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  1. Light armor Enchanter Dyna Essence I: skill_begin skill_name = [s_dynasty_tunic_enchanter] /* [ ] */ skill_id = 3355 level = 1 operate_type = P magic_level = 1 self_effect = {} effect = {{p_magic_speed;{all};15;per};{p_max_mp;{all};321;diff;0};{p_reduce_cancel;-15;diff};{p_magic_mp_cost;1;-5;per};{p_defence_attribute;attr_unholy;8};{p_set_cloak_slot}} multi_class = 0 skill_end Casting spd. +15%, max mp +321, casting cancel reduction -15, cost of magic skills -5% and dark attr +8 int -1, men +2 and wit -1 Enchanter Dyna Essence II: skill_begin skill_name = [s_dynasty_
  2. set_begin 67 slot_chest={9419} slot_legs={9421;11512} slot_head={9422;11557} slot_gloves={9423;11513} slot_feet={9424;11526} slot_lhand={9441;11532} slot_additional=[slot_lhand] set_skill=[s_set_collected] set_effect_skill=[s_dynasty_blast_plate_force_master] set_additional_effect_skill=[s_dynasty_shield] set_additional2_condition=6 set_additional2_effect_skill=[s_heavy_set_s1] str_inc={2;0} con_inc={-2;0} dex_inc={0;0} int_inc={0;0} men_inc={0;0} wit_inc={0;0} set_end This is the set definition for force master set with Dyna I
  3. True, there is no full leak. Only AI and some scripts leaked. I can take a look into server files and see what it really does. Sometimes description in client does not match the real effects on items.
  4. I'll discuss this with @Emca.
  5. I might talk to @Emca about this, since i can't do it just by myself. We could again invest time into opening new server, but we have to ask ourselves if it's worth it if only 200-300 unique ppl (maybe not even that) would join and population will be almost 0 players in 2-3 months? If anything, opening a seasonal server would make most sense imho: open in October / November close before summer in May / June chronicle GF or GE because H5 extender is not ready (we have l2off h5 data) and H5 is too big for small community server and then think through donate sy
  6. Psal jsem o tom @Emca, tak uvidime jestli bude mit cas se na to kouknout.
  7. Hi @haleluja. It's true we have most of the bugs fixed, we have our own anticheat and we also have experience running the server. However, that is not enough. It would take a lot of time and money to run second server. It's not a problem to set up second server, i would also be willing to spend some money to propagate it. But would players come? I doubt it, because there are much larger projects, and most of the servers have almost only russian player base. EU players aren't playing anymore, maybe some would come because of nostalgia, but they would quit after few weeks. And in order
  8. Vypada to na problem u vsech questu.
  9. Can you give me more details about the quest - name and where i can take it?
  10. Clan hall cleanup will happen on 2nd August.
  11. Dear Players, we're going to clear out some clan halls. Any clans where no one's logged in since January 1, 2023, are going to lose their halls. The clans that haven't been active and have halls are: InclusionForzada SoloFarm Triskelion BambusArmy HuntersHorde CamonnaTong DreamTheater ViennaVelvet Darkness If you're in one of these clans and you've been playing, let us know ASAP. Cheers.
  12. No we didn't gave up - i am working on new control panel that'll support multiple severs - it's almost done. We'll be also migrating members to a clean installation of forums, and we will archive this one.
  13. Dear players, we updated forum to the newest version. If you run into any issues, let us know and we'll fix it asap. I also want to mention that those, whose registration did not complete due to email issues can now try again to resend verification emails. Cheers.
  14. It was 5% ... and if you consider how much pain it is to get there ... it's ridiculous chance. So we aligned it with Freya's chance which is 100%.