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  1. Eldax

    2 early but interesting

    2y ago it was same story. "no donation server will attract many ppl", and we had 300 online at 1st day.
  2. @stress_kh92 And where u exacly failed it?
  3. Eldax


    u can wait 30 days, or next time we wise enough to dont take it at all.
  4. Eldax

    Spoil drop penalty in party

    There is no penalty. I was using 85 lvl supports who were always in pt with 43 lvl spoil which was using 60 gw and everything was fine. I believe even if high lvl characters kill the mob there will be no penalty, as long as spoil lvl is correct.
  5. Eldax

    Elven Elder oly

    1. Some remix of Mr Frenkie - Red City @pvpzverek1?? 2. Kasger- Hide and seek 3. Kasger - Highland
  6. @Emca Dont u think those parts are a bit outdated?
  7. Eldax


    To set this 100 shops i need 32 minutes only ;p its just all about 1 window active and as low details as possible.
  8. Eldax


    Thats not me saying this. Just when i saw this on discord i wanted every1 to laugh his ass.
  9. Eldax


    Can I buy some shares? ;D
  10. Eldax

    Elven Elder oly

    "Community - English " Is this whole topic worth traslating to human, or I shouldnt even bother myself?
  11. Eldax

    Elven Elder oly

    Looks like worst russian emeny is another russian ;D
  12. Eldax

    Elven Elder oly

    Cant u just take it from event manager? Soes 2880 minutes shadow. Maybe it's not augmentable but still will work to end of ur game...
  13. Eldax

    Server's health

    Nah, 300 's too much ;p I had 165 last tw, and it is max for me atm, admit that each offline char requires different game account.