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  1. Eldax

    Dynasty Gaiters / Gauntlets

    1. yes 2. yes but only adena, I dont need orichalcum anymore.
  2. Eldax

    Dynasty Gaiters / Gauntlets

    @Aphr0 Y, just tell me how many and to who mail. @stress_kh92 U still need those gauntlets?
  3. Eldax

    How about an event?

    I mean Crystals are only thing what are giving advantage now, between old players to other slackers. Everybody has S80 sets, even at boxes. WB with theirs cancer respawn can be always stolen ( now no1 is even interested of them... antharas up since months), So every1 has epics + tw/oly jewels. U cant stop others from doing tiats and getting vespers. After so much time there are hundreds accouts for Class Base so u cant even block heroes. It would be like 1st christmass event with S+16 weapons. It was end of november- 2nd serwer month, and there were like only 15-20 S weapons(probably even less), and only few of them had +150. All advantage u were getting by experience and skill was totally canceled by this weapons. Every1 by just leaving boxes afk was getting scrolls for weapons, and 12h buff scrolls with buff better than CoV. Game was again moved to "numbers above skill". Ppl who was not able to do raids cuz no good pt set up/ no gear/ no wolfs started raiding. Handless clan (everybody knows who) started to do epics. Players who werent even thinking about crafting S Spear to farm got it for free ( with extra item passive what was increasing numbers of mobs hit- from 4 to 9 ) with Cov buff. And mage buff scrolls was just BROKEN. Additional CP/HP/defensive and doubling M atk, ofc available to use in siege zone... etc.
  4. Eldax

    How about an event?

    Hell no pls. Crystals is rarer thing than vespers. It'll be to game breaking event reward.
  5. Eldax

    Dynasty Gaiters / Gauntlets

    I cant log for next 4 weeks. Sorry.
  6. Eldax

    New player

  7. https://i1.jbzdy.pl/contents/2018/04/7c064faa8aa3fd19b09d8d24d74dd450.png I'd upload the picture instead of link but its 600x12 600, so its unreadable. Click to zoom and then 5 min scroll. I could add some racist joke about some fathers behaviour, but its post delete risk ;>
  8. Eldax

    New player

    ????? U took wards and castles. Are u seriously thinking u could get them if me and anti were online? Also i was raising online only from TW saturday to monday restart. Go be handless and trashtalk somewhere else.
  9. Eldax

    Server status

    I was playing GF not GE, i have only "Some" S grades, and "few" S80 heavy when i was trying for mw, but i tried to sell them for some joke money or just for matses w/o success. If some1 dont know such basic things like : lvl 15 - go giran or ask any hero for aca, he dont deserve getting ANY help. Just Fix Geodata. Its more than any event u can imagine. Event shouldnt be like that. Events should bring ppl from farm spots to have some rest and fun or encourage them to go farm mobs. If u make this happend there will be more ppl like : " I made 5 th for tw badges, they need only lvl 40 to get them, but by accident i made them 76, 3rd and noblesse and now doing CB to get some tokens. I'm not feeding my main on CB, just tokens"
  10. Eldax

    Server status

    keep dreaming.
  11. Eldax

    Server status

    XDDDD i had 61 boxes during tw. 1/8 of whole serwer online! omg.
  12. Eldax

    New server idea

    If new serwer will have such "retail working" geodata as Shrine x4 has, I doubt it will have "more players" ;p. At least not for long.
  13. 1st of all pmfun is worst site ever if u're looking for accurate, confirmed info. 2. Its not a flat bonus. f.e. at tank i was getting +9 p atk for 1st lvl and twice more at tyrant, so imo ur STR? or p.atk? matters. 3. CP > any master abillity for gladi. CP/Cele/UD. I guess we must ask @Emca to know "retail" bonuses in serwer files.
  14. Eldax

    Dynasty Gaiters / Gauntlets

    Hello. WTS / WTT Dynasty Gaiters -100kk each or 125 Orichalcum. Dynasty Gauntlets - 75kk each or 100 Orichalcum. Also WTT Gaiters+6 + 30 normal for one fundation ; > Mail/ pm here or ig "CaiusCosades.
  15. Eldax

    WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    Maybe if u find fund gaiters ?? ;d