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  1. klever

    Yo jugando tranquila, cuando...

    puta madre
  2. klever

    WTS Everything from the screen below.

    оно тебе надо?
  3. klever


    пиздюки кароч
  4. klever

    lfp ru

    вот ето пафосное сообщения))
  5. klever


    lol, just 4 wins? why u dont make fraps when u lose?
  6. klever

    lfp ru

    слились, шмотки и чары на паверлевел уже, замок с флагами продают. Днины
  7. klever

    lfp ru

    где клан сайт, куда заявку писать? качнёте, оденете?
  8. klever


    ask claw, he can make OE dynasty
  9. klever


    sooo, sektor can every time wake-up baium, farm him to 10-40%, BSOE, and nobody get ring after him?
  10. klever

    Tutorial "How to disarm v2.0"

  11. klever

    Tutorial "How to disarm v2.0"

    lf member to char 85/80/80/80, dyna +6 120att, epics +6, skills +15/30, vesper weapon 300
  12. klever

    last day of oly

    skills +30/15, MA set +8 MW, why not? ) suka and blyat found a new bug to abuse
  13. klever

    Wipe sServer

    wts exp in cata
  14. klever

    anakim transform

    https://dropspoil.l2shrine.com/npc/25286 in herbs - 1% and here - http://lineage.pmfun.com/item/10296/transform-sealbook--anakim.html 5%
  15. klever

    Nový start?

    all want be new "Antistyle" on new server