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  1. Eldax

    What are u listening to?

    His voice reminds me this a lot ;p
  2. Eldax

    Nabijeni SC

    Zaken night 9x 100% 10->12 . much easier than t-rex. or lilith.
  3. Eldax


    Draco set 70kk /target crystals12 AS only clean i believe 40kk /target poutsos h5 is close (maybe) so every1 is rather keep stones for themselves to make crystals from them than sell them for some joke adena.
  4. Eldax

    WTT Dyna Gloves (Masterwork) na Dynastic Essence II

    Go and farm it. With @heroBD we were farming 2x Ess II every 4h. #easy
  5. Eldax

    Event question

    @Emca Are forts KE drop also x8? before it was x1 i think.
  6. Eldax


    One girl i was powerlvling was bored ;s
  7. Eldax


    @stress_kh92 I had no idea u started playing again! In new clan ;D
  8. Eldax

    2 early but interesting

    2y ago it was same story. "no donation server will attract many ppl", and we had 300 online at 1st day.
  9. @stress_kh92 And where u exacly failed it?
  10. Eldax


    u can wait 30 days, or next time we wise enough to dont take it at all.
  11. Eldax

    Spoil drop penalty in party

    There is no penalty. I was using 85 lvl supports who were always in pt with 43 lvl spoil which was using 60 gw and everything was fine. I believe even if high lvl characters kill the mob there will be no penalty, as long as spoil lvl is correct.
  12. Eldax

    Elven Elder oly

    1. Some remix of Mr Frenkie - Red City @pvpzverek1?? 2. Kasger- Hide and seek 3. Kasger - Highland
  13. @Emca Dont u think those parts are a bit outdated?