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Found 56 results

  1. Ahoj, nejde vyvolat vlk píše to ze je " You may not use multiple pets or servitors at the same time." Ráno kolem 8h (srv čas 9h) jsem vstoupil do Rim pailaka v fortress a po chvilce mi zmizeli vlci,když jsem se je snažil vyvolat tak to psalo neco o NPC srv neobjevili se ani NPC. Koplo mne to ven a když jsem po relogu všech oken zkoušel znovu vyvolat vlka tvářilo se to že to vyvolává ale vlk se neobjevil.Tak znova relog a od te doby to píše " You may not use ....... . Jedna se o 3 vlci na 3 postavách -rico,vojin,ocir.
  2. Valerion

    Account Problem

    Good afternoon, I have 6 accounts and this morning 3 of them can't log ! Says i don't have time on this account. The other 3 accounts log normally. What is going on ?? I am waiting for your reply. Best Regards
  3. V lokaci Crypts of Disgrace maji mobi commanderi v popisku dve plne listy resistu ale nezobrazuji drop a spoil,asi uz se to nevleze .Muzes na to mrknout,diky
  4. Sometimes more often, some times less. But I get kicked out on both characters twice per buff duration. Not sure why, this started happening after Epilogue update. Am I the only one? Cheers!
  5. Zdravím, objevuje se mi tento problém. Dostanu se jen do logování (tam kam se píše nick a heslo) a po stisknutí Enteru mi vyskočí okno s touto hláškou. Zkoušel jsem hru vymazat a nahrát znovu, spustil Update a dělá to stále. Předem díky za odpovědi. 2017.8.13 10:57:18 OS : Windows Vista 6.1 (Build: 7601) CPU : GenuineIntel Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16GHz @ 2162 MHz 3001MB RAM Video : Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (2302) PosCode : LS1(152) 0:0:0 2/0 [555] General protection fault! History: CAuthSocket::OnUserNetmessage <- UWindowsViewport::ViewportWndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- DispatchMessage <- 00030268 1290 <- MessagePump <- MainLoop
  6. JenKenos

    Server time

    .time is at the moment 18:10, but talking to the TW npc he says that the current time is 17:10. Which makes it a bit confusing, which one is correct?
  7. I'm too lazy to make different topics and i was collecting those "bugs" with time so here is some material for @Emca to have fun on ^^ If destro is training at necro spot in FoG usually there are like 2-3 mages per rebuff in the whole area, if warlord is training and using provoke there are like 5-6 mages per train If character have been in clan owning a castle and he leave that clan (without registering to dawn) even 1 day after still not able to register to dusk At territory war i was online inside the siege area with 2 clan leaders who owned castles aka they were registered in TW 100%. I was online and inside combat zone with both of them but without party, without catapelt and without killing anything. At the end of the TW none of those chars took badges. The question is why for example if i set offline shop in town while TW i still take badges and if im online even inside siege area they took nothing? The following place is bugged and people are unable to move once they enter the bugged area ( inside Tiat dungeon) I dunno how and why (maybe it is a visual bug) but i was getting hit trough the wall... sadly i have no /loc
  8. Graddy


    Prosim opravte geotada v oly stadiach, lebo aj ked sa postavich chrbom k stene tak ti da dyka shadow step tym stylom ze ti vyskoci nad hlavu a da ti backstab. Uz sa mi stalo ze sme sa aj obaja bugli do steny za kamaely s portami
  9. Ahoj! pri zmene rozlíšenia (či už v hre alebo v súbore Options.ini) na 1920x1080x32bit a 144Hz refresh rate (keďže mám taký monitor) mi stále hádže túto chybu (viď prílohu). Skúšal som aj vymazať súbor Options.ini a dať znovu Update, ale nepomohlo... a aj preinštalovanie celého clienta - nepomohlo.
  10. Hi, today 2min before server have restart we killed lilith but she dont level up any crystal. GM can u check what going on? Thanks
  11. paqryk

    pailaka 38

    After killing the white panther at the end, inspector adler didn't spawn. I did got disconnect during the instance, but the bosses spawned normally.
  12. Gogita


    Dunno how to name this "bug" i know its not global, it have to do only with me but i just dunno what i need to do to solve it so im seeking help here on the forum I just dont see the captchas and my actions are limited, cant vote, cant change passwords etc. I also have this when i try to google. I tried everything thats out there on the forums but nothing helps me.. did any of u have experienced this thing before? I even reinstalled my windows with fresh new , first 1 day was fine and on second i got it again
  13. Sandokana

