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  1. Oh it is a dead server then?
  2. @Eldax what's so confusing lol?
  3. Hello I'm a new player to the server I'll be starting today when I get home from work and will be playing all night tonight until sunday to no life this weekend..I'm looking for an active clan I'm coming from lineage 2 retail however I'm tired of ncsoft and their bullshit it's just heavy pay2win which I'm fine with however their servers are lagging horribly and non stop DC with endless excuses. So here I am I decided to come to a priv server that doesnt lag and have constant DC hopefully. I'm looking for a fun active clan that uses discord, ts, vent etc. And has a good time together. I'm still deciding what class(es) to make and play depending on the clan I find as I like to help the clan out that I join..i usually main a Dagger for dmg and support I'll play bd/sws heals etc. I look forward to meeting and playing with new people