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  1. Rado

    Money Quest: Relics Exploration

    Thank you for well explained Q
  2. Rado

    Big list

    Here is a little list of goods that are on market : -SOES recipe 100% -DLE recipe -DC robe unsealed -DC gloves sealed - AOBA 100% rec + 60% rec -TPA rec 3x -DLE full -Tateo ring recipes 2x -Tateor earing full item Yes I'm greedy but always ready for trades if you are out of money
  3. Rado

    WTB BW Full Helmet or recip 60% or 100%

    I've got 100% rec BW helm.
  4. Event - deed is done let's see the effect. Klokan - not interested exactly to him. Just such cases should be public - your decisions in cases like that build or ruin your authority. Unlimited boxes - didn't know there are other circumstances about that - limit box = mass bots . Prefer unlimited version. Unlimited shops - pretty sure that " You can make 10 different accounts, log in from 10 different IP addresses " is not absolute truth and is not so easy. If you use addon to change your IP every time so you can't have always 10 acc with same 10 IP's. But it's up to you. Shop scams: " ..." . Sad about that answer.
  5. Rado

    Summons lifetime bar

    No big deal. Don't waste time it's just visual effect/deffect.
  6. And still get "star ornaments" and "flower pots" So let's see what happen : We had 2 event and we enjoy it. Events over and results are: Some people use it for farm Baium and other raids other to do trains everyone is happy. Merry Xmas everyone. But how that looks in eyes of new coming players (if there are any).: If I had join in server before 3 days and getting faster to 50 lvl would be really happy. But after that hard play ... While I rush for lvls what other do - RB with 4 ppl and +++ wep. - Would I have that chance - no ? Event was fun for me but let's see what damage will cause to community. Event is good for 1 year old server but at that moment was too big advantage. Experience how Lineage II was meant to be played - difficult ... + 15 WEP ?! My crystal ball is a bit blurry at that moment but I'm sure after 10 jaguary will be more clear. That I see atm is not good future for l2shrine. Hope I'm not right. Don't get me wrong. I'm not another troll. Haven't played l2 for 3 or more years and the concept of that project " Experience how Lineage II was meant to be played - difficult, without pay to win donate - only your skill matters. " makes me to dl client and wait pattionly instalation and to double click l2.exe . I think concept is right and if u can keep server alive without donation that is great. If you can't - do it gentle with hats and other stuff. Many servers and community itself destroyed way that l2 should be team game. There are always people who play it like is "Round game" - 3-4 weeks -> Siege -> Hero -> I win C YA! Next round next server. You can't keep them here. For first time I meet @Emca and company but they got mine trust that there is no corruption here. If that project fail because such event or other circumstances I would like to follow them in next project. Some thing that I think whould be said: Please when there are cases like Krokran (or how his nick was) make it public in English - We can't follow the whole story. With cases like that and decision you take you build trust in community or loose it. Unlimited boxes - So the guy with best hardware win ! Bring 9 clients, use 3 for farm and others to leech exp ? Really ? So it's up who have better hardware configuration - ? Not to talk how it effect gameplay - no need of active support classes anymore. So no teaming with random guys - that was part of l2 fun. But that is long discussion - community itself don't like to play like that anymore. Unlimited shops was nice in first two weeks - New guy come and see how good economy is working. Now everyone have 10 shops and Giran market place is graveyard of grey named dwarfs. (there are like 20 shouts WTS/WTB per day...) And for last - Shop Scams at private shops are not illigal ? Come on ?! It's ethical question. You put so much efforts to compile GE + GF + don't know what else to make that stable server. You waste your time and money and allow that ? Don't want to search correct sentence but the meaning was " Without to take action to stop doing bad is like to promote and help them. Yes you didn't do nothing bad but you didn't stop it too. " I know that is not democracy and I'm not here spare hate and tolling. I'm here on my decision and if I don't like it door is open. Merry Xmass everyone and hope you see construct critics in my words. Thank you for working on l2shrine I'm sure it cost a lot more than we see. *Excuse me for my bad english grammar.
  7. Merry Xmas community. Few more Q about event : Today is 25.12 so we have chance for +10 real wep or that option is not added ? Event ends when ? If event ends 31.12 what will happen with unused socks ?
  8. Rado

    Seeding got messed

    Hello, I try to explain it : ORC shaman -> target mob -> use life sap skill to dmg/call it close -> while spell is casting I keep F1 (seed /golden cordan/) to put it mob BUT instead to run in front of mob my hero casts again life sap. I've tested it 20-30 times before to do that topic.
  9. Rado

    Summons lifetime bar

    Hello, I wanna report not proper animation of summons lifetime bar . The green scale is not going to empty for a moment at every refresh. Hope I've explained it .
  10. Rado

    CP/party LF SwS/WC/BD or DD

    Hello there, We had conversation on tuesday about slot for overload in your CP. Short version - I'm from Bulgaria and my verbal english is level -1. Playing mostly for fun 2-3 hours per day between 20:00 - 24:00 with dinner break. Not very skilled player with 300 apm just playing lazy for entertainment. All kind of team actions are priority because I can't anymore farm more 30 min alone without getting borred. Atm don't have much time, probably December will have less work. You can pm in game -> Masterwork
  11. So mice / Giant mice spawn randomly only around towns between 20:00-21:00. UTC+1 = CET I'm UTC + 2 so to expect Miki Mouse around 21:00-22:00. If I'm lucky will find mice around Giran. If i'm super lucky will find Giant mouse around Giran eating dwarf . When mice is target have be killed with event Bow with pardon/forgivness skill . Do I need arrows too ? Excuse my bad grammar.
  12. So please one more time for slow brain like me. First - Hello, I haven't seen other NPC (only in Dion). Really curious where is NPC in Giran. I don't farm more than 1h per night and still haven't seen any mice. Where they spawn ? After killing mob there is chance for spawn? Big one Miki Mouse spawn - how / where / what to do ? Please enlighten me and do dummy explanation in "News / Events section " so no point to browse whole board to find second topic with explanations. One more question - Do you have to be premium to get a mouse ? All NPC story/explanations are leading to Devil Isle ?
  13. Rado

    lf ppl to rb55+ for vit. and fun

    Helo Wlad, I will connect with you in game. Looking for same kind of parties like
  14. Rado


    Got copy to launcher in folder above but same situation