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  1. What if i told you adena is a useless item and people keep stacking it because they think it's the same like real life? in fact it doesn't get you anything in game as an item
  3. Are you a member of a clan? Im a treasure hunter looking for clan.
  4. New player here LF clan,still interested?
  5. you got a +1 by me when the new server comes :p but i hope more people with guts join,i dont like playing alone
  6. Down to GF with 100% pz from SLH,rush impact land rate like 90% and disarm another 90%,all the damages insanely high due to elements.Cool story bob.
  7. you're a little bit touched in the brain if you seriously think that.good luck,stranger.
  8. Antistyle


    i think the file name is rtms-e.dat and it's located within a sub folder in the textures,i think textures/gtxs/gtps.
  9. CV is too long....I cannot remember most of the things
  10. May i join aswell?i started a couple of weeks ago!
  11. if you ever start a new project,count me in! i'll be fine with a Kawasaki H2R !
  12. @Eldax who TF cares about random servers?this is how retail works.you can get buffs res etc from outside. if that's a problem then PK THE CHARS OUTSIDE.... PS:are you a by any chance member of the clan LastRun? they were complaining about the same thing and asking from GMs to perma ban us instead of just pk'ing the buffers from outside
  13. WashAndGo Best SPS ))) Youtube -> L2Shrine Antistyle - Pest Control#2 -> 0:53 .The one of the few times i met him out of town PS:they were full buffed aswell))