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  1. When new server mens? No slackerino
  2. Why are you playing MMOs then, go play fps if you seek only that. MMOs are the most grindy games there is and L2 is one of the grindiest. And the reason high five is like that is because its to prep for GOD chronicle, not because they wanted to avoid grind.
  3. They fixed kamaels in high five for the most part but as we know this chronicle is garbage for anyone that wants to work for something. Why would anyone play in a chronicle where the guy who plays 2 years straight is maybe 5% stronger then the guy who played 1 month. Its a shame because the balance is pretty good in high five and the better weaps are nice.
  5. darkdewer


    @hornakias @Antistyle @Gogita @heroBD This guy MisterPronka is the August 2017 version of the VOP GOD! ECONOMY IS GROWING MANGS Even has an excel sheet for the massive 40k adena profit hes making. Just joking man, any guy who sticks around on a server likes seeing people like you and it gives them more motivation to play.
  6. Why is this in offtopic? Emca plz move this to announcements and provide nudes also
  7. My bro can sort you out no problem Pm @hornakias 1. Age/Sex/Location 2. Spicyrino picture 3. ??? 4. PROFIT! Provide the above so he can assist you to his fullest potential bro...and by bro...
  8. We made 2-3 extra heros on last day so gg we already raped all the good heros despite your deep hate on anitstyle and me(pinky) where vanilka and melannie did not even make 1 game on their own and lost.
  9. And here you are writing on new years eve. 10/10 salt
  10. Thank you to all staff for making this pretty much the only server in 2016 and now 2017 worth playing
  11. Gz melannie for common carnage bow, wts common soul bow btw Gz tonystark for angel slayer common Gz wokir for extra chromosome /flame
  12. Cause we were rekking you every 9v9 even 9v11 then you went 9v18 like the trash tards you truely are?