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  1. Shouldnt be like this though... kinda ruins the fun for others, not good.
  2. @Emca @Jorn can you please do something about these extremely rude people that insist on using their own language in an ENGLISH section? thanks
  3. Thats half the market gone lol
  4. That sounds reasonable so far. Maybe enchants? Gemstones? Soul Crystals?
  5. Are you retarded? oh wait, stupid question. We know the answer to that. Lemme leave this here just in case your brain cant comprehend what it is your participating in: fo·rum (fôr′əm) n. pl. fo·rums also fo·ra (fôr′ə) 1. a. The public square or marketplace of an ancient Roman city that was the assembly place for judicial activityand public business. b. A public meeting place for open discussion. c. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website. 2. A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation. (www.thefreedictionary.com) Having said that I can post whatever I want so go back to your cave if all youre gonna do is troll people for voicing their opinions; and if you do it at least do it in plain fucking english and not whatever the hell that is you write in. It's not my fault you skipped school. Oh and stop brown-nosing the GMs or at least try not to make it that obvious.
  6. I'm trying to find ways to make the server better and more appealing to new players so you dont have to log 10 boxes to kill "frintezzu", and when you do kill him you'll have someone to trade the necklace to and make a profit. @Emca could there be any other way of reducing the hassle of having to put shops every week?
  7. So the debate that comes to mind is: Do we benefit server stability for the few that remain or do we try and change this to enhance server experience for the few that remain? Another question: Changing this to any other day of the week would be that counterproductive? Lets say: Wednesday? Friday?
  8. Hahaha <3 HOMM!!!
  9. Bump I can relate to all of the above. It might be something to think about as reducing the restarts could boost the crippled/non-existant market we have. Or maybe changing the date of the restart so traders are active and can replace their shops, Monday sucks in many different ways Its just a thought
  10. Not sure how many clans are actually paying 5kk for academy, I haven't seen any lately, but maybe im mistaken. 2nd class transfer is easy if you have the money but thats a big "IF" when you are new, especially if you have to transfer several chars for example buff bots. Dont get me wrong, I dont think it should be free but for example an event that can boost adena trade will help those newbies transfer easier. Its very easy to tag people as "Lazy" for not logging in; most of us have stuff to do in our lives apart from gaming and if the reasons for logging in arent sufficient we wont log. A server restart would bring new players, new scenarios and consecuently new objectives and motivations hence why I would like this; however I've accepted the fact that Shrine won't wipe because this is the way the GMs want to do things, what I can't accept is that were supposed to sit here and wait for... ... ... ... what? a server update to a new chronicle that only 20ppl will still be here to play?... That's not gonna happen.
  11. Castle lords please sort yourselves out and setup manor, new players need mats!!! thanks
  12. There are D grade shots for sale in Dion GK afaik... there are also crafters in giran. Are there free ports for those until 40? not sure as its been a loooong time since then
  13. I don't really know if an event will help it, but its a start I guess, and you've got nothing to loose. There are some new players running around, or maybe they are just new chars; nevertheless they need a boost to reach endgame and start challenging higher level/geared players for epics, farm spots, etc. I think Vitality as a reward would be good because this would help level up faster; that depressive feeling you get when vitality runs out is something we all experience . Also in order to reach higher level grinding areas people need gear; not sure if an injection of adena will help people get the gear they need as they will depend on the items being for sale, but boosting the market could lead to an interest in those players who have accumulated lots of items and dont know what to do with them like @Eldax At the end of the day you can at least say you've tried.
  14. And now your numbers have dropped. Its a shame cus opportunities like these dont come up very often. I just dont get why you would spend your time working on upgrading the client of a server that barely has 30 ppl active a day instead of trying to boost those numbers and then upgrading it. Another mystery for Scooby Doo and his gang to resolve... or not
  15. Oh yes I got that the first time Suckycek, what I didnt get is how youre asking me if im searching your posts when I quoted Marazos post... I stopped thinking about it 3 seconds after when I remembered the clan youre in, it all makes sense now. Have a nice day and recruit more please :*