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  1. stress_kh92

    How about an event?

    Hats runes cokies cakes agations Mb some kind of sa left some of basic rewards like b/a/s ench scrolls also it could be smth like mounts(7/14/30 days or usual wo time limit) limited time jewel will be also good)
  2. stress_kh92

    Dynasty Gaiters / Gauntlets

    Nwm than
  3. stress_kh92

    Monday Restarts

    Winter is coeming also!
  4. stress_kh92

    Dynasty Gaiters / Gauntlets

    I need 2 gauntlets if u have. "Mamaimthestar ingame
  5. stress_kh92

    wtt vesper avenger to vesp/ic bow

    Reworked Wtt red/green 16 -> blue 16 Wtt belt high A gr +4 pvp skill attack for pvp def +0-4 Wtt hd focus for drac bow focus or duals s+3-4 Vesper avenger for offers Frintezza necless for offers
  6. stress_kh92

    s80/84 weapon

  7. stress_kh92

    presentment number of online-players on web

    U want to know when enemy wil load boxes for oly/tw charge or will going tiad zaken inst?)
  8. stress_kh92

    s80/84 weapon

    wtb dyna crasher wtb icarus/vesper bow ingame "mamaimthestar
  9. stress_kh92

    New player

    + 200 boxes from caius antistyle and koless
  10. stress_kh92

    New server idea

    as for dynamic rates - they should work only with exp couz as schokworld servere show when they did same - all low lvl spots were full with bots couz server drop/spoil rate were same as exp(didn`t take much time to exp 25-30 dorf and run it on soft again)
  11. stress_kh92

    New server idea

    as for clan events my idea is fixed time for bosses like : mondey: QA 19.00+1.5h random zaken 21.00+2h random tursday : tezz 20.00+ 2h random wednsday : Baium 21.30+2.5h random thirsday: QA 19.00+1.5h random zaken 21.00+2h random friday: tezza 20.00+2h random (siege week) QA 15.00+1.5h random on satureday/sunday (nonsiege week) saturday Antharas 18.00+3h random sunday Valakas 18.00+3h random so more ppl could have chance to take part on clan events cose of all main events will be able on prime time
  12. stress_kh92

    New server idea

    Server evolution politic as for me is interesting. Competition game with gvg and some type of clans tvt with some motivation for clans also seams like good idea. But the question is period of chronics couz if make tham 2 short server can lost pve/relax gamestyle ppl. For example x10 il for ppl who play 12h/week wount be enough to get even nobles for 2 month so we will get same situation we have here: 10 ppl on cup and all other with dc+homunculus. So mb it will be better to make smth like dynamic rate? (1-61 x10 62-74x8 75-80x5) with some events for our pve lifestyle player with runes etc. As for box limit i played l2 for a long time and there are some situations when u want just relax and comfortable gaming w/o cp or clan. But at same time u dont want to stay in deepest ass and u'll need little more than 2/3 box.for example there is 1 lowrate server which have such function as Premium buffer. Its work like gf neewbie helper with few difference dont have lvl limit can be used on pets and add some usefull bufs with chars lvl growing( example for fighters added might buff 1-40 lvl 1 41-51 lvl2 52+ lvl 3 focus/dw 40-51 lvl 1 52-60 lvl2 61+lvl 3 /// mages emp 1-40 lvl 1 41-55 lvl 2 55+ lvl 3 clarity 52-62 lvl 1 63+ lvl 2 wm buff 66+ lvl 1 + add btb bts to both classes))its not much but it will help some ppl and server also coz for such buf u can make 1/7/30 days payment buff tikets. But still stay on position that was used by koreans: to load such boxes u want/need. About clans possition with updating i see another side of periods and stuff.
  13. stress_kh92

    Guide from the players for the players

    wtb 1k asofe 60k each (mail on "mamaimthestar)
  14. stress_kh92

    wtt vesper avenger to vesp/ic bow

    reworked wtt/wts vesper avenger wtb icarus/vesper bow wtt red/green sa 16 for blue 16 wtt hd 150 focus for db 150 focus wtb dyna braste clean or with destro essence wts clean AS HD DHA wtt belt +4 high A gr (skill damage) for pvp def/attack (+0-+4) wtt/s tezza +5/+0 for offers
  15. stress_kh92

    Monday Restarts

    vote for sat morning )