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  1. B-grade shadow is obtainable via NPC from Giran near GK with weapon coupons. It's free and it has SA.
  2. There's not too many active players around, so most of the time you'll be playing alone with a ton of boxes :D. But the ones left are pretty cool and helpful. Alt+R, create new macro, give it a name, then drag skills from alt+K panel to the first rows of the macro window. (sws warrior setup example: drag song of hunter on 1st line, song of earth on 2nd line, song of warding, wind, vitality on the following lines; same goes for bd - fury, fire, warrior. always put sws/bd apart from each other and your char in the middle of them, so the d/s won't interfere to waste mana, and click the macro
  3. Let me know what is your char's name so I cand send you some adena and equip. Let me know what do you need.
  4. No berserker chant for wc here.
  5. I have both wl/destro for farm and log only wc/pp/bd/sws for areas like Fog, Stakato, Giants cave. I never felt that I need extra buffs from cat/sk/ol/judi. I log those just in case of Tiat or RB's. I'd recommend you to use alt+p for lowest graphics settings and squeeze 1 more client there to a number of 5 so you can go destro+wc/pp/bd/sws. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Does anybody want this useless weapon? It comes with Rsk focus and holy lvl 5
  7. Crimsony

    S/S80 trash

    As title says, I'm looking for S-gr shirts/bracelets, fire/water stones, S/S80 sigils, Improve magic SB(for SE), S80 heavy/robe sets, MA set. Payment in AA, adena, ews or other stuff, I got plenty in wh. Message me here or mail "Ghostly in-game
  8. Butthurt for...what? May i ask who are you? It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s hogfather defending himself from multiple forum accounts You know i had acces to countless accounts and never took 1 adena, right? So now you call me a scammer based on what? Pls elaborate You obviously had smth to say about him everytime we were talking; that was long before realising you’re just a...let’s say hater with a god complex. Ahh, all these fat/gypsy jokes just because i’m romanian and played a tyrant, while in RL i’m around 90kg being 185cm tall, i wouldn’t call that fat. this is a
  9. I played Heavyweight/Davina in the past, nowdays mostly Ghostly (destro). Not as much of a factor as other ppl here. At least not the one known as one of the most unintelligent players this game ever met, like you. Still playing the "oh i don't remember nicknames very well, i'll just try to make a stupid joke instead", i see. I don't understand why you choose to be stupid around people who don't give a damn about you, but let's go back a few years ago to remember why are you like this. It must be because of: 1. the fight you had with saladin 'cause apparently you were
  10. It's not a bad idea at all, except: 1. I don't have as much time as before, I kill aenks once at 2-3 days 2. I can't compete with Matt/Coffin or anybody else that does this regularly when it comes to camping epics, or compete at all. 3. I got a couple of chars and semi-decent gear, but I guess that's not enough to kill big league rb
  11. Sorry dude, some of us don't have the time to nolife anymore. Even so, it's just 10-15 ppl playing, so it'd be a lost cause.
  12. You should stop, seriously. Everytime I tell myself that you can't go any lower, yet you surprise me all the time