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  1. Hi, there is a new quest - since epilogue update - Expulsion of Evil Spirits. As I see it's not working. I have quest Expulsion of Evil Spirits I have obtained 10 items of Soul Core Containing Evil Spirit I changed them for Protection Soul's Pendant When i go near to Guardian of the Altar I'm still getting curse, no RB is spawning Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Elaralenderinil

    Same-territory TW jewels don't stack attributes

    Actually I had 2 earrings - one effect applied, and second did not at all. When both equiped, first unequiped, 2nd instanly started working. Seems as intention. Both same grade, when server was GF. I think that tooltip is not wrong at all, it says only one bonus applies. It depends on translation and how broad meaning you understand (effect for same accessory / same accessory slot / for same skill / same grade).
  3. Elaralenderinil

    Small update on hard work on Epilogue :)

    Emca, This looks very promising. I'm very excited to see your work I know there is still plenty to do on gracia final (i'm not nolifer so a lot to do but still, it looks great) Thank you for your work/hobby
  4. Elaralenderinil

    WTB Assasination of Shadith & Mos RBs

    Hi, I would like to pay for quest items from Shadith and Mos. What about 20kk? Let me know here / pm / pm in game - same nick. Thanks in advance EDIT: CLOSING THREAD - ALREADY DONE, MY BIG THANKS TO MY HERO - HE KNOW WHO
  5. Elaralenderinil

    Weekend rates

    ok, so stop doing events at all, because some ppl were on vacation during last one omgwtflol
  6. Ahoj, vím že tu je celkem dost lidí, co anglicky umí špatně, málo nebo vůbec, tak proto sem dávám info, že do zítřka (včetně) probíhá v anglické sekci hlasování o nastavení serveru. Je to nezávazné hlasování, aby GM věděli na čem tu jsou a co by se lidem líbilo. Zahlasujte také: https://forum.l2shrine.com/topic/521-weekend-rates/
  7. Elaralenderinil

    Weekend rates

    yep, i agree with this, but don't make server changes according to those ppl... coz as you said, they will be ahead no matter what
  8. Elaralenderinil

    Weekend rates

    Hi ladies and gentlemen. From my point of view (person working hard in the week for free weekend) is this feature great. I don't get why not. It's going to make it easier for ppl who are not non-lifers. Nonlifers (I'm sure you know who) are going to have everything if it's hard or easy. Making this feature for RB's only??? Are you mad or what? It's again, for nonlifers and big clans who don't need this!!! So please think about this feature, for whom is it. And who will stay on server, ppl hunting pvp? They get equip, hero, flame everything and get lost to another server. What happened with nicedaytodie/polish flamers? PvE players will stay much longer, because they like server and settings, not just making others yell/troll. So again ppl who would appreciate this feature. And at last, it's for 2 in 14 days, so why should it be so wrong?
  9. Elaralenderinil

    Nenabíjení shotů

    Zdravím, přišel jsem na to, že když odpálím skill a následně párkrát kliknu na attack (mam ho na liště), tak to nenabije shot. Dělá to i když ve "špatnou" chvíli kliknu na skill během boje, ale kliknutím na attack po skillu je jistota, že se to podělá. Ověřeno u skillů: Sonic Blaster, Sonic Storm
  10. Elaralenderinil

    Vote reward

    Working, šlape to přes updater. Přes web jsem to nezkoušel, primární zájem je přes updater. Přes web nechť to zkusí někdo jiný, ale asi je to zbytečné (pokud je to na webu stejně jako updater). Jediné co bych vytkl, že mi to hodilo "jen" na 9 hodin, což by odpovídalo tomu kdy jsem zahlasoval ráno poprvé. Takže od teď by to mělo šlapat dobře. Díky *Thumb up*