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  1. JenKenos

    Wipe & Kickstart this project?

    No (for pretty much everything stated above)
  2. JenKenos

    Server time

    Alright, I didn't know the client has it's own timekeeping. In that case you can close this thread, thanks.
  3. JenKenos

    Server time

    It is correct according to manor, but in terms of TW it's not, if that makes sense. The TW should start at 19:00, however with .time it starts at 20:00.
  4. JenKenos

    Server time

    .time is at the moment 18:10, but talking to the TW npc he says that the current time is 17:10. Which makes it a bit confusing, which one is correct?
  5. Do not look elsewhere, this server is absolutely fantastic. It's the most stable server I have played in ages, and if you look at the forum posts you will see that the admin responds to server and community issues within the day. You can easily find a clan and find people to have fun with, but it does deserve a larger population. Now you might say "If it's so great, why isn't it heavily populated?" The answer to that is simple: NO DONATIONS No donations means less big-ego scumbags who buy their way to the top like on all the other servers you've joined (yes yes, you know what I'm talking about). It also means that the people here are actually friendlier than your average server, as it is mostly mature people with real lives behind the characters. It's the kind of people who don't want to mess around by playing in a cash-cow server that will close after 6 months. So let's get down to business! Ok, promo is over, time to kill some gremlins.