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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Ever wondered what you should do to get more Adena? Then take a look at this
  2. „First, I must apologize in advance that I have poor English. I learned German and English and I have to admit that my language was never very well. Maybe it was the fact, that in elementary school I was a slob. “ Introduction I am returning player after ten years. I played on 2x rates. Today, things are different in every aspect of the game, than i remember from the past. New features, items, people are worst, but it is still only game right? I am new player in this server. I started three days ago and my wizzard is already 41.I was happy when i was exempt from customs duties in Gatekeeper. Now iam fresh to pay every teleport = i feel sad. The beginnings are always difficult. I save every Adena for better equipment, now i own only 1,153,478 adena. Its not much for someone, but its treasure for me now. The core I am telling this to you because i decide to ask for help. I believe that not everyone in this game is greedy or rude. I still believe in god and in good people. Maybe i am naive, but i already saw here guy who give tips for adena making quests, which should help in my campaign. Conclusion It might sound strange, because people are not used to this approach but It is not begging, it is a trade. I am looking for somebody who can lend me 10kk (10,000,000). Only what i can offer in payback is my word, that i later return +20% from this amount of adena = 12kk (12,000,000). Maybe someone will say that I take money and will not them coming back, but not so. I have my conscience in place and I can not imagine that I would condemn my character to life in shame. Here are things a did not tell. For example, why 10kk and not only 5kk which is enough for my low level. I did not say, that i am not only one who need help. So i am open to any question, but please do not blame for this try. Thank you regards ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT 22.2.2017 Okey guys, i thank you for giving your answers and advices. I appreciate that. Today i was contacted by nice guy who gave me more as i offer and he tell me that he does not want anything back. I was very suprised, because he was like one of the guys who act without useless words. But also i have to admit that i was frustrated when people make huge fun of this topic. Some people insulted me. It is sad. It will be better when I keep name of the stranger, which helped me, in secret now. regards ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: 25.2.2017 Hello again. It's been about three days since I got 15 millions from unknow stranger. Now i want share with you guys, how these money was used. Here is my summary: 2x homunculus (4,130,375,-) 1x karmian set (834,125,-) 1x divine tunic (1.031.250,-) 4950x spirit ore (2.475.000,-) 306x Gemstone C (1.147.500,-) Jewels C (1.321.875,-) Jewels C common (25774,-) ---------------------------------------------------- Overall: 15.096.274,- ---------------------------------------------------- -1.321.875 was in mistake wasted because i did not know that i can buy cheaper version of same jewels at this time. - Blessed Spiritshots was fairly distributed among all newbies who need it. - In the amount are not included fees and other expenses that have occurred. - Purchases were made in Giran Unfortunately not all of us got complete starter package for monetary ceiling which we were destined, but also for what little we got we're grateful and so we decided that even though the money we may not need return, we join our forces and we soon return this amount back to owner. Finally, I can only honestly say that people who have been sponsored, they are no farms or alts of existing players. Therefore, I guarantee that the equipment that has been purchased for this money will not be used to injure other newcomers with small equipment and level as well as it's practiced by well equipped players of local clans. Regards