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  1. No we didn't gave up - i am working on new control panel that'll support multiple severs - it's almost done. We'll be also migrating members to a clean installation of forums, and we will archive this one.
  2. Dear players, we updated forum to the newest version. If you run into any issues, let us know and we'll fix it asap. I also want to mention that those, whose registration did not complete due to email issues can now try again to resend verification emails. Cheers.
  3. It was 5% ... and if you consider how much pain it is to get there ... it's ridiculous chance. So we aligned it with Freya's chance which is 100%.
  4. Huh? Drop 100% rate for Beleth ring is there for like 3 years. Edit: not 3 but 1,5 half.
  5. Ring is set to be 100%. I'll have look how to make the tower disconnect / error friendly - meaning that i would like it to be a zone that would allow to connect back in certain time (5 minutes enough?) Beleth is not instanced, this is what the data say: npc_ex_begin [beres] pos={-105200;-253104;-15264;-16384} total=1 respawn=264hour respawn_rand=72hour dbname=[beres] boss_respawn_set=yes npc_ex_end
  6. Jorn

    Soi Stages

    Sorry for the late response, it took a while to dig through the AI and scripts. So if you do 4 Ekimus, and let the stage fall (and nobody else will contribute to the final point count), then it won't count as 5th one. Each Ekimus adds certain number of points that is stored in the database. Once the desired point count is reached, then SOI is switched to another state. Each stage "fall" resets the point counter.
  7. Jorn

    Server's clock

    Somehow Windows aren't syncing time. Emca did some update today and we just restarted the server, let's hope it's finally fixed.
  8. Yeah, both are located on the same server.
  9. Jorn

    Cloud DNS

    Dear players, we have received couple of reports that login service fails on hostname issues. We ordered and configured Cloud DNS service which will hopefully resolve the issues. If those issues persist after 24 hours, the issue is most likely not on our side, but we will try to help you resolve it.
  10. Hi, do you know if anybody else experience lags at the same time as you have them? We moved to new hardware so it might require some additional tweaks. The hostname thing is strange, because we actually didn't change any IP addresses (we're using proxies so we don't expose server address). I am going to talk to @Emca about those issues, hopefully we'll find solution soon. We are actually thinking about donations, but it takes quite a lot of setup and needs some additional paperwork (taxes). So yes, donations will eventually come, in a way that there will be: paid monthly
  11. Thanks. I was looking for "pre-made" web pages with L2 motive, because i am not a designer. Seems like it's not so easy to find one, so i guess i'll have to create something by myself.
  12. Dear players, we need to move L2 Shrine server to another hosting provider. Expected downtime is couple of hours. We will notify you here on forums when server is ready. Reasons why we are moving to another host: Actual Shrine hardware is quite old Better connectivity for European players Better hardware - Core i9, 64GB of RAM, more disk space (NVMe) We will have capacity to open another server (H5) We apologize for the inconvenience.
  13. Dear players, i'd like to ask you if you know some nice responsive html / php templates with lineage 2 motive we could buy to craft the website? If you do, please share links with me :). Thanks!
  14. H, as @Aphr0 said, we took website off and redirect everything to forums. You can find all the necessary info in the right panel under the "Announcements". Server is still the same, except we raised rates a little to help newcomers to get gear faster. Also since the population is smaller, we decided to lower amount of characters needed to enter some of the instances. We are also slowly working on High Five extender for L2OFF. Once that is done, we will open new High Five server.
  15. Jorn


    2020-03-30 (Applied with scheduled server restart) Scripts: Decrease number of characters needed to enter Tiat and Zaken to 9 (entering the instance will still require a command channel though) Decrease arrow weight to 0 Add multisell with marks for 1st class transfer to L2 Shrine Event Manager Helen