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  1. Not really mate. This server seems more stable than many others I have seen. Active and friendly community, active GMs, no donation, increasing population, server is number 8 in Hopzone! I will not be changing servers unless this one shuts down or something. My 2 cents.
  2. Hi and welcome from me as well. Yes MoragTong offers 3kk to each newbie. I do not believe you will have any problem finding people - there are plenty and some areas are contested. I strongly recommend making a buffer box, as getting buffed properly will really make your leveling experience quite faster. If you find a couple of mates (and trust me, there are) you might end up getting full buffs. Have fun and feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  3. Hi and welcome from me as well. I am a new player and I started 1 week ago. Server is cool and stable, unlike other servers that close after 1 week (like Redmoon) or after 1 month (Like many others). Dude if u are looking for a reason to stay, the reason should be cause you love L2. If u are sick of playing kid servers, u r welcome here. Otherwise, see u around. Server numbers are from 500-800 individual IPs (around 1000-1200 with boxes as official numbers show) which is promising. DO NOT expect an easy server. This is hardcore l2. Apolpges in advance for any mistakes, I am drunk. Ch
  4. Hello and welcome from me as well. I am a new player here, having joined after changing server every month because of rookie GM's, OP donations (for example vorpal armor after 5 days of start), and servers generally shutting down after 1 month because GMs just wanted to grab fast money. Speaking for myself, I am tired of lvling up over and over and over again, doing this damn Noblesse quest over and over, and doing subs again. So, I decided I need something more permanent and this is why I joined here. (Also, this server is top10 on Hopzone and thats how I found it.) As far as statistics
  5. Nowadays there are offline-like buffers who sell buffs for adena. So basically you "talk" to an offline player who sells u buffs for adena. I am pretty sure you have seen this in mid rate servers. Yes, I am aware of the adventure buffs because I used to play on official too for a while during GoD. But L2 became reaaaally different there. Ok so it seems there is no way around making buffers. Btw, thank you so much for your replies. They are really appreciated!
  6. How come you do not have this? Oh mate the only reason I am playing L2 is the Kamael Doombringer. Fell in love 10 years back and been in love ever since. Hard to believe, but true. I told my mate about this server, he is more used to low rates than I am cause he was playing on official for years. He told me we would need boxes and this is what I am trying to avoid lololol. Oh you edited your msg. By chicken you mean Kamael?????
  7. Thank you for your fast reply. I hate lvling other characters. To put it simply, I am a "one-trick Pony" so I would ideally prefer to avoid exping buffers. Do clans have offline buffers who buff for like 1 adena or something?
  8. Hello everyone and thank you for the reply to the other newbie. My mate and I are also looking for a new server. L2RedMoon is going downhill and we are tired of switching servers every 1 month and all the hard work we put into the game not being rewarded. So we are looking for something...stable. I will be playing Doombringer (I usually switch to Judicator for RBs depending on clan preferences) and my mate probably tank (dunno if he prefers FI over SOS). My questions are: 1) Given there are no autobuffs, do we have to make buffers ourselves? 2) Buffs last 20 mins? 3) Will we