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  1. Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    No need prefer play for them.
  2. Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    Cant provoke me
  3. Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    I am oldscool member or let say clan leader of OS since 2006:) Bulgarian clan OS.
  4. Clan Oldschool - introduction Hi all, I want to introduce clan “Oldschool”. Last days me and my friends from clan HuntersHorde (playing here for an year) were thinking how to make a clan - old style clan. As I remember most important was community. For good community and healthy clan we need rules. Our Rules: Help each clan member that need assistance or just don’t be part of our clan. Do manor and donate mats from manor to cwh, so we can help everyone with craft. When you get your new set, put older ot cwh – alts can use it. 2 chars per active player at clan. If clan member is LFP answer to him, even pt is full or just don’t be part of our clan. Solo players are not welcome. We prefer party matching. All type of chars are welcome, just we need your good mood at clan and party chat. Never reward yourself with RB drop when clan is raiding. All clan was working on that f…. drop. If you need help just ask at clan chat. Remember it is a game – just a game. We don’t like drama, if you start better leave clan before I kick you. Me or my sub-liders will not give you for free any items but will help you to earn it/them, no matter of lvl. We have many chars at different lvls so we can assist you. Don’t PK if you are not sure. Every wrong decision works against clan. I am not your Mom so don’t cry, but I can be your Friend. I bet you like it. CL – Saladin (I will just get fun no duties – have sub-leaders) Sub-Leaders: Hogfather/2/3/Botari. Soon more sub-leaders. 1.Hogfather -recruit/manor 2-craft/game guide 3-recruit/RBs 4.Botari -support/manor Clan lvl -5th, Alliance - Zion CH – N/A Castle – N/A
  5. Help for new players

    Just find a good clan, where you can get fun and support. Solo these days is not an option
  6. Revolution Clan, Recruiting International Clan Greek leader Clan lvl 7Clan Hall in Giran Castle - Giran We have ally Clan skillsWe recruit academy ofc Any classes and levels accepted, the only term is to love the game pm in game or mail: Marazo, Vakycek, Glerokh, Dotty, Nick777, Saladin
  7. About ended event

    Hi too all i'm saladin from game. Have a suggestion about rates ... and think about this. All ended ok, but after 2 weeks prices of all will go crazy dyna/maina, mats, recs everything . So pls can we talk about rates - yes , at event boost was high but now again we have 2.5 drop/spoil. Is it possible to talk about make it - let say 3.5 max 4. not as event rate. If we want to keep economic of server we must think about this. Regards, Saladin
  8. Revolution Recruiting International/ Greekppl

    +1 for this clan I`ve joined Revoluiton before 1 year - best team ever.