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  1. Daily olympiad

    dont feed the hand that bites you. idiots
  2. L2R

    anyone else playing?
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  4. What are you listening to?

    Time for dancing
  5. Selfies

    When outfits are life..
  6. WTB Doom,Bw

    WTB Doom stockings Full or rec 100% WTB BW helmet 60/100% or full , gaiters full or rec 100% WTT Doom helmet for BW helmet "Gogita
  7. What are you listening to?

    I swear this is the best thing you gonna hear today.
  8. Hide

    It's Working, thank you! Cant describe u the smile and relief on @Antistyle's face ^^ U might lock.
  9. Wipe & Kickstart this project?

    3/4 of the shops in Giran are mine? okay.. i will take this as a compliment well u just had 2 people and their friends joined few days ago commenting above ur message I agree that the economy of the server is not one of the best but u cant change the fact that the server has 2 sides = The tryhards who farm raids and world bosses all day and the casuals who play 1-2 hours per day or even if they play more they focus on the most basic things such as "How to collect enough adena for SSC" "How to find B grade" "How to spoil A grade" and "Where is best place to farm adena" .. Most people dont have even basic knowledge and any idea of how to grow and progress.. so how u expect those people to sustain the market? Most of the clans are bunch of randoms, so was yours too. No CP, No organization, No purpose.. just moving around the map like headless chickens doing nothing all day. Stuck at 78 forever. Well.. thats nobody's fault but theirs. Trust me i can a sure u that if a competitive player start on this server he will reach 78 in 2 weeks, not 5 months like most of you, imagine this with the 1 month event of boosted exp/sp/drops. There is no one else to blame but the community. Population is not the one and only thing people care about, 1 year already on this server i met with lots of new players and testers who also ask about how is the PVP on this server. People want pvp .. not just endless farming and stacking ur useless asses (yes LR i'm talking about you) and want it or not i have to say the truth that the only pvp on this server is on the last 2 sieges. I have to explain how 3 months, every single saturday and sunday our clan was making party for TW/Siege and Our castle was dead and quiet as a cemetery.. Yes, No wipe policy is nice and we stand behind it strongly because if it wasn't it we wouldn't even start playing here. Cause i'm sure the people who "will never start a server that is already old" are much less than the people who are fcking tired of russian donation god damn trash servers that close every 3 months and wipe your hard to get progress. Cheers.