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  1. After rr theres no MOBS IN CATAS, but they are elsewhere (after rr) its been already 20mins
  2. pepsiQQ

    wtb Bambo Hat

    got it/closed
  3. pepsiQQ

    wtb Bambo Hat

    or wtt 4 Bumpkin' Hat (jack o'lantern) got TM glov/tm blade as well or adensky "pepsiQQ
  4. pepsiQQ


    still not working
  5. pepsiQQ


    cant sign up for Godd TW
  6. We could debate it one way or other , doesn't change the fact people prefer to join "fresh" server over "old ones", so a little bit of handicap would do just fine. Not to mention that on this server, newcomers need to make alt/s for buffs at the very least, so go figure.
  7. I am sure he took your advice under consideration - a month later xD.
  8. Your argument is flat. There is nothing difficult anyway during levelling process from 1 to 65. The only difference is it could take 20 hours or 10-12 hours. @Eldax As you have mentioned and rightly so. Server is 6 months old, I see some people entering the server, checking "towns" and they can see some S grade even dynasty now. Yes, it is not something a majority of our player base have, still you get the idea. There should be a "quick start" or "jump" event for newcomers in order to attract them. It benefits economy, clans and everyone really.. We are not talk
  9. IMHO u should a newbie event and keep it permament for new players to help them lvl up till 65'ish like free d/c shots etc. Mby 1-3 vit items to keep their vit till 61 without making rb's etc. It was really good idea _ on a similar realm when the sunset.... cause it basically makes no difference for current players, and it gives some incentive to join. win/win. // also (but not that important) free 10k crp for a new clan (once only) - with 15+ people(diff IP)
  10. Dzieki, od poniedzialku 23:00+ na serku przyjemnie.
  11. Hi, /target pepsiQQ in Giran and sell me Full MJ gloves. or drop me a PM 11 PM UTC+ ing "pepsiQQ or here with ur prize.
  12. It's only my personal experience, it's my 2nd day here, but I would say Global Shout would be useful at least for some time for new players.
  13. I remember u guys from dex I used to play in VaeVictis on Dex if i recall correctly & Ph34r on wrath. GL