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  1. Airaven

    LF player

    Hello I am looking for an owner of character "WHBBC". Could you please leave me a message in mailbox?? Thanks PS: If anyone knows him please let me know.
  2. Cau.Potreboval bych znat ceny co chces za IC boty,vrch,stit.-DC robu- ,mirakles - drakonïc boty-a ty A sperky.dik

    1. Airaven


      Preberiem to a napisem v priebehu vikendu letim na svadbu teraz


  3. Airaven

    WTS - Everything

    Message here or PM ingame "Riddley
  4. Airaven

    Weird aggro?

    Lvl difference between sitting boxes and aggro mobs ?? This happens if the difference is high enough f.e. lvl 60+- in FoG
  5. That was meant the other way ....... like forget about MT, and lets focus those Invisctus :-D Its just torn out of context :_D
  6. How does it feel to be the biggest asshole in the server ?? (Yeah you overtook the previous clean and clear!) Ingame nick: "Ragnar" PS: This could work as an intel for new player so they would know who they shouldn´t trust!
  7. Airaven

    Lastrun CZ/SK only

    @Antistyle as you can see even this "enviroment" is not safe enough for the most of CZ/SK players :-D
  8. Airaven

    hellbound lvl

    Yeah it doesnt, but if there are 10x more player there is much higher chance that during that 5 minutes somebody will kill chimera or any other mob to keep that stage at least ....
  9. Airaven

    hellbound lvl

    Or just disable that part of script for once and all :-) Anyway its not 3k+ comunity to keep HB full all the time
  10. Airaven

    hellbound lvl

    And its always to lvl 10 then its only path through citadel :-D
  11. Airaven

    hellbound lvl

    Okay and for what you can gain pts at exact lvls? 10-? 11-? 12-?
  12. Airaven

    hellbound lvl

    I have never seen this its kinda impossible to lower lvl and to drop it to lvl 1 Its just ridiculous :-D
  13. Airaven

    Question: Palika 73-77 - Injured Dragon

    Nolife ?? At this stage of server you can ez get 78+ in 3 days with casual gameplay time :-D
  14. Airaven

    Question: Palika 73-77 - Injured Dragon

    You play there for maybe 2-3 months now, spamming every free second on a forum and yet you didnt do pailaka 3 yet ?? :-D WOW
  15. Airaven

    Server time setup

    You cant know before you do it .. You already did it once and fixed it after 5 restarts so now you should have enough know-how to do it in first try.