i have blue wolf set with expiration time from NPC. my sws 52lvl have blue wolf heavy with xpire time also. i haven't decided what will my main char be yet. i can't find crafter in giran to craft ss or bss d and c grade, did few more people quit already and they logged out their dwarfs? i lvled up a crafter 20 lvl but i need ss and bss recipes at the moment. what is the trick to make dance/song/dance/song/dance/song, macro ? if it's with macro how do i use it ? i could use some A grade sets for later, heavy and robe and maybe mage weapon. sorry
  11. these informations are so valuable for me, thank you very much. i didn't understand the first line, you mean warlock + pp+ wc+ee? or instead of pp i could use overlord? you mean that? in first line of your post? to be honest i don't like playing warlock, but as you said, it would be good for adena, farm etc...
  12. wtb those recipes ssd/bssd ssc/bssc mail ingame doorin
  13. Does anybody know if warcryer have chant of berserker and war chant or earth chant in gracia epilogue client ? i think warcryer have these buffs at high five but i don't feel so sure, please let me know if someone knows
  14. I have got in mind to play either warcryer as main or necromancer or plains walker. does warcryer have chant of berserker in gracia epilogue ? also about plains walker i have never played this class but i thought with song of hunter and focus + death whisper he will deal good dmg.. could you tell me what buffers should i pick if i will choose warcryer or necromancer or plains walker
  15. i know about alt+p.. i will use it. i don't know that much tricks about lineage 2, i like playing mage characters, let's say necromancer or spellhowler with body to mind level 5 to avoid level up a shilien elder for recharge..if we say spellhowler +pp+bd+what else?