    Pailaka 73

    Maybe it's not bug, but to me looks like it is. I enter Pailaka, i kill the mobs blocking the way, I enhance weapon until "complete spear". Then I need rebuff, I SOE, re-enter, and (this is the bug) I have to kill again the mobs in the way (they respawned in the meantime, in other Pailakas they do not respawn), and I receive again the "Weapon upgrade"scrolls! And again, I need rebuff, soe, re-enter, and the mobs are again in the way, and again they give upgrade scrolls (even the spear is complete, as I said). I cannot finish in 20 mins (1 buff round). The ketra officer gives only 5 buffs. Is this the way the quest it's supposed to be? Thank you.
  14. Ahoj, vcera po TW som nedostal badge na jednu postavu. Pocas TW som urobil tie questy, isiel do hradu a sadol si na fame. Dostal som disconnect tak som sa relogol spat, questy boli splnene, ale po TW mi TW manager povedal ze nic pre mna nema. Mohli by ste sa na to pozriet? dik
  15. Zdravím, nechápu proč, ale nejde mi spustit L2 klienta; včera to ještě fungovalo, ale dnes ERROR (hlášení viz. níže). Nepomohl ani reinstall. Dělali jse nějaký změny v souvislosti s novou verzí L2? nevím čím to může být prosím o radu. 2017.6.15 18:20:37 OS : Windows Vista 6.1 (Build: 7601) CPU : AuthenticAMD AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 925 Processor @ 2813 MHz 4094MB RAM Video : No Video PosCode : LS1(152) 0:0:0 4/0 [905] General protection fault! History: FL2GameData::LoadL2DataBin <- FL2GameData::SystemMsgFormatLoad <- FL2GameData::Load <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine
  16. Tapek

    Wolf EQ

    Ahoj, mam problem s EQ na vlkovi...kdyz ho vyvolam, tak neni videt obsah jeho invu (zbran, armor, jidlo...nic). EQ aktivni je, podle statu, jen neni videt...hlavni je ze nevidim kolik zbyva jidla. Sice jsem mu tam nasypal pro jistotu hodne, ale stejne je to celkem rusive :-) Kdyz ho dam na jinou postavu, tak je vse ok. Slo by s tim neco udelat?
  17. When I press enchant skill, skills grey out but the tab doesn't slide open. I believe this has happened before and I figured it out, but can't remember what I did. It is happening on all my boxes.
  18. Hello, i was in some place, use voting baf / IP adres was 123.. / Then i came to another place,few hours later, was logging and was without voting buff / because is fixet IP adress. I try it to solve but without succes . / my IP adres has changed / and i can`t votte / cant use voting reward. Can you do something with this ? Because i think is not ok . Thanks for answer. Fidoo Ahojte, jednoducha vec.Som niekde ,kde mam IP adresu 123 blabla.. pridem inde po par hodinach , rozbalim a idem hrat ,chyba mi voting reward. Tak si vravim, mam inu IP ved som inde teraz, skusam, ze mozno pohlasujem,ale nejde. Takto sa pripravim o voting reward, ak niesom na jednej a ten istej IP adrese, to nieje ok. Dajte vediet co s tym .Fidoo
  19. Valerion

    Pailaka 36

    Hello, I'm on the last part of quest and the last boss is not in the room ! May you hep me ? Best Regards,
  20. To whom it may concern, I have encountered major difficulties in completing this quest which I believe to be bugged. I would be happy to be otherwise proven wrong The quest I am trying to complete is "Path to Becoming a Lord - Shuttgart", this is how far I got: At this stage I am supposed to go back to the Archaic Laboratory and kill 300 golems located inside the lab, no specific mob is called out. With the help of my clan we have killed each and every type of mob from the area (both inside and outside the lab) but did not obtain any Quest Item. Next step was to search on Google, and indeed more people seem to have gotten stuck at this specific point. Here's a quote from official forum Following this advice we went ahead and took the quest "Influx of Machines" and indeed Quest Items started dropping! Trust me it is not fast to drop 500 items, however to our uttermost frustration the NPC giving quest will not accept these quest items: We've went back to Archaic Laboratory and tried killing (again) each and every different mob type from there - with no result. Thank you for your support! Ragnar of Invictus
  21. Zdravím, ked chcem spustit L2 vyhadzuje mi toto.
  22. Hi! I'v got a problem with open a wolv inventory. I tried relogin/kill and res wolv and still nothing. My nick in game - Ebrithil, in my inventory thers only 1 collar. Can u check it?
  23. pepsiQQ


    cant sign up for Godd TW
  24. Zdravím, rád bych se zeptal, proč nejde registrovat na TW Goddard ještě jsem se s tím nesetkal. (majitele hradu to má)
  25. Hello, today when I logged in on my char IwonaRyder, I noticed that my Great Wolf Necklace dissapeared. I found my great wolf food in the inventory but the necklace is not there anymore. Can you check (admins) what happened to my great wolf? Thank you very much.