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  1. stress_kh92

    Chronicle update

    why you try to tech me how to live my life? you dont have your own?:D
  2. stress_kh92

    Chronicle update

    i dont want to drink so often
  3. stress_kh92

    Chronicle update

    no wipe server = if i have nothing to do and nowhere to play i can log few traders and mb join few events during month
  4. stress_kh92

    Chronicle update

    couz of nothing to do
  5. stress_kh92

    Chronicle update

    "reopening or 2nd server" as for me ge/gf is best of NC soft updates. hf players will get blackhole between relax players and tryharders (1s type ppl will be lvl 60-70 other will get to 85 in 2-3 days max correct chars with x3 raits and will farm top instancez and spot while other will gether pt to toi or it). server became swamp in 1 month max. as for update i told all about what ppl who play here will get in reality with such online=//
  6. stress_kh92

    Cardinal ressurection

    +5 wit dyes on cardi + dc r set + res skill 90+%
  7. stress_kh92

    Chronicle update

    guys what you will do on h5? inst bfreay/tezza/bzaken? 5-6 ppl only can do that here. SOA/LOA/Karricks need much gear and tonnes of active healers (as i know here 2-3 active bishops and 4-5 active ee with 2-4h online ) valakas/antharas - still need 2-3 full active pt to farm (i dont see any active cp here)and beleth is broken by koreans also (it didnt give ring) If u expect get new good sets - RIP on your dreams first vesper nobl set from non forsacen or few guys from oldschool will be in 2-3 month 1st vorpal mb little faster and also from giran traders... moirai is like ic or draco on this chorinicals (mean garbage) 1/2 or 1/3 of usual box u load 100% couz of h5 graph so rip on all your destros and start exp necro/sh to farm at least solo target mobs in DV if olly geo will be like on this server GG to new stadiums. or mb you want new fog mobs with half of hp and higher levels to get 85 easier than in ge? ppl who told that they w8ing h5 update at least play on pts h5? they know that java and pts h5 is 2 different worlds?
  8. stress_kh92

    wts #123232341

    WtS/T: - Frintezza - Dyna leather body +6 - SA 13-16 (not all colours) ingame "Hater or here
  9. stress_kh92

    150+ att

    dark holly crystals >> wind @ here or "hater ingame
  10. stress_kh92

    Animations problem

    have smth like this after add incorrect patch for skillbars
  11. stress_kh92

    wts #123232341

    WtS/T: - Frintezza - Dyna leather body +6 - IC bow +3 + focus 150 - SA 13-16 (not all colours) ingame "Hater or here
  12. stress_kh92

    IC bow focus -> to crusher rsc focus

    Wtt ic bow+sa for crusher or V cutter. Wtb crusher keymats.
  13. stress_kh92

    IC bow focus -> to crusher rsc focus

    or wtb keys + rec
  14. stress_kh92

    IC bow focus -> to crusher rsc focus

    as topic name says pm here or "mamaimthestar
  15. stress_kh92

    Antharas jewel - WTB / WTT

    Its easier to kill than find someone who will sell it