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  1. Eldax


    Why do i see pomazaniec there? Wasnt he just low lvl PR clan leader to reg feeding tw chars? Did you fix even him? Lol man, THAT'S crazy... Edit: Also shouko xd You must be very bored
  2. Eldax


    Better for her i guess xd There is no point to waste our lives here.
  3. Furthermore using rip english as any argue argument is just insane lame... It's like you have nothing wise to say to support your side and just go with such shit to show you're even more stupid than ppl were expecting.
  4. Eldax


    He got orfen for 00fant already from Lou or gorball xd
  5. Eldax


    I remember once ppl were selling 2 core rings like 150kk each, but it was quite long ago ;s
  6. wasnt griffin the same guy who scammed own clanmates just bcuz he was a CL, and was too poor skilled to get those items himself? Also that's quite funny if 1 person can block few from doing epics XD Making fun of him is fine, but worse thing is that he dont even know it ;>
  7. Hi man. Shrine since very beginning was using GE client. So actual sys folder is probably same as 4y ago.
  8. Dont do spoil and craft. It's waste of time. Materials are from manor, pieces from bosses, also dynasty matters, and you can get them cheap from ppl. There are a lot of crafters in giran. Even if you strongly want to make them, do it later. Ur actual start is slow, making 2 useless boxes will only slow it further. You can make them when you get this 78 with COV and be able to aoe fog etc. Destro+sws+pp have no rights to be. Lets say with newbie buffs you can get this 76 and then No vampiric rage and aoe becomes impossible. WC is must have for all parties. Even if it's just for 4 combobuff
  9. I would say playing mage at shrine is too difficult. Maybe start is easy, but then hardstuck at 80 lvl. You cant do bosses alone (I guess many ppl use just aenkinels to lvl up), and you cant do aoe farm solo as well. If you want mage it's only playing in party, or create some destro/wl to exp mage as box. And most important NO AUTO LOOT. This shit kills all solo mage players better that 20 man online. I dont know how you feel playing with boxes, but best would be to create urself full support. Shrine is midrate already + Vit cakes after 52, it shouldnt be hard. So Destro/Wl+wc+bd+sws+pp(
  10. That was different server, plvl was much faster, manor was multiplied, we needed CRP, cubic had better chances. Like this: if (chance < 350000) // Rough Blue Cubic Piece 35% Functions.addItem(player, 10633, 1, "use10632"); else if (chance < 550000) // Rough Yellow Cubic Piece 20% Functions.addItem(player, 10634, 1, "use10632"); else if (chance < 650000) // Rough Green Cubic Piece 10% Functions.addItem(player, 10635, 1, "use10632"); else if (chance < 730000) // Rough Red Cubic Piece 8% Functions.addItem(player, 10636, 1, "use10632"); else if (chance < 750000) // Rough Whi
  11. Eldax


    Can you show me this part of code, I'm quite curious about that.
  12. Man dont waste time for this useless cubic. It could be good with h5 settings ( Blesseds and Ziggo jewel +reset everyday at 6am instead of GF 24h reuse), but now it only trashes ur inventory with low grade garbage. Chances for EWS are too low, other enchants are too expensive to exchange (f.e. EWC 1.5kk) so cubic price goes down too much. EAD 35% ;EWD 25% EAC 20% ;EWC 10% EAB 4% ;EWB 3% EAA1.2% ;EWA 0.8% EAS 0.6% ;EWS 0.4% So as you see, ONE BIG PIECE OF TRASH and waste of time.
  13. Eldax


    I remember there was a bug which was making items break from +0-> +1 XD
  14. Eldax


    H5 MW has 4% (out of 60% for succ craft) so 2.4% real chance. How it's at GF i'm not sure, maybe the same, maybe lower (2%). How it's at GE - noone knows 😜 About armors, i see you already fixed math. More or less : 1 out of 18 single part armors should go +6, if using beas avarage should be 34 per part spend. About +16 weapons. Shrine title is "NEVER +16", so i guess it was intended and working fine :kappa: This part with online->chances sounds just bad. Chances are flat i guess and there are no such multipliers added. I heard similar things about drop chances, but it just sounds s
  15. Unfortunately my bd box was female, and even wearing top heavy armor she was still shiningwith her naked ass. As for 'mistake-calling' tong to thong, it's as old as clan. As i remember good in server first weeks already some ppl made this 'accidental' mistake. Well you know, some ppl will always seek for overtone in everything. Same as saying " I'm going to camel toe" instead of kamael town, or some other same not funny examples.