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  1. haleluja

    3rd class quest

    "The only difference is that they enjoy their wealth , while kostas enjoy solos Tiats , Caius enjoys running test about poison resist , and i enjoy lvling 9 necromancers , in a 10 people's population server." Not quite good comparison, coz fabric owner gets real wealth, l2 maniac just gets his portion of narcotic dose, you cant convert your 'achievments' to real stuff. And even these virtuals not belongs to you, coz Jorn can come and kill server in anytime. Sad true for drug addict, but you dont bother bro, im on your side, i love drugs too.. So lets TAKE..............
  2. Or maybe to make that voting thing work on permanent base, or extend that bonus time like to month, and/or make it like gift or so. Coz voting doesnt help much for server population, i think that obvious
  3. 2 Ahu: What you talking about, maybe person who was robbed want to know which guy is rat ? Coz 99.99% rat from relatives 2 Jorn: If robber will create some fresh account/char, prolly its doesnt tell much for victim