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  1. bhh

    Dynasty Essence Bonuses

    I do have both set since the essence II is on the doom cryer and the essence I is on the hierophant
  2. bhh

    Dynasty Essence Bonuses

    Well, my test was like this, i equipped a dynasty essence I enchanter robe on my warcryer and did a buff round with flame chant 204 mp, chant of fire 188 mp, chant of movement 69 mp, chant of blood awakening 69 mp, chant of critical attack 67 mp, chant of combat 65 mp, war chant 272 mp and checked the mp i had left after this round of buff. I did the same equipping the dynasty essence II and had the same number of mp after i was doing buffing. Was the test made poorly or was it ok?
  3. Ok so i did a test a couple of weeks ago with dyna essence I enchanter robe and dyna essence II enchanter robe but there was no change in mp consumption, that's why i brought it up. According to your server files the dynastic essence I is a -5% (which is not shown in the tool tip description in game) and the second , dynastic essence II is a -6% so the difference is 1% in mp consumption but it didn't really change at all. I guess either from -5% to -6% there's no real difference?
  4. Very good! So we now know that the dynasty platinum heavy force master has only the tool tip of the description wrong, that's no biggie, still curious about the enchanter robe if it's the same issue
  5. bhh

    Dynasty Essence Bonuses

    Sure that would be nice Jorn, when i browse online and look for the set i come across the one i mentioned but it is from the L2JRU database so i'm not taking it for 100% accurate info so i found odd that the mp consumption is not taking effect, there's also another odd one with the dynasty platinum heavy force master (the gladiator dynasty) it basically gives a +1 dex when it's not mentioned at all in the description but it might also be what you said on the description part
  6. would be nice to see H5 as well, as for bugs in this server i noticed some odd ones, but it's stuff related to dynasty sets effect mostly so not even sure if there's way to know how they're supposed to work example i have my own doomcryer with the enchanter dynasty robe, now the set effect states "Int-2, Men+2, Casting Spd. +15%, Max MP +321. Dark Resistance +8, decrease MP consumption, decrease magic cancel rate" i farmed for dynastic essence II and the effect upgrade to a Int-2, Men+2, Magic Casting Speed +15%, Maximum MP +321 Effect. Darkness Resistance +8, MP Consumption +6%
  7. coffin this is an old post look at the date 21 june of 2018..... anyway maybe one day this old shrine will be updated who knows ^^
  8. edit i fixed it myself.
  9. Try either dragon valley because of undeads or cemetery at the start since it's full of undeads
  10. bhh

    wtb mj boot (closed)

    got them, closed
  11. https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Morag_Tong that's the origin as my guess it comes from elder scroll