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  1. Here u have smth more about that. Retail way it would drop to lvl 1 in minutes xd Actual Shrine set up is -1 lvl per 3 days.
  2. Eldax


    well, She was online 24th sept last time, so how u expect answer? Merely 2 days after report, and u already flooding her with pms xd Also does it trully matters? Shrine can be left alone for another 1y and nothing will change, it'll still have 10 ppl online and they will do exactly same stuff as they're doing now.
  3. Eldax


    Last month my WL didnt get hero also xd I think @hornakias was pming emca with that bug already. He was 1st at list, but he got no hero nor extra tokens.
  4. Eldax

    3rd class quest

    u always forget about skipper
  5. Eldax

    3rd class quest

    it's not that i like it, I just want to know...
  6. Hello I was testing recently resistance buffs vs surrender to X and i found smth weird. Thing is that some of "surrender to" debuffs cannot be removed by resistance buffs. Lets go to examples: Resist holy removes surrender to the holy. Resist unholy doesnt remove surrender to the unholy. Resist fire removes surrender to fire. Resist wind removes surrender to wind. Resist water doesnt remove surrender to water. Resist poison doesnt remove surrender to poison. Isnt it strange? Why for example u can remove surrender to fire with fire protection buff, but for water it's already not working? Also what i furthermore found strange is that epics for poison resist increase resist to "surrender to poison" skill. Is this skill counted as poison attack? it deals no damage.. His duration was cut also from 30s to around 15. P.S. All resist skills i used was +27 (res poison was+6), all 'surrender to' skills were not enchanted but they were max skill lvl as well (74th+ magic lvl).
  7. wow, claw is fcking Nostradamus. His predicted date was 3 months late, but still pretty close xd We killed 1 epidos to open tp to beleth. Our CC got teleported to empty room before beleth clones. I dont remember good, but doors to beleth either opened when we came near or were open whole time.
  8. @goldmoon We count on u ^^
  9. we all know it will never happen XD same as red weapons. Next we'll get 3 sigils and 2 shields
  10. Hello Can u maybe add to Giran Event manager option to buy 1st profession?
  11. Use alt+prtSc to make screen of just active window XD