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  1. Ahoj, zkus Explo/Riddley/TonyStark/Sofia/Wokir/Yuri/Ludra/Tupounek/Sokar ... nekdo by urcite mel byt online :]
  2. i know that.. but ppl will be still lazy to do that, it will be like every 3 days someone will sacrifice his time to kill a mob cuz there is too little ppl farming HB and citadel is just not worth doing when there are chimeras/green opened so as i said, i am sure it will happen again and with no time to react when it starts falling.. doing hot fix "get it back on 10" wont help
  3. well u were only ones on HB for months by your choice and tbf ppl are just worried that this lvl drop works for you and u gonna start camp port/green just to keep lvl down.
  4. well i am 100% sure this will happen again if there will be 30s window for stage :]
  5. daaaaamn well it would be so epic movielike end that i am almost voting to keep it lvl 1 .. "Everything ends the day when Antistyle agreed with Wokir"
  6. haha, this made that image even more acurate x)
  7. im trying find some info, but its always how to lvl up, not which mobs u should keep killing so it wont drop..
  8. well he said his english is bad, so he wrote that in english... i guess for czech admins its better than do one more topic in czech for same problem. Yes he could start with apology in english... but its still not reson for insults
  9. be nice, its you ally now
  10. porem

    MA set effect

    yea i spent a lot to get mine... well if u are not lucky u can always go with holy and change once u will get one divine stones are garbage already
  11. well if he spends half time he is hunting posts on forum,he would be 80+ already but the time to get 78+ is all about resources.. u cant do that solo in 3 days tbh. Still Invictus is big clan with MT support. Must be easy to lvl up there
  12. well if its not ip ban, u can always start new account... Getting old character is nonsence because: 1. when u used bot, u already cheated progress on that character. 2. GM cant track what items he gets by boting, so even if they want unban someone they have to delete all items on all his accounts... so why waste so much time and energy on cheater?
  13. porem

    MA set effect

    It dont have to be specific. U always go for attribute of active skill u got from RNG god But yes only summoners should benefit from this (and they are). gratz for hero btw, looks like you know your class well
  14. well we should had this discussion first time u changed time, but back than u changed it, cuz it agreed with your political beliefs that there is no summer time :] Well pass the politics, give the community most comfortable timezone to play. :]