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  1. It says you get buffed up to 62, apparently in epilogue they are supposed to be dispensed up to 75. (and this one is actually a bu... uhm, maybe just an oversight)
  2. My pet uses to return the item he has in his inventory back to mine every time it gets summoned. Not sure is working as intended. How to replicate: get a pet (tried with the un-evolved 2headed chicken), give him something to hold (happened with a bunch of common items), then un-summon. On resummon the items will appear in MY inventory instead of his
  3. Well, as description says, it requires to be casted on a party member. " Transfers the Aggression of nearby enemies to a selected party members only. Requires a crossbow. "
  4. Unconfirmed as a bug, probably a matter of common sense. When you use shift target (Arbalester, level 43) the kamael gets pvp flagged, *without* forcing the ability. Is it working as intened?
  5. Just visit any trainer and you'll be good, as I whispered you in game
  6. Just noted a few raid fighters (from the one guy in forest of the dead village I reckon) spawning and disappearing riht after in the forest of the dead crater. /loc is 2419 11207 -5272 give or take a few steps. Is it some kind of "are you botting?" system or...?
  7. Heh, I do enjoy playing spoilers, and i do understand that some soloing part are a "needed evil" inside a game, what I would not enjoy is ending up playing single player in a MMO - if my concern makes any sense.
  8. Hello, started playing yesterday, decided to roll a spoiler main. While grinding enough animal skin for the second class transfer a few questions came to mind: More of a curiosity than anything else: in most servers I've played people pay newbies for academy crp. Here, best offer I got was 500k. Probably will be fine with gold once I get to some high level and start selling mats, but do people really not need crp or...? I know I decided to play a spoiler on a server running a patch before they get all the cool dagger tricks (and alas, sweeper festival) and basically became really short THs, so my question is: will I be able to find a clan to play with after the 2nd class change, or are they considered just "crafting bots" so have fun leveling solo, see you when you get a subclass eventually? Speaking of which, will have any chance of getting parties while leveling as a spoiler, or should I get my own set of petbuffs and play single player minus the random pk every now and then for 36+36 levels until I get a 3classed sub? (edit: typos here and there, l2proofread)