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Found 22 results

  1. Co to bylo? Slyšeli jste to? Obrovská hvězda spadla z nebe a vybuchla nad Adenem! Nový event je tu, začne v pondělí 23. 10., mobové budou dropovat itemy do 6. 11. a eventové NPC (včetně star shardů) zmizí 13. 11. Na to, jak event funguje, budete muset přijít sami. Poradíme jen, že červená barva je pro zbraně a šperky, zelená pro armory a modrá pro kosmetiku. O eventu můžete diskutovat zde.
  2. What was that? Did you hear it? A huge star fell from the sky and exploded above the town of Aden! New event is here and will start on Monday 2017/10/23, mobs will drop items until 2017/11/06 and event NPCs (including star shards) will disappear on 2017/11/13. It will be up to you to figure out how the event works - there's only one hint we'll give you. Red color is for weapons and jewels, green color is for armor and blue color is for cosmetics. You can discuss the event here.
  3. Santa doesn't insist on the specified requirements: Players must be logged in. Players must be in combat mode (if in party, only 1 member of the party needs to be in combat mode) outside of peace zone. Players must NOT be in instanced zone or Olympiad. I just ported to Stakato Nest with 1 character (WC), the rest of the party were in town. Walked under shadow to another room, haven't even entered combat mode, got a gift in an alley without mobs. There was an AFK party standing right on Shyeed's nobless port, none of them in combat mode; their WC was visited by
  4. Ahoj všichni, Vánoce se blíží a my jsme si pro vás připravili event, co běžel na oficiálním serveru v roce 2009. http://legacy.lineage2.com/archive/2009/12/_rudolf_the_red.html Event poběží od zítřka (11. prosince) do 1. ledna 2018. Nezapomeňte si updatnout klienta!
  5. Hi everyone, Christmas is near so we've prepared one event from official server from year 2009. http://legacy.lineage2.com/archive/2009/12/_rudolf_the_red.html Event will run from tomorrow (2017-12-11) until 2018-01-01. Don't forget to update the client!
  6. Hi everyone, tomorrow we're launching a new event! Event will start on August 21, 07:00 UTC+2 and will end on September 4, 07:00 UTC+2. Event NPCs will disappear on September 11, 07:00 UTC+2. More info: http://download.l2shrine.com/event-treasure-box.html Discussion about event: https://forum.l2shrine.com/topic/1319-trick-or-transmutation-event-discussion/
  7. Hello , I know you are busy with the update and you have a personal life but could we have one more event ? The last one was fun even if I didn't get anything . New people came to server and this would a great boost for them and why not for the old players also . PS: Maybe we can have an event with better rewards ?
  8. It's already 4th day of event, and we still dont know event rewards. Some of us were asking about it at Chatbox, but still no answer so i decided to create this post. Is it some part of this event that we have 2 figure out all the rewards, or the rewards are just that bad u dont want to put the list out which will discourage most of players?
  9. How about a new event on the server ? Or at least some GM events? There are lots of events that can help lowbie chars make some money and grow . This will motivate people to stay . Also the economy is on the ground and an event can bring some life into that .
  10. Dear players, we have a new event that starts today - Rabbits to Riches! Event takes place on Fantasy Island and will run from today till Sunday 23. We've made two small changes against original in this event: Treasure boxes will spawn only between 20:00 and 21:00 UTC+2 Apart of Treasure Sack Pieces, you can also get Pirate Captain Uthanka's Coins, that can be traded at NPC Snow for accessories and agathions! Enjoy!
  11. Hunt for Pirate Captain Uthanka's Treasure It's been long since Pirate Captain Uthanka was driven off Talking Island and to this very day nobody knew what happened with Uthanka's hidden treasure. Some said Uthanka took all the treasure with him to his exile, some thought no treasure ever existed. But the fact was that while Uthanka was running away in hurry, most of his treasure was left scattered and lost behind him - but nobody knew that, because the treasure was protected by an ancient spell Uthanka accidentally found in old ship wreckage. The spell was so strong it kept all the treasu
  12. Drazí hráči, zima se blíží, tak jsme pro vás připravili DVA Vánoční eventy! První z nich je klasický Vánoční event, ve kterém můžete sbírat části Vánočních stromků a jako odměnu můžete získat velké stromky a Rudolph Agathiona. Druhý je event "Zachraň Santu", více informací o tomto eventu můžete najít zde (anglicky). Oba eventy poběží do 26. prosince 2016 do 23:59.
  13. Dear players, winter is coming so we've prepared TWO Christmas events for you! The first one is classic Christmas event where you can collect parts of Christmas Tree and you can get large Christmas Trees and Rudoplh Agathion as rewards. The second one is Saving Santa event, you can find more info here. Both events will be running until 2016-12-26 23:59 UTC+1.
  14. Jorn

    Referral Event

    Dear players, we're announcing another event, this one is however a little bit different. You will get reward for bringing your friends to our server. What you need to do is to go to Control panel -> Referral Event, click on Generate button. Two links will appear (one for the web and one for the forum), send one of them to your friend, once they use that link and register account on our forums, you will get one referred user. First five players, that have most referred users that are level 40+ and have completed the second class transfer can choose one of the following rewards:
  15. Dear players, We will have one more event on the server before Christmas. The Great Mouse Hunt "Those fools! Can you believe it? His very own crew, stealing from him. You'd think that after the pig fiasco they'd be scared out of the their britches at the mere thought of stealing from their all-powerful undead captain. Not too bright, if you ask me. Now look at them. They've been turned into mice! Eating cheese all day doesn't seem like too bad of a fate, but . . . I do feel a little sorry for them just the same. I have a lot less compassion for the cursed crew than I did f
  16. Dear players, we would like to announce first server event - L2 Shrine Letters. Event will start 10/24/2016 6:00 UTC+2 and end 11/07/2016 6:00 UTC+2. Your goal is simple - monsters will drop special items (letters) and you need to put together word L II S H R I N E. Once you have at least one letter from each, you can go to the L2 Shrine Event Manager Helena for a reward. Users who voted and have premium status active have 15% chance to get special reward instead of normal one. Reward: L2 Shrine Letters Event Reward Pack Haste Juice - 3 %