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  1. Forts

    K, it was about adena. Its not my box clan so i didnt even expect they can not have adena in cwh. When i checked there was only 130 adena ;D . Looks like solved.
  2. Forts

    Y-day i took borderland fortress and signed contract with goddard castle. 2day after restart, npc for dungeons says godd castle has no contract with any fortress, even when i made prison instance 13h ago, and all was OK. It happend to me 1st time, so i dont think rr was the reason. I also delegated clan leader to other character and this may be exacly the reason, but still imo its bug that u lose contract when changing clan leader.
  3. MW body

    It was possible in gracia part 1 & 2. Since gracia final masterwork upper body pieces are not longer craftable. Moreover masterwork upper body was blocking ur set bonuses. for example: Dyna hv set gives +4.6 %p. def, +418 max HP, and +8 resist darkness. When u were wearing masterwork breast plate u was not getting this set bonus even if u had whole set geared, instead of that u get only single masterwork item bonuses. Quote from legacy.lineage2.com :
  4. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    I told u. Dual dagger mastery/ mutual responce / turn to stone / deflect magic are books from Gracia, to get it u must be <83 and make 50+ Soi and 6+ Tiats in main party. If somebody decide to get it, he wont sell it for sure. // I have QI gathered on box for it, but i doubt u have smth what i would need.
  5. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    Next time write FS name in text or tittle at least, instead of tags. About DDMastery, gl with that. After 18 months there was only 1 book bought from gracia (Atleast i havent seen any1 using deflect magic/ turn to stone at oly, another 2 are passive skills). U need to farm it by urself ; <
  6. qq

  7. qq

    Some low gladi who got hero only bcuz no opponents.
  8. Spite

    Yeah, we know. Monkey D. Warpig has hidden mighty powers ;p
  9. Spite

    Hello. I want to ask what matters for Judicators Spite skill land rate. I heard some rummors that earth attribute in duals increase dance of medusa land rate, is it similar to spite? Does anything else except Spiritshots and M atk affect to land rate?
  10. 3 ideas.

    Bump! ;p in this post: @Jorn said " Maybe it would be easier for us to do GF(->GE)>Freya, because we already have some things done in Freya extender, " So, it means u're going add data to GE to make freya, and i'd like to ask again about my point 2. idea. It's freya retail thing, which u will need to code anyway, and it would be nice to add to game in close future.
  11. Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    ???? what good news?
  12. Clan Oldschool Recruiting

    I'm reading this 4th time already, and still cant find at least 1 reason to this clan success. Can some1 help me?
  13. Hi, I'd like to suggest to update a trade widow for Kutran npc with Soi / SoD quest items. Atm its like u need open speak window -> click quest -> trade 5 items to 1. After that u have 2 options to chose: 1. describe u what mobs u need hunt, and thats all, no continue. 2. removes quest and deleting all quest items (very helpfull ....) (btw. npc name is different in window) So to trade another items u always need to open new window and repeat steps i said before. If u were gathering items since long, f.e 1000+ ( for gracia books) u need to speak with npc over 200 times, at each character u have quest items, and its just about SoI quest items, + SoD its another hours of clicking. During doing that by simple missclick or lag etc, u can lose all items by selling them for some joke adena (3rd talk option scren below): or after trading 5 items to 1 u can remove ur quest with all items (which is exacly in same place as "quest" option after reopening the window). So i think u should add those two items to his trade window. It's exacly same npc, and after that change we'll be able totrade all items we have by few clikcs.