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  1. 375 posts/topics made, all deleted. @Emca U were deleting them all 1 by 1 or u have any function to delete all user's posts?
  2. Eldax

    i try to connect to my acc in the game but....

    Forum account =/= game account. There is no limit for boxes.
  3. Eldax

    idea for the server

    wow man. using Shift+enter is not a crime.... Also dots and commas. And sentence logic. 2. Why would full vit attract new ppl? Or old players to vote? When they dont care about boost exp/sp theywont care about vitality also. 3. If it's any "idea" to improve server post it in community suggestions not genaral discussion.
  4. Ornaments: Top A , High A, Mid S. Also Dynasty Gaiters 100kk each & Dynasty Gauntlets 75kk each. ig Nick: CaiusCosades
  5. Eldax

    Chronicle update

    1st u say dont update cuz it will kill serwer, and next u say: kill the serwer make new one. wtf?
  6. Eldax

    How to get Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 12 ??

    Its not even worth it, SA to top A (SoM/BotMT) =140 A gems = 4.2kk aa = atleast 85kk adena. For that adena u can nearly buy S grade mage weapon. There are ofc, ppl were doing here solo not only common raids but also Tezza/baium/QA. Thing is u need warrior party to that, with full support (atleast 7 boxes). With mage u can only complain about no autoloot, complain about slow and worthless exp and finally make reroll to fighter or at least create destro with support to exp ur necro. In giran u have NPC next to gk with tokens for Shadow B Grade Sets/weapons. So it will be "full b grade!" PS. Forum topic about monsters which lvl up crystals: PS2. When u chose T-rex to lvl up crystals, there is only 1 right. Only T-rex with eas in spoil is lvling up crystals, others are useless.
  7. Eldax

    Territory Badges

    Why so rude? No i didnt, i got 2x high at 700-800 boxes so far, but stil no luck to top.
  8. Eldax

    Territory Badges

    Yes, they all are lvl 40/41 with 2nd class done. Just normal graduated academy chars ; > Next serwer? Didnt u ever hear from l2 players its a rule to say "Its the last serwer im playing at" ;D Well whatever u say, its just solution to insane low chance to get top ornament... U have 0.1% chance which is avarage 16k tw badges, colecting them at 1-3 chars will take infinity amout of time. Ridiculous or not, cancer things requires cancer solutions. So if u want progress and u dont have luck u need to make up it with hard and booring work... btw. what's ur ig nick?
  9. Eldax

    Territory Badges

    I have no idea what u said here, but i laugh my ass anyway when i see this screen ;D U could add screen with another 40 boxes in siege zone ; >
  10. Eldax

    Chronicle update

    WTF? why would i be against new ppl coming to play here? Why u even think about me like that? I said freya can attract more ppl cuz its more unique than H5... Donations for some hats/agathions/autoloot/etc was never a bad idea. So if u say u already have some work done with freya, wouldnt it be a waste to just abandon project and jump to H5? U mean "sacrifice all players who came to play at No Wipe serwer to be experimental rabbits for another serwer with wipe policy, and dont care about them totally" ??? Sorry but it looks like u dont even play here or u're planing to go at new H5, so ur view is a bit subjective imo.
  11. Eldax

    Chronicle update

    RIP ;p I hope u'll at 1st test this "H5" idea at new serwer than here? To see how missed idea it is. I'll just ask this way. 95% of avaible serwers are Interlude or H5. Freya serwers? 0? H5 is everywhere cuz easy files to get and bcuz its not interlude, but why do u think from dozens H5 serwers some1 will chose this? Bcuz it's online 2 years and everybody has 85? Bcuz some ppl has 100 epics on his boxes and they'll be easy to buy? Bcuz of "Shrine Geodata" which gives depression during oly? Bcuz of constant "100" "active" players online during last year? Bcuz of no autoloot, and sick staying to "retail" ? Bcuz of gm online in game 1h per year? No offense but even czech server geolocation is not helping, bcuz ppl are rather to pick more international flags. Even for actual players it'll be lethal. H5 client will much raise pc usage, and ppl who could log few boxes to be able to exp now, can have problems with this later. Also about anouncements: Shire site : " We're planning continuous update to Gracia Epilogue and probably even to Freya. " Hopzone: https://l2.hopzone.net/lineage2/details/101178/L2-Shrine " We are planning continous update to Gracia Epilogue and maybe even to Freya. " Well everywhere is the same anouncement and everyhere is not even 1 mention about H5 progress, but final chronicle meant to be freya. Dont u think it will be a bit dissapointment for ppl who joined here just to dont play at interlude or H5 serwers? Personally, i would rather wait even a next year with actual GE and get freya than get soon this "progress" called "H5".
  12. Eldax

    Chronicle update

    @Emca I heard some rumors that incoming update will be H5 instead of Freya. Can i get any official info from you is that true?
  13. Eldax

    Dynasty Heavy Armor (Weapon Master)

    Just NCSoft things. It happens a lot during augmenting with crit rate, that dot is in wrong place. f.e. here, have u ever seen <1 crit bonus?
  14. Eldax

    Chronicle update

    I wonder will u say same thing about freya -> H5 update. Antharas Killed? Valakas killed? Blessed Freya Killed? U typed bosses unkillable here, with this online and actual Clans. As u say, most ppl dont even know what are those bosses, but u had this knownledge and u had a CP - 9 ppl active, u were "rulling" the server, why didnt u do that? Why u expect from others things u werent able to do even if u feel u're better than them? Same thing was about GF- > GE. Same story, typing unkillable bosses and saying players didnt made whole GF content as a argument not to update. Update will be when files will be ready. And when it will be good time to anounce that. Not earlier and not later.