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    fast lvl-up

    hi, can someone up 4 chars of mine ? around 61lvl and 65-66lvl if someone feels like just post here
  2. okay i wish you all luck and you can log as many boxes as your PC can handle.
  3. Hello guys and welcome. what time usually are you online? I wouldn't say I'm old player here. I have some characters around 65lvl, that's all. but I'll help if I can. I'm usually on with my crafter ,doorin
  4. Hello to all again. i would like to trade +8 low b grade fists for any top B weapon except from dual sls, so that i will be able to exchange with the one i want from blacksmith of mammon. post below if you have top B weapon and want to trade it with my low B +8
  5. wtb any top B weapon except from dual sls, post here or mail doorin ingame
  6. hello all, i would like to buy a wizard's tear top b mage weapon, is anyone selling ? how much is a normal price? also what price is it considered good for blue 12
  7. my char's name is Doorin i need avadon robe set and some adena if possible, also any top b weapon would be great
  8. wtb 2 EWB mail Doorin 7kk each
  9. hello all, if i buy a valhala sword can i upgrade it to top B ? if yes explain how please.
  10. Hello everyone, could anyone send to Doorin crystals D/C/B/A thanks only if possible
  11. wtb improved buffs books for prophet and warcryer mail ingame popeye
  12. thank you i'm okay now
  13. man you really know how to help. i will try these things you say as soon as possible. i've got ( can't remember who gave it to me ) tallum robe set for my prophet. Demolish really help me a lot, he lvl up many of my buffers to lvl 5+. i will let you know here in this topic if i need something. today i'm thinking to start fishing at least for 1 wondrous cubic with yellow fishes 10 of each fat, nimble and ugly fishes. i could use for my crafter 55lvl a B or A grade robe set, blue wolf or majestic
  14. my crafter is 17lvl atm, i will log in few minutes to make him 20lvl, do you say you can make him 61+ ? from 20 lvl ? edit: man i have now all grades recipes ss and bss , i feel happy ^^ tyvm
  15. popeye is my pp's name 52lvl, i have blue wolf set with expiration time from NPC. my sws 52lvl have blue wolf heavy with xpire time also. i haven't decided what will my main char be yet. i can't find crafter in giran to craft ss or bss d and c grade, did few more people quit already and they logged out their dwarfs? i lvled up a crafter 20 lvl but i need ss and bss recipes at the moment. what is the trick to make dance/song/dance/song/dance/song, macro ? if it's with macro how do i use it ? i could use some A grade sets for later, heavy and robe and maybe mage weapon. sorry
  16. these informations are so valuable for me, thank you very much. i didn't understand the first line, you mean warlock + pp+ wc+ee? or instead of pp i could use overlord? you mean that? in first line of your post? to be honest i don't like playing warlock, but as you said, it would be good for adena, farm etc...
  17. wtb those recipes ssd/bssd ssc/bssc mail ingame doorin
  18. Does anybody know if warcryer have chant of berserker and war chant or earth chant in gracia epilogue client ? i think warcryer have these buffs at high five but i don't feel so sure, please let me know if someone knows
  19. I have got in mind to play either warcryer as main or necromancer or plains walker. does warcryer have chant of berserker in gracia epilogue ? also about plains walker i have never played this class but i thought with song of hunter and focus + death whisper he will deal good dmg.. could you tell me what buffers should i pick if i will choose warcryer or necromancer or plains walker
  20. i know about alt+p.. i will use it. i don't know that much tricks about lineage 2, i like playing mage characters, let's say necromancer or spellhowler with body to mind level 5 to avoid level up a shilien elder for recharge..if we say spellhowler +pp+bd+what else?
  21. i forgot to mention something important, i can run 3 or maximum 4 clients
  22. hello everyone. i would like to hear your suggestions about what combination of characters it would be better to farm. i'm pve person strictly pve NO pvp..at all. i already have swordsinger 52level bladedancer 40level prophet 52lvl and orc shaman 35level. what do you suggest?
  23. guys herobd stll enjoy playing this server. you can help him by setting HB to max lvl. even if somehow server will be filled with players (impossible) you can set it retail again. i only want to suggest keep happy current players just that. even if some parties join server they need some time to reach farming at hellbound.
  24. I'm thinking to raise a destroyer along with sws + pp. Main Destroyer + 2 boxes sws+pp it will be better. when i reach with my destro also 52 lvl with TOP b shadow weapon+armor where do you suggest xp ? catacombs is a good idea ? of course i will have to raise a spoiler and MAYBE a crafter too...
  25. I'm thinking to keep prophet 52lvl only and play mage+Shilien elder + Bladedancer+prophet Does anybody else have in mind a better combination of characters?