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  1. Dear players, i'd like to ask you if you know some nice responsive html / php templates with lineage 2 motive we could buy to craft the website? If you do, please share links with me :). Thanks!
  2. H, as @Aphr0 said, we took website off and redirect everything to forums. You can find all the necessary info in the right panel under the "Announcements". Server is still the same, except we raised rates a little to help newcomers to get gear faster. Also since the population is smaller, we decided to lower amount of characters needed to enter some of the instances. We are also slowly working on High Five extender for L2OFF. Once that is done, we will open new High Five server.
  3. Jorn


    2020-03-30 (Applied with scheduled server restart) Scripts: Decrease number of characters needed to enter Tiat and Zaken to 9 (entering the instance will still require a command channel though) Decrease arrow weight to 0 Add multisell with marks for 1st class transfer to L2 Shrine Event Manager Helen
  4. I'll discuss with Emca. What would be the price for the quest? 3kk?
  5. Jorn

    Rabbits to Riches!

    Dear players, we have a new event that starts today - Rabbits to Riches! Event takes place on Fantasy Island and will run from 18/3/2020 till 24/3/2020 (including) every day 19:00-20:00 UTC+1 (20:00-21:00 UTC+2). Enjoy.
  6. Jorn

    Rate changes

    Dear players, we decided to increase exp, sp, drop, spoil and adena rates to 6x. This change is permanent. Enjoy.
  7. Dear players, I will be working on forum cleanup & migration of some content (mainly news, announcements) to a new module we bought for the forum software - pages. So, don't be scared when some sections / topics will dispensary. Cheers.
  8. @Aphr0 @Eldax is right, unfortunately that's how it is in gracia files, and we won't change that.
  9. Hi, I'll have a look and let you know.
  10. @heroBD i will try to fix the vote reward next week and will talk to @Emca about rate increase event.
  11. We'll see if we can swap it with something else 🙂.
  12. We will set hb to max level over the weekend, so it will apply on next restart (monday).
  13. @Emca i think we could set HB to max level permanently, wdyt?
  14. shoutbox opraven, stranky se stats budou co nevidet taky .. po updatu php se nam nenaloadovaly potrebne rozsireni EDIT: opraveno
  15. We had to change IP address on voting servers and unfortunately hopzone admins still didnt verify the change. I requested ip change day after we switched server location. I am sorry guys but there is nothing i can do with this ... its up to hopzone to reenable voting.
  16. Players that were robbed (missing equip) can talk to us and ask us where those things ended up. What we do is just tell the characted name or some other basic info, nothing else.
  17. Ring will be obtainable from coffin after next regular server restart.
  18. Yes, in GF, it does nothing then displaying stupid HTML, i think i wrote it earlier in the discussion. It's Beleth that actually drops the ring with 5% chance. But in Freya and H5 official files, it gives CC leader the ring when talking to coffin.
  19. I am going to talk to Emca and we will probably make some adjustments. Because 5% chance is nonsense. I'd like to have same behavior as on Freya and H5 -> getting ring from coffin with 100% chance.
  20. To make this clear: GF PTS data: Ring drops from Beleth with 5% chance Official Freya data and Official H5 data: Ring is given to CC leader when defeating Beleth and talking to coffin
  21. That's true on H5 official files we have, coffin gives ring with 100% chance. I don't have freya files now, but i'll ask @Emca to send them to me and i'll check it also there. Yeah, he drops the ring, with 5% chance .. it's not in drop spoil, because it's in special category in the npc definition, i am going to fix that with new version of CP / Dropspoil.
  22. Wow, congratz on killing that bitch guys. I'll check what is the chance of getting the ring. EDIT: additional_make_list={{[ring_of_bereth];1;1;5};{[sealed_holly_sprit's_cloak];1;1;60};{[sb_fighter_will];1;1;30};{[sb_archer_will];1;1;30};{[sb_magicians_will1];1;1;30}} So, there's just 5% chance ... that's just ridiculous, so much effort and only 5% chance ... @Emca do you think we could do anything about this? Or shall we leave it as it is? Btw. i've just had a look and that coffin does nothing .... it just displays html pages.
  23. In case you'll be unsuccessful with spawning Epidos, let me know .. i will test it with GM char or maybe we can do some testing together (if @Emca has no objections).