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  1. Jorn

    Nový start?

    Nemate nekdo kontakt na @Yooyoo? Kdyztak do PM, diky EDIT: Vyreseno, diky @Wlad.
  2. Jorn

    Nový start?

    @sunshine jsi v ceske sekci, tak prosimte pouzivej cestinu, diky.
  3. Jorn

    How about an event?

    Post was hidden, @Waltari please use english next time. Thanks.
  4. Jorn

    Forum update

    Since i didin't manage to the update last week, i am going to do it today, forum won't be accessible since 10:30 AM until update is done (approx 1 hour downtime).
  5. Jorn

    Forum update

    Dear players, our community board will undergo an update to newest version. Since it's a major release (4.3) of the software, the downtime can be couple of hours. We will also do forum cleanup (archive discussions, merge subforums, etc.). Update and cleanup will happen tomorrow morning. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  6. Jorn

    Server status

    Event, starter pack (No grade to A grade - all shadow, shots, vit items, exp runes?), free class changes (1st, 2nd, 3rd), free clan level 1-x?, maybe even free nobless? That could attract some people, but the question is how to attract big clans, and to be honest, those will rarely join server that has been running for years .
  7. Jorn

    New server idea

    Just to let you know, i've start working on new website, control panel, stats pages, drop spoil, etc. Unfortunately due to almost no free time lately, progress is rather slow, but at least we're moving forward.
  8. Hi, yes, server will be running for years. About freya - still a lot of work needs to be done.
  9. Jorn

    New server idea

    Updates should have 2 or 3 months cycle. imho 2 months is more then enough to get geared on GF if people know how to play (especially on 10x rates). GvG i am not familiar with, this is something we need to help with. I am hesitant to put full items into donate, i'd rather have premium with increased exp/sp/adena. And then marks for class transfers, buyable nobless after 2nd TW. Also to make it more interesting, i'd go for short oly period (two weeks, or even one).
  10. Jorn

    New server idea

    Could you please explain in more detail how the "Compendium" works? GvG tournament - should this be something like best parties from clans fight each other? And best party wins some prize pool?
  11. Jorn

    New server idea

    I've just had a chat with @Emca - only reasonable upgrade path is GF->Freya. IL never leaked to public .. and creating IL by "downgrading" GF is nearly impossible due to missing data. AdvExt IL is built on top of C4 thus it is not real IL. We have real Freya data, which means we can have quite accurate extender. Can you share your opinions on the length of wipe cycle? Why (not) 1/2 year, 1 year, etc? Also wanted to ask if you have any experience with "pre-sale" like premiums, nick reservation, etc? Were there any servers that used that?
  12. Jorn

    New server idea

    @claw you're right, promotion is very difficult to do, plus, i think that every launch would have to be somewhat special (feature-wise), because nobody wants to play again and again with same setup, features ... or am i wrong? @heroBD yes, you're right with this one, but i wouldn't use word "destruction", it's just the normal life cycle of almost every server. doing an update is a difficult thing, we only have experience with GF->GE, also i am not sure if there's any usable l2off leaked IL server and if @Emca would have time to make it work (most importantly fix bugs). Maybe it would be easier for us to do GF(->GE)>Freya, because we already have some things done in Freya extender, but this is something Emca has to confirm. But i understand your point in need of the update to keep the community alive. same as #2 This is very difficult topic to solve - the idea of 1+1 is something that is on official server (innova). I liked about it that i needed to always look for parties, however if my clan was offline and i wasn't able to find any party, i couldn't do anything by myself. 2+1 at least guarantees you can somewhat solo with DC and BD for example. I am all for 1+1, but we'd need at least 1000+ online for that limitation. ok I am afraid that premiums wouldn't be sufficient to keep the server running, that's why we are thinking about in game tradeable currency. It's not like we want to make donate, earn $$$ and go to Bora Bora . Goal is to make enough money to have advertising for whole time period of server run. Money for the server itself (we could eventually buy new server if there is enough money? @Emca). We will surely send email about new server to everyone. I like the idea of a pre-sale or how to call it - we could offer couple of services for these kind of donators (like different name color, premium for a month for free, hat, special group on forums, etc).
  13. Jorn

    New server idea

    Hi @Yooyoo, we've already discussed this few times with @Emca. We would like to open new server, and if we do it, it will have totally different setup than on Shrine (so it does not compete with Shrine). We are thinking about regular wipe policy (1/2 year or 1 year and then wipe + new start). Opening someday in autumn. Main problem (apart from having free time to develop & setup everything) right now is finances, we will need at least 2000$ USD to cover the server machine expenses for 1/2 year. Shutting down Shrine and using it's hardware or new is not an option. Now to your post. Chronicle: GF or GE - We haven't talked about this, GE is pretty stable and useful, but it seems like GF is more appealing to players. Rates: We haven't discussed this, my personal preference is to have something higher, 8x to 10x with 1/2 year wipe policy Box: Again, haven't discussed this, so again my personal preference: i would like to have option to have two dual boxes, three with Premium account Donation system: Special made currency bought using paypal / stripe / whatever. Used in GM Shop NPC to purchase premium, and stuff you wrote Bot hunter program: Could be rewarded, maybe some "bot hunter" currency used for special items (only available to bot hunters and nobody else), dunno. So, first thing first - how to get the money so the server can run at least 1/2 year? And more important question, does it even make sense to open server like this? How to make it unique so players come and stay?
  14. Jorn

    Three Words Game

    With Antistyle's bride
  15. Jorn

    3 ideas.

    1. i consider this as a "quality of life" change, which would be nice to have 2. as Emca said, difficult to add 3. this is something like auction npc on official servers, right? it's nice feature, i like it, but there's no ui / support for in the current server / client, so basically same as 2