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  1. qq

    yep =/ so if i understand coorectly we have chance to meet in autumn on new GF
  2. qq

    naebyjyt pravoslavnyh
  3. qq

    heh desinformation from my mates
  4. qq

    he promised to play another server and punish other ppl but he bak i n3 days after my leave from here 0o
  5. qq

    yep im interested why lobok with thair afc farm vagabound back? he was my only target here
  6. qq

    bb than((
  7. qq

    HI b1tches how its going? Do u miss me?
  8. lfp ru

    agitator 80 lvl
  9. lfp ru

    Ves' hiro stolb. Forsaken
  10. lfp ru

  11. bl?

    Ill open great secret 2 chars 2 arenas 2 fights 1 man:D
  12. lfp ru

    up nvk
  13. lfp ru

    Главное цена адекватная!
  14. lfp ru

    up актуально
  15. lfp ru