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  1. saladin


    Pm me tonight, i think i have them. Saladin
  2. saladin

    Login problems

  3. saladin

    Login problems

    paliokatastasi 👀
  4. saladin

    cant enchant skills-subclass

    Ok thanks, will tell him. Saladin
  5. Hi Emca, a clan member cant enchant sub class skills(arcana lord). Can you check and fix problem when you have time? Thanks in advance, Saladin
  6. saladin

    Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    Clan oldschool still recruting. We are looking for active ppl and your good mood pm in game:Saladin;Pasai;Nick777;Gaureanu;Chapo;Glerokh See you in game Saladin
  7. saladin

    Nabijeni SC

    You can try rb at delusion chamber too for SC, just an option.
  8. saladin

    Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    Looking for active DDs,sws,wc,summoners.
  9. saladin

    Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    After work will log
  10. saladin

    Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    Clan oldschool still recruting. Looking for active DDs,sws,wc,summoners. Regards, Saladin
  11. saladin

    Event question

    Stop murmuring about all.
  12. saladin

    Event question

    Maybe bcoz its event ,not update ?!?! And why there must be boosting quest drop???
  13. saladin

    New Event ?

    Hello Emca,Jorn. Pls start new event ,just pick up one and start it. Thank you in advance!