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  1. MisterPronka

    a little bug with strider

    Mounting the strider, every item goes to your inventory except food. Strider gets hungry(<55% food gauge), does not eat from his inventory. If you have no food on your own, you can't get off him unless you buy food and feed him or relog.
  2. MisterPronka

    Spoil Guide

    Great guide. Just wanted to add a tip. For easier spotting in chat if spoil is activated or not, you can go to Chat Options (hammer near char string), go to Chat Options Tab, enable "keyword filtering" and type into any of the strings below "The Spoil condition has been" without quotes. It will highlight this part in chat any time it appears.
  3. MisterPronka


    Excel table of shots is done. Prices are fully changeable. Uses D and C cry example prices which i'm using right now, others are non-viable prices of 21.08.2017 in Giran. If someone needs table, i can PM it anywhere you want (here/discord). Only recipe for SSC left, then SSC of 21/1 can appear on market.
  4. MisterPronka


    1) with such prices i almost double the money from SSD and still have reasonable profit from BSSD. I have my ways, takes more time, but makes better profit. Helps when starting amount of money is pretty low. 2) hard to monitor shops when you are not able to hop in game for 5 mins to check if they are still running or not 3) working on excel table for future endeavors 4) low selfcost SSC - work in progress either
  5. MisterPronka


    Since i noticed that 140k of SSD are consistently sold in 1-2 days. It's kinda not possibly done by newbies with such online. So, if you need a big order, just contact me directly. SSD - 16a per 1 (14a if you bring your mana recharger) BSSD - 66a per 1 (63a if you bring your mana recharger) leave nickname of character, amount of both items. I get mats. If you have recharger, then i contact you and we make shots on the go. If not, it will take more time, but i will craft them myself and then we will have the deal. Be sure to get some dwarfs to carry all of them My chars to contact with - nick starts with Mronka, continues with Mage/Supp/Smith/Spoil/BDancer/Over/Tank. Whoever will be online