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  1. Server has GF settings. GF s80/s84 focus bonuses: Swords: 111/100 bows: 116/104 fists: 106/96 S80 weapons has better focus SA than s84. Changes probably comes in Freya with new s84 weapons, where vespers are getting boosted. ofc both GE/freya official patchnotes says nothing about that, but in h5 patchnotes you can notice fix for vesp rapier/crossbow critical got changed from 128 to 131/134, so those values were live before h5. On the other hand l2j.ru database says freya weapons are same as GF, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . One i'm not sure about is what exactly chronicle those weapons are boosted, but i'd say at 95% in freya.
  2. Log in and you will see. With actual online there are no things like "fun active clan" or smth.
  3. Eldax

    CLAN LVL 11 ????

    Maybe you need to make this territory quest which gives clan crest to all npc in region? I'm just guessing now.
  4. Eldax

    shrine's launcher

    Check discord. I uploaded launcher there at #offtopic channel.
  5. Eldax


    @Antistyle I'm afraid u'll need to wait several months for answer XD
  6. server has 3 years. Some ppl have 50+ epics, so ofc they sell them. Newbie buff was never working for pets, but only for summons. There is event npc in giran who gives B grade armors/weapons/shots and vitallity for every1.
  7. Closed ? Shrine will live longer than us all, even with 1-2 ppl online. 7s should work normal, so MOM should be there as long as avarice wins/ keep 10% +. Pet buffs are working also, but buff boxes are always better. There are no bots.
  8. enjoy you have forum working. Last week even this was unavailable. /kappa p.s. You forgot most important. No auto-loot. The reason of no players xd
  9. Here u have smth more about that. Retail way it would drop to lvl 1 in minutes xd Actual Shrine set up is -1 lvl per 3 days.
  10. Eldax


    well, She was online 24th sept last time, so how u expect answer? Merely 2 days after report, and u already flooding her with pms xd Also does it trully matters? Shrine can be left alone for another 1y and nothing will change, it'll still have 10 ppl online and they will do exactly same stuff as they're doing now.
  11. Eldax


    Last month my WL didnt get hero also xd I think @hornakias was pming emca with that bug already. He was 1st at list, but he got no hero nor extra tokens.
  12. Eldax

    3rd class quest

    u always forget about skipper
  13. Eldax

    3rd class quest

    it's not that i like it, I just want to know...