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  1. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    even keltir had known/still WTB/T
  2. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    Come on u guys needs to owe something for sure
  3. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    tag/dual dagger mastery sell or go...
  4. WTB/T Forgotten scroll

    I might have had if u need something for change
  5. WTB

    WTB/T Soul Separator full even rcp. and keys
  6. WTT S gems

  7. WTT S gems

    I saw at Giran AM 150KK and buyer S gems/3,5KK lets say better than 42 GS right? :-)
  8. Pagan Temple

  9. Pagan Temple

    I see so it´s common 1st affects chance & after that quantity ok for me until i earned one EAS/2K quest items i realy hope for 2-4 eas or one-2 ews :-p close/thx
  10. Pagan Temple

    I am not absolutely sure about that but quest item is droped one per mob so where is 4x rate bonus? Ofc i didnt play ,,1x,, rate ever but still :f
  11. Recipe(s): MA (set)

    WTB/ i am open/free for any trade about MA rcps.
  12. MW item not working (?)

    One crazy idea but give it the try did u wear that IC set on tank? Caius_? And if affects his M.def there is clear reason why. Otherwise:
  13. Mats

    I can sell CL but 200K will being better & info how many do u need i can sell 300 for start
  14. Game nicks

    :((( beeeeeeeeeeee good
  15. Game nicks

    I heared about clan halls in the sense of make them for active ppls(clans) more like for nothing. So what about game nicks? In case acc(much more better than jsut character) did not log for long period of time the nick will be changed to ,,newcomer01,, etc. So what? gonna like that?