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  1. Freya was canceled, coz its too hard, chronicle as I know was never leaked
  2. "but we have to ask ourselves if it's worth it if only 200-300 unique ppl (maybe not even that) would join and population will be almost 0 players in 2-3 months?" You will never know for sure, of course need to do some advertisement too. I think you can try one time, and if it not works, you can put l2 to grave forever then. But I think it would work, coz old living servers still applies this scheme, open new/join with old. And some donation system - it's must be, at least you will get additional motivation to work.
  3. Oh hai, Talking about player base, I played in spanish HF server, with solid population, their base almost from locals. Would some of them would come to play here ? Of course. Need keep in mind that good servers now in limited offer. Majority is pvp/custom trash servers, or Interlude, for me big mystery why ppl still plays it, trashy unbalanced chronicle, but whatever. I think you would get population for sure, of course not for long, but then you just join servers, and open new after 2-3 years. I think its mistake that you didnt try to workout some donate system here, now would
  4. Open a new GF/GE server would be enough to bring ppl, after some time join it with old server. And there is no need any newer chrono like H5, this one works almost perfectly, coz many bugs already cleared. Why Jorn doesnt do this, dunno, lack of resources ? But then what point to run this server, where 2 guys fighting other 2 guys ?
  5. 2-3 active ppl can do all raids by themselves, u need to raise and gear needed chars, if u never played gracia before, u also need to get correct info how to do it
  6. Great achievment man. But dunno if u noticed - server is empty.
  7. Both admins died from corona, sad
  8. jumping from sv to sv, playing for several months also sad. Maybe stop poking complete dead body of l2 in general
  9. Nothing to watch, it's dead. If it would be regular donate server, would be closed 2 years ago.
  10. haleluja


    Ye, Trump thought so, and he not president anymore.. Be carefull
  11. haleluja


    Farm GCM, and i will exchange divine cry, 1:1 to it
  12. "delete totally l2/come back here to flame griffin" Look better for golden middle. Just come in weekends to fack up sieges/wards, also come for oly in month ending, etc.
  13. Citadel recently imposed sanctions against rusians
  14. I think u both have brain problems, same as hog, same as davina. One trying to make enemy from everyone what he can, and putting whole server to block list like madman, another playing stupid pretending games, like austrian girl in the past, or pedro from spain now. Go and find some cures for your brain cells
  15. Why u say so, cooperation with ruskie can be strong.. U would teach him 'how to', coz he seems still lost in some cyber-space, and has no idea how to play gracia endgame. And ruskie would work for u a bit.. Or both of u can do some epics. Think about it, can be fun