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  1. Antistyle

    New player

    MT quit-> everyone comes back. MT return -> everyone quits. MT quit after 1 month of zero competition-> everyone comes back!
  2. Antistyle


    when exactly did i say that?lol
  3. Antistyle


    Personally,i cannot be less than 1 man zerg...but who else is "zerging" ?
  4. Antistyle

    Guide from the players for the players

    When we started playing we had to do absolutely everything, from spoiling a single pattern to craft b grade to few iron ores etc, Not to mention the difficulty of getting dynasty set now.there is the starter kit.if they don't have the will to play, no matter what we give to them they will not stay like many others did.
  5. Antistyle

    Guide from the players for the players

    Is this the kind of money you're talking about?
  6. Antistyle

    Guide from the players for the players

    Not sure if you're serious or trolling.
  7. Antistyle

    Guide from the players for the players

    "sacrificed their whole real life time to grind grind so they reach cap" and it took us 7-8-9 months to do things others do in 3 months.Just because we know what to do/do something when we login instead of sitting in town or hitting catas doesn't mean we try hard to reach end game. @k0ntra 1:no clue about epilogue,titan for aoe with a crit stun pole and "basic buffs" 2:make a titan to aoe @ good areas and u can xp anything easily 3:farm till your titan has the required buffs to aoe and make money for you...... (farm beas /gcm and sell to rich players) 4:who are you ?
  8. Antistyle

    Pest Control #2

    hahahha,the first time u were not telling me in discord who you are,i was at work,the night u messaged me 1-2 days after,i was going to the cinema
  9. Antistyle

    Pest Control #2

  10. Antistyle

    Pest Control #1

    You know what to do,go and break that dislike button! PS:sorry for the boring vid,mage POVs suck..
  11. Antistyle

    Short video from last Giran siege

    come not in mood to edit too
  12. Antistyle


  13. Antistyle


    hater ?