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  1. ad he's testing XD Next thing to test is: Can my PC handle 36 acc to try solo tiat?
  2. no offense but check this one. From my experience it was always taking all ur red stones when trading to Ess II, even if u had 1500 of them npc will take all and give 1 Ess. If want farm more, u need take Q at multiple characters. Is it bug? probably not, cuz i met same at diff servers.
  3. Eldax

    WTB A Grade

    sent. u dont need to pay.
  4. then twins are better, u get there 9x 30-35 souls. w/o this item u shown. and much more easier.
  5. @TzaR u got 56 quest items, but it was only 1x 56 or other party members got some also?
  6. usefull as always XD
  7. Doing Twins for souls were much more easier xd
  8. Eldax


    Well, simplest and cheaper would be go straight for S. If u have some1 to help u, plvl from 61 to 76 is matter of 2-3h at necrospot.
  9. Eldax


    Common damascus is super rare item. I believe its easier to craft Top B weapon, and change it to damascus via BoM to craft full duals than make commons XD (btw. BoM dont trade sls*sls to other weapons)
  10. this augment is worth more than dagger.
  11. yeah, Waltari is right. This price wont encourage any1 to even log in ;